Supergirl 1×04 – Livewire

"Congratulations, you have the wit of a YouTube comment."


After a weak third outing, Supergirl bounced back this week with an enjoyable standalone hour that thankfully provided insight into the show’s most fascinating character: Cat Grant. There’s no denying that Calista Flockhart is one of the show’s strongest players, and she was an absolute hoot this week spouting sinister barbs left and right while still conveying glimmers of warmth and compassion. I wonder if the producers recognize that her dynamic with Kara is wonderfully compelling, as it would do the show good to place even more focus on it going forward (particularly if Cat evolves into the show’s Big Bad one day).

Our villain of the week – Livewire – was certainly cheesy, but it was nonetheless amusing watching her zip from place to place and attack our heroine in creative ways (those electric whips were just awesome). It was also refreshing to have a non-alien threat for once, with Supergirl having a direct hand in Leslie’s transformation. The arc ticked off some predictable story beats (potential rapist in a dark alley gets fried), but it moved along at a brisk pace that I never found myself bored.

Livewire also benefitted from bringing in Kara and Alex’s mom in the form of former Supergirl Helen Slater. The actress wasn’t too impressive with the weightier material, but the subplot did allow Chyler Leigh to bust out her incredible acting shops. Kara and Alex’s relationships continues to be a highlight of the show, and I’m eager to see how the new mystery (Hank potentially responsible for their dad’s death) brings the ladies even closer as they work from inside the DEO. Good stuff.

Super Quips

– The opening fight with Kara trying to control the she-beast was hilarious. That’s the kind of fun upbeat vibe the show should always strive for.

– As funny as Leslie’s radio skit was, it feels like exactly the kind of hurtful thing that would happen today (criticism against Supergirl’s virginity and costume).

– Laser eyes for cooking your turkey – ha!

– Winn is actually growing on me. I felt VERY sorry for him when James called Kara over Thanksgiving dinner.

– Cat is actually quite brave isn’t she? Love how she sent Kara to safety and tried to distract Leslie.

– The flashbacks on this show are short and insightful. Kudos.

– Can we please meet Cat’s mom one day? She sounds like pure evil.

– The shot of Livewire zipping through the city was way too reminiscent of The Flash. Well the shows do share a creator (Hi Greg Berlanti!)

– Winn’s dad is in prison. Interesting…

– So Cat wants to publish GOOD news after her ordeal. See? Character development! It’s the small things people.

Kara Quips

Kara: He was tough.
Hank: She.
Kara: Oh. Respect.

Kara: Chocolate pecan pie is the best dessert in the galaxy. And as someone who’s been to twelve different planets, I mean that literally.

Winn: It’s nice when we talk about a metaphoric bomb for a change.

Cat: Apparently, there’s a whole shrine in front of Catco. I’m certain I’m going to have to step over it when I go in.

Eliza: I have to admit, the first time she did it I was a little worried. What if we were all eating radioactive turkey?

Kara: I think we need Winn’s help.
Cat: What’s a “Winn”?

Cat: What fresh incompetence is this?

Cat: Agent Mulder, is it?

Cat: Oh, Leslie, you and I got through you not supporting Hillary in 2008, we can get through this.

Cat: You know enough about me to know that I need my three “L’s,” my latte hot, my lettuce-wrapped crisp and my Lexapro, stat. And not necessarily in that order. Chop, chop.

Must-Download Tune
Take Me To Church by Ellie Goulding

With some engaging action and a witty script, Livewire was definitely a step in the right direction. Here’s hoping Supergirl continues to improve.

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  1. Loved this episode! Cat is the best character on this show, without a doubt.

    Yes, I noticed The Flash resemblance too!! Freakin' awesome. I can't wait for all these DC shows to do crossover episodes with each other!

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