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The Good Wife 7×06 – Lies

"You're scheming something here."


I’ve always said that I’d love it if The Good Wife eventually ended with Alicia as the First Lady of the United States. And now, that scenario sure feels like a possibly with Peter running for President. In fact, it feels like an arc that the show’s been building towards all along. Add to that the complication of Eli wanting to screw over his former boss (and not harm Alicia in the process), and you’ve got the makings of a highly engaging seasonal arc.

I’m not exactly sure where the writers intend on taking the Jason subplot, but that phone-call Alicia got (telling her to “run”) certainly gave me the creeps. Are they really going to paint Jason as some sinister figure instead of the potential love interest he was first introduced as? There’s no denying that Jeffrey Dean Morgan is great in the role, but with the recent news of his being cast in The Walking Dead, I’m afraid we’re going have to suffer through yet another unsatisfying romantic resolution. After Polmar and Elfman fizzled out, I can’t say I’m optimistic.

The Monica subplot was probably the best subplot Lockhart/Agos/Lee has had all season. Sure it was funny to see Howard act outright racist with Monica, the firm’s newest potential recruit, but the nuances in Diane and Carey’s meetings with the young lady were positively fascinating to watch. And unlike Grey’s Anatomy which tried to tackle a similar topic this week, Wife managed to approach the subject in a way that felt very true to the characters. Here’s hoping Monica stays with the show for a while.

Cases & Bits

– I’m fascinated by Ruth’s drink: the Alabama Slammer. Sounds intense!

– Ruth trying to create parallels between Obama and Peter (right down to the clothes) cracked me up.

– Hilarious sight with Alicia hiding under the covers and calling Iceland. Julianna Margulies can seriously do no wrong.

– So Alicia doesn’t know that Peter rigged her voting machines. Can someone tell her please?

– Absolutely loved Monica obliterating Diane for trying to compare both their journeys.

– I kind of missed the NASA dudes and them snooping around Alicia’s life (their very own private soap opera). Their dialogue is always so meta and witty.

– The goats singing “I Will Always Love You” over the end-credits? Beyond epic.

Good Lines

Eli: I need a quote from you for Peter’s bio.
Alicia: Do you need it to be true?
Eli: True adjacent.

Ruth: Oh, Eli, you’re too suspicious. You’re a new tree in my forest. I want to know more about that tree, that’s all. Because unless I chop it down, that tree’s now part of my life.

Alicia: Why’d you punch that judge?
Jason: I was angry.
Alicia: Why were you angry?
Jason: Don’t you get angry?
Alicia: I do, but I don’t punch people.
Jason: Maybe you should start.

Howard: What, are you, uh, Nigerian, or what?
Monica: What.
Howard: Hey, you’re a sassy one, aren’t you?

Eli: Sometimes to stop the cancer, you have to endanger the patient.
Norma: Oh, my God. You’re like an evil scientist.

A engrossing hour of The Good Wife that laid the groundwork for some intriguing developments.

Nad Rating


  1. I hope the series doesn't end up with Alicia being the First Lady. I want her to be free of being second to any man, especially her husband, and be powerful in her own right while blissfully divorced from Peter.

    I don't mind what they are going with Jason. These hints of an underlying dark side makes him different from Alicia's other love interests. But I don't have my highs up about this sexual tension between them being successfully paid off.

  2. I think I'm loving this season the most! It's insane how much this show keeps changing its status quo and this might be my favorite. Bond court is intense and Alicia out on her own (happily too) is fascinating to watch.

    Hope they go somewhere with Jeffrey Dean Morgan's character this time (unlike the mess with Finn and Elffman in season 6). Great reviews as always Nad, it's so much fun reading these.

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