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The Good Wife 7×07 – Driven

"I have no words. No you can keep talking, but I have no words for this."


I just love it when Alicia lets loose.

It happens every once in a while, and it’s just extremely satisfying to watch Alicia tap into her confidence and do whatever she damn well pleases. In Driven, she quite amusingly “seduced” Peter after being unable to seal the deal with Jason (and after kicking ass at her former place of business). The case of the week itself with the highly “smart” car wasn’t the most gripping, but it had enough intricacies and amusing moments to ensure that I was invested all the way through. Plus, it’s always great to see Alicia face-off with her former colleagues. The shared history and complicated dynamics just elevate every barb and glance.

And now let’s take a moment and be thankful for the glorious decision of bringing Vanessa Williams to The Good Wife. I am praying that she’s not under-utilized (yeah I’m looking at you 666 Park Avenue), because when given the right material (Ugly Betty, Desperate Housewives), Miss Williams can really thrive. I’m not exactly sure what to make of Courtney Page so far, but the fact that she’ll be interacting with Eli is certainly promising. Here’s hoping she gets more scenes with Peter and Alicia as well, because that dinner scene was far too short.

Alicia’s presence on Frank Landau’s board was also a compelling subplot. It’s always fun to see Alicia being pulled and bribed in different directions, and the episode’s final moments – which rested on her refusing to vote- had me on the edge of my seat. I’m terribly intrigued to see how this all plays out, and what grey areas Alicia navigates next.

Finally, I am absolutely ecstatic that the writers are going forward with Jackie and Howard. Their engagement was priceless (not to mention Alicia’s hysterical laugh), and Jackie’s inappropriate comments at Courtney Page were comedic gold. Lots more of these two please.

Cases & Bits

– Diane’s face when Alicia walked in – priceless!

– I loved everything about Alicia and Jason’s scene in the kitchen as she offered him pizza, then mini tacos. And Peter’s awkward arrival (with a plethora of agents in tow) made the scene all the more memorable.

– There’s a nice little touch with Jason picking up Alicia’s jacket from the floor for no reason. I guess it’s to emphasize what a gentleman he is?

– The fact that everyone lied about it being Grace’s birthday was just hilarious to me.

– So Jason watches TED talks. Noted.

– I really want to have tequila shots with Alicia. I bet she’s a hoot!

– How funny was it to see Alicia (and Peter) undress so casually right before sex? And Peter playing Zack’s music to cover the noise! Actually, everything about this scene right down to Eli’s reaction and Alicia’s strut was perfect on every level. The entire sequence is one of the single best things this show’s ever done.

– Howard met Dr. King! Also, he’s Peter’s stepdad now.

– Was anyone else rooting for Peter’s bodyguards to beat the hell out of Landau after he threatened to “hurt” Alicia? That guy’s a real bully.

Good Lines

Alicia: The money never really materialized. It always seemed to be somewhere over the horizon.

Alicia: Well, why wouldn’t you sign it?
Jason: I don’t like signing things.

Norma: I have an MBA from Syracuse. I graduated summa cum laude and I spent a year at the Sorbonne studying French poetry. I’m done playing I Love Lucy for you.

Witness: Am I boring you?
Alicia: Oh, far from it. I can’t wait to return.

Alicia: Want to get laid?
Peter: Sure. I’ve got 20 minutes.
Alicia: Me, too.

Peter: Next stop, Lincoln Bedroom.
Alicia: Think it’s any different there?
Peter: Oh, yeah… everybody gets laid there.

Peter: That’s another million dollars.
Alicia: Which do you want more?

Peter: Uh… so you’re all right with this?
Alicia: Peter, I basically seduced you. You don’t have to call me in the morning.
Peter: Yeah, it was sexy, huh?
Alicia: It’s always sexier not to care.
Peter: Why is that?
Alicia: Because sex is sexier without love.

Eli: You’re being smart, aren’t you?
Alicia: Always.

Jackie: I like Peter’s African-American friends.

Alicia: Oh, just give up, Eli. Bad things happen or they don’t.

Jackie: It was so nice spending time with you, Ms. Paige. You are an inspiration to all urban children.

A tightly-plotted and witty script make for one of the most memorable Good Wife episodes of the year.

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  1. What a hoot! This is definitely the show's most fun hour yet. And Alicia and Peter undressing before sex was such a perfect scene! We never see a loveless sex scene portrayed like that on television, and the fact that they BOTH don't care and just wanted a quickie made it all the more memorable. What a complex, interesting couple!

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