Arrow 4×06 – Lost Souls

"I don't remember there being so much chatter on these missions."


As hilarious as this episode was, it was also very flawed.

It boggles my mind that Ray and Sara’s returns felt like such unimportant events in the grand scheme of things. Even though I was never Ray’s biggest fan, both he and Sara (whom I enjoyed a great deal in season two) deserved far better than this. Yes I know they’re both heading off to their own spinoff (and I can’t wait for Legends of Tomorrow), but why did the writers insist on treating their returns with so much disregard? Sara in particular was hard to watch, because not only did we barely get any emotion out of her return (the Lances had like three seconds of combined screen-time), but she’s now leaving Star City in the most contrived manner possible. Seriously writers? This is how you pay off the season’s most significant event thus far? Major fail.

On the bright side, there’s no denying that this was one hilarious hour with some excellent dialogue and intriguing insights into what makes Olicity tick. Even though I’m not a fan of the pairing, I appreciate that Lost Souls allowed Felicity to convey her fears and insecurities with regards to “losing herself” in Ollie. The writers have done a stellar job of making Felicity likeable again after a horrendous third season, while reminding us that she can still be independent and intelligent. Even Donna Smoak’s return appearance didn’t irritate me (like it did the first time), and I actually found myself rooting for her and Quentin Lance in the episode’s final moments.

Now can we please get a Birds of Prey spinoff already? The sight of Laurel, Sara and Thea kicking ass together in that gorgeous wide shot was magical on every level (even the camerawork reminded me of The Avengers). In fact, it was just cool to see two Canaries on-screen at the same time.

Bits & Arrows

– Curtis’ crush on Oliver was hilarious, as were his suspicions of Queen being the Green Arrow.

– The flashbacks this week weren’t the most exciting with Oliver killing Vlad (who was sent by Reiter to kill him). Can we get to the point already?

– Even Sara calling her mom was a throwaway moment. Really? You come back from the dead and you just call the woman who gave you LIFE?

– One of the funniest things this show’s ever done: Felicity rA goosebump-worthy as the whole team listens in and laughs during the mission.

– Oliver infiltrating the building Mission Impossible style was badass. Loved how he entered upside down. More of this please!

– Anyone else recognize the haunting music from last week with Sara going insane and attacking the guard? Chilling. Also she brutally snapped that dude’s neck like it’s nobody’s business.

– So will Ray be shrinking down on a regular basis on Legends? How is that not going to look lame?

– Hilarious physical comedy: Diggle’s head turning from side to side as he tries to keep up with Olicity’s argument.

– Oliver and Diggle’s best scene in years: bonding over whiskey as Oliver wonders why Felicity picked him (since he can’t even use a computer). I missed their bromance!

– Loved Laurel telling Sara to “suit up”.

– Curtis and Felicity base jumping! Guess he’s going to become Mr.Terrific sooner than we thought!

– Goosebumps-worthy moment with Ollie flipping out of his chains and knocking out Damien. Reminded me of a similarly iconic scene from Nikita’s All The Way.

– Oliver getting choked telekinetically via chains was very nifty.

– There was quite a bit of foreshadowing with Damien potentially targeting Felicity. Even more reason to consider Felicity as the one in the grave in the flash-forward.

– I’m not sure that Thea agreeing to Alex’s date in the end was earned (what changed her mind exactly?) but I’m willing to give Alex a chance after suffering through three seasons of Roy.

– The upside-down framing of Ollie and Felicity’s kiss was very Spiderman-ish. I loved it.

– So what is Damien building exactly? That cliffhanger wasn’t so cliffhang-y if you ask me.

Starling Quips

Curtis: You’re married, he’s straight, you’re married, he’s straight, ahem.

Laurel: How’d that go?
Sara: Easier than the last time mom found out that I wasn’t dead.

Curtis: Do you have any idea how amazing this is? Yes.
Felicity: But the fact that Ray is being held hostage and could be killed at any moment because he is the size of a Cheeto has dampened my enthusiasm somewhat.

Felicity: You’ve faced down Mirakuru soldiers and the League of Assassins. Are you honestly telling me that you couldn’t say no to my mom?
Oliver: She said she missed you and then she texted me one of those emojis with the single tear.

Oliver: Chatty Kathy?
Felicity: Your new code name, the only one appropriate enough I could think of to use in polite company.

Felicity: I lost myself in you, and I was never that girl. That girl who just loses herself in a guy. That is not who I am.

Oliver: It’s actually good that Darhk has Ray.
Felicity: This would be the same level of delusion that made you think my mother coming to town would make me feel better?

Felicity: It’s too easy to lose myself in him.
Donna: Baby. That’s how it’s supposed to feel when you love someone. Believe it or not, he’s lost himself in you. And you’ll find yourself in each other.

Oliver: Damian Darhk. He’s the leader of an organization we believe to be known as HIVE.
Curtis: Oh, like “Spectre?” That’s so cool! And terrible.

Damien: Just because I understand science doesn’t mean I’m not bored by it.

Parts of this were fantastic, and parts drove me absolutely nuts. Still, Lost Souls is a very entertaining watch.

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