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The Flash 2×06 – Enter Zoom

“Next time we’re doing this, I’m writing better dialogue.”


Now that’s more like it.

This season has had a somewhat rocky start, and the upcoming Legends spinoff hasn’t done it (or Arrow) any favors, forcing it to cross off a list of bullet points and set up future characters and storylines. The only recurring good thing so far has been Zoom’s looming threat over both Earths.

We’ve heard a lot of talk about how dangerous and powerful Zoom is, but up until now we had only seen him take down Jay Garrick (remember this guy?) and attempt to kidnap Wells’ daughter on Earth 2. Luckily, this episode (and its title) doesn’t disappoint at all, giving us a close-up look at how terrifying this Big Bad really is. Needless to say, the juicy stuff happens in the last 10 minutes of the hour, but those were definitely some incredible 10 minutes.

Dragging an unconscious Flash around various spots of the city was chilling and fantastic, but I’m more worried about Zoom’s physique than anything else. The mask is absolutely terrifying on every level and his body strength is more shocking than I anticipated. Plus, he caught a lightning bolt and threw it back at Barry! If that’s not downright ridiculous and scary at the same time, then I don’t know what is. I do hope that the show can top this Flash/Zoom encounter the next time their paths cross-cut, but with Barry unable to feel his legs at the end it looks like we’ll have to wait a while for them to meet again.

The rest of the hour wasn’t as great and suspenseful as the fight, and that’s mostly due to the writing sometimes. I did appreciate, however, that the show actually ridicules itself in the hilarious training session they set up Linda on. The witty banter between her and Barry certainly provided some chuckles that contrasted with the much grimmer scenes that would follow later on, but my problems with this Linda character remain from last week. She isn’t someone we’ve come to care about or love last year, and giving her a two-episode arc seemed more strange and random than necessary. In fact, the only thing surprising about this storyline is the fact that she ended up alive after she clearly seemed like a goner (especially after learning about The Flash’s identity).

I still love Patty because she’s substantially more charming than Iris and Caitlin (combined), but I hope the writers find a better way to deal with her and Barry. He can’t keep his secret from her for too long before it becomes contrived and dull (see most of season one), and telling her would add even another supporting character to the STAR Labs team which is already overcrowded. So let’s pray the show finds a creative way to keep this relationship fresh and interesting because I am definitely rooting for these two right now.

Speedy Bits

– Speaking of Arrow: Robert Queen is the “man in the hood” on Earth 2 and Oliver is the one who died! I absolutely LOVE everything about Earth 2. What an inventive way to provide us with amusing little breadcrumbs.

– In fact, wouldn’t it have been clever to bring back Sara, Ray and any other character they needed for the Legends spinoff by bringing their doppelgangers from Earth 2? Just saying’.

– I hated the flashback to Harry and his daughter. The dialogue is downright embarrassing and the foreshadowing (his daughter is Jesse Quick) is TOO MUCH.

– I hate when episodes start with a scene from the end and go back 24 hours earlier (in this case: 72). It’s unoriginal and old, but most importantly wildly unnecessary here.

– Cisco’s cutout posters of the team were downright hysterical. Linda’s reactions to them were even better.

– So, why wouldn’t Harry let Cisco “vibe’ him if it ended up helping him find out about his daughter’s whereabouts.

– Seriously, I can’t think of the last time I loved a villain so much (Harrison Wells, obviously). Zoom is menacing on every level and proved in just one episode what a terrifying foe he really is.

– I liked Iris and Linda’s heartwarming moment about becoming The Flash’s sidekicks. But it was predictable that Zoom was coming for her the minute Linda decided to leave. Seriously, how would you let her leave, Iris! I thought we talked about you not being a dumb character on this show anymore.

– Cisco’s attempts to “vibe” Harry were a bit on the nose, but at least everyone else now knows about Harry’s daughter.

– Anyone else got a “Out of Time” vibe from this episode? Like last season, this episode proved to be groundbreaking in its final act only.

– What exactly did Cisco use to shoot Zoom and why didn’t they use it earlier?

– So let the speculation begin: who is Zoom? Barry from Earth 2? Harry Allen? Harrison Wells from Earth 3? I can keep going forever.

Red Blurs & One-Liners

Caitlin: No offense to Linda, but there is no way she can pull this off.
Harry: Well, maybe if she didn’t scream every time she fired.

Linda: Holy crap, I’ve made out with The Flash.

Barry: Alright, Doctor Light, here I am. But we’re gonna skip the part where you say you’re gonna kill me and go right to the part where I don’t let you.
Linda: I’m here to kill you, Flash. (whispering) Wait, what’re you doing? We’re skipping that?
Barry: Yes.
Linda: Uh, I am loyal to Zoom, so get ready to fry!

Linda: Hey, stop fidgeting!
Barry: Sorry, it’s been an hour. I landed in a ridiculous position, and my foot fell asleep.

Iris: Hey, if we’re going to be The Flash’s sidekicks, we should probably join cross-fit or something.

Zoom (holding The Flash): Harrison Wells, you thought you could defeat me with this?

The Zoom/Flash action sequence helped the episode become a thrilling, exciting hour of television.

Chris Rating


  1. Yeah, this episode was awesome. Zoom is more terrifying than Wells ever was last season. He reminds me a lot of Bane from The Dark Knight Rises, especially when he broke Barry's back like Bane broke Batman's back. I hope they let Barry's condition go on a bit before it is eventually resolved. I'm thinking a two-episode arc before Barry is fully restored as The Flash.

    I still stand by my theory that Zoom is Barry Allen from Earth 2. Zoom said that he wanted everything Barry had which would make sense if he was the other Barry, jealous of how well our Barry's life turned out compare to his. And it would explain why Zoom seems to be coming after Barry more than Jay who's been his enemy on Earth 2 for two years. And I think Harrison knows or suspects the truth about Zoom's identity which he was betting so much on Barry being the one to stop him. It takes a Barry to stop a Barry. I know, based on Zoom's build, how him being Barry would be hard to believe. But I think a lot of that build is artificial to help conceal Barry's identity.

  2. Interesting theory and definitely makes a lot of sense. I'm still a little torn between Zoom being Barry or his dad from Earth 2.

    I hope it takes more than a two-episode arc before Barry's condition gets resolved because that was the episode's biggest shocker honestly. Thanks for your comments 🙂

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