Scandal 5×09 – Baby It’s Cold Outside

"Family is a burden."


I know Shonda Rhimes went for a thematic bookend with this midseason finale but I really would have preferred a suspenseful cliffhanger to hold me over until February. Having Liv sit by a Christmas tree (wine glass in hand) wasn’t quite the mindblowing ending I was expecting. It would have been satisfying from an emotional perspective had she REALLY left Fitz, but we all know these two will get back together within the span of a couple of episodes. See my conundrum?

Thankfully, Baby It’s Cold Outside had another monumental development: Liv getting an abortion juxtaposed with Mellie’s badass filibustering and killing a bill that would have harmed Planned Parenthood. Everything about the latter’s storyline was incredible, and it beautifully conveyed her will and determination. In addition, it had the added layer of Olivia rooting for the former First Lady to cause some much needed impact on the political scene (something Liv is currently incapable of doing). Also, Liv’s abortion was carried through without a fuss, and that was certainly a step in the right direction – as opposed to someone trying to convince her otherwise. Kudos.

Even the David/Liz/Susan love triangle was amusing. Sure it was mightily predictable that David would end up giving the bracelet to Susan (and it would then get spotted by a soon-to-be jealous Liz), but I was still remarkably invested in the whole thing since it injected a much-needed dose of fun and hilarity. Plus it contrasted the utterly abysmal Papa Pope storyline (no surprise there) who once again evaded death and now has Jake under his grasp. Dull.

Scandalous Bits

– Nifty opening with the black/white shots and the red Christmas balls.

– I genuinely can’t get over the fact that the woman asked Liv to find the cookie recipe. And Liv actually did it!

– Mellie sneaking a snack when on the floor – I love this woman.

– Tom’s not dead; no one cares!

– The fact that the media was discussing Mellie’s urinal capacity on live TV!

– Susan coming to Mellie’s rescue was such a cheer-worthy moment.

– The scene between Liv and Mellie in the bathroom was a real gem. I’m praying for the day these two finally work together.

– Mellie refusing to shake that woman’s hand after killing the bill – perfect.

– #IStandWithMellie. Let’s make it real!

– Jake shooting Russel dead was just pointless to me.

– How can Liv even drink Mellie’s hooch? Looks so nasty!

– Obviously the immense screaming match between Liv and Fitz was superbly acted and exquisitely written. It’s just hard for me to buy it since Shonda keeps bringing them back together. The flashes to their relationships interspersed throughout were great too.

– Charlie’s back! So romantic… not!

– That final frame was pretty new wasn’t it with a shot of Liv and the Scandal typography? I liked it.


Marcus: Liv hates Christmas?
Quinn: Everybody over the age of 10 hates Christmas.

Huck: She chose him… the president… over you. Do you think that she loves him, or she just hates you so much that it’s worth being unhappy with him just to spite you?

Huck: Which white boy do you approve of being inside your daughter?

Olivia: You’re the biggest bitch I know. Don’t tell me you can’t do this.

Olivia: Why would I, Fitz? So I could sit in the corner with the other housewives and force myself to watch you run with the big dogs across the room? Guess what… I am a big dog, so I didn’t want to go.

Fitz: I’m talking about you… Strutting around here, wielding your undue influence in your power capes like you run the damn place.
Olivia: So you’re bitter. Is that it? After realizing how ineffectual you actually are…
Fitz: You know, you’re worse than her. You’re worse than Mellie. At least with Mellie, I knew what she was the entire time. Unlike you. I mean, I knew where you came from, but…
Olivia: Where I came from? We both know who your father is. I came from a palace compared to the man that raised you. At least my father loved me.

Fitz: I was unavailable before. You liked me unavailable.
Olivia: I don’t know you available.

Fitz: I hate that you’re always right.
Olivia: Me too.

Susan: I see you wear scarves sometimes, and, well, I can see why. I mean, that neck… it’s epic. I wish I could pull off a scarf, but I have nowhere near the neck real estate you do.

Not the craziest finale from Scandal, but it did its job.

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  1. I liked Mellie's storyline, seeing her fight for a cause that has nothing to do with her husband and trying to be the force of change she always wanted to be but couldn't when limited by her role as the First Lady.

    The fight between Olivia and Fitz was such an explosive, emotionally brutal sequence. Its intensity reminded me of Tony and Carmela's fight in the Sopranos Season 4 finale and Dan and Roseanne's fight in the Roseanne Season 8 finale. Both fights left the couples' relationships in ruins like Olivia and Fitz's fight. It really does like the end for them now that they are faced with some hard truths about their relationship brought to light as a result of them being in the spotlight. But like you, Nad, I doubt it will be the end since Shonda is so attached to this pairing. Sooner or later, she is going to bring Olivia and Fitz back together even though they are not good for each other in many ways.

    Though it was satisfying to see Huck throw in Rowan's face how much of a failure he is as a parent, Rowan once again getting away with his life disappointed me. But it didn't surprise me. Shonda is almost as attached to the character as she is to Olitz. She really needs to learn the lesson of “killing your darlings”.

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