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How To Get Away With Murder 2×08 – Hi, I’m Philip

“Good luck in getting the jury to believe the inbred weirdo didn’t do it.”


This is a typical episode of HTGAWM. It’s got some witty, hilarious banter, soapy twists and reveals, unrealistic legal mumbo-jumbo and of course a sex montage. So many of these plots won’t work on any other show, but HTGAWM is confident and self-aware enough to make this an enjoyable hour of television.

The biggest disappointment was to see the aftermath of Philip’s encounter with Oliver in last week’s cliffhanger. What was supposed to be a pulse-pounding, thrilling kidnapping case quickly fizzled out in the episode’s opening moments as Oliver and Philip show up at the Keating house and the latter seemed to cause no harm (at first, at least). It was abrupt and unamusing to see that we were left on our toes for absolutely no reason, even if I’m happy to see Oliver make it out alive (for now, at least). Sure, the episode ends up throwing all this out the window with its Catherine/Philip reveal which is both shocking and unsurprising at the same time, if that makes any sense, but there was no reason whatsoever to build up the tension for only about 2 minutes.

Then there’s the Hapstall case which took on so many different faces this week, it was almost hard to keep track of what was happening. Catherine and Caleb both took turns in taking a deal with the evil Sinclair as the gang raced from one house to the other which proved to be slightly tiring at times. Of course the hilarious one-liners always save subplots like this from feeling too unrealistic, but I could have lived without the extra focus on the Hapstalls this week because neither of them fits well with the Keating Five.

I still don’t get whether the writers want Annalise and Nate to end up together or why they think this relationship is complex enough to keep us intrigued because I for one find Nate absolutely dull. No amount of abs will make me see you as anything more than a dry character whose only purpose on this show is to move the plot a bit faster. It does seem like he’ll have much more complicated things to do next week as the flash-forwards have been teasing us for the past couple of months, but so far I’m not impressed with where they’ve taken this character.

The Annalise/Sinclair war proves to be the surprisingly most compelling thing about this episode, especially with the reveal of the bugged pen that Sinclair planted at the Keating house. What the gang do with this revelation is quite amusing to watch, again even if it’s the most implausible and far-fetched storyline this show has ever done. The Keating Five using this bug to throw Sinclair off her game was definitely the highlight of the hour because amidst the murder mysteries and countless plots happening at the same time, this show never forgets to have some fun.

Sneaky Courtroom Bits

– I love how unimportant Wes is in this episode, up until he miraculously figures out that Philip has one of Catherine’s paintings, proving that these two are in cahoots with each other.

– The Hapstall deals going back and forth all the time was mostly messy and cringe-worthy. But I love that this show never fails to entertain us in its attempts to hide its flaws. Sneaky indeed.

– Frank and Laurel’s little brawl was bo-ring.

– Michaela looking for a strand of Philip’s hair is so outrageous and EXACTLY what you come to expect from this show.

– Annalise shooting Nate down (the first time) was epic. I just wish she didn’t sleep with him the second time.

– I have a feeling Bonnie’s going to die in the fall finale. At least we have Laurel to fill in as the new Bonnie though.

– Even Asher is the new Frank! I’m a little happy for the guy?

– Catherine’s the worst, right?

– Awesome visual of the entire team trashing the house looking for the bug.

– The snarky smile Annalise gives Sinclair at the Hapstall mansion when the latter figures out she’d been played is AMAZING. It’s shocking how much I enjoy every Annalise/Sinclair moment.

– Well, at least Caleb isn’t gay. So Michaela isn’t scarred for life.

– The sex montage was seriously something I saw coming, down to the music that was playing too.

– Just 2 days until the show reaches the flash-forward scenes. Make your predictions for #WhoShotAnnalise before the midseason finale airs this week!

Amusing Keating One-Liners

Connor: You two are the perfect example of why straight people shouldn’t be allowed to breed.

Annalise: You need to decide whether you want to forgive me. I said I was sorry, and I meant it. But I’m not gonna spread my legs as some sort of payment.

Annalise: I need you to be my new Bonnie.
Laurel: What happened to the old Bonnie?

Frank: My junk just inverted having to listen to your whiny ass.

Annalise: It’s time to break out the boobs again.

Annalise: Maybe Mr. Millstone should be my new Frank.

Annalise: He’s going to send your hick ass back to whatever haystack you crawled out of.
Sinclair: I’m from Connecticut.

Frank: This apartment needs to be an Annalise-free zone.

The witty dialogue makes this an entertaining ride even when the show becomes too plot-heavy and twisted sometimes.

Chris Rating


  1. Ooooh you really think they might kill of Bonnie? That would be quite brave of them, especially after she became so sympathetic with the recent abuse revelation! Hope not!

  2. I feel like since they're making out Laurel to replace her and she's barely showed up in the past 2 episodes that she'll probably die! I don't know, I hope not too as I've become to love her scenes with Annalise.

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