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Gotham 2×10 – The Son of Gotham

“Just when you think Gotham’s shown her last jewel, she reveals herself like a flower.”


Why did this show have to become so good all of a sudden?

The past couple of episodes have been surprisingly dark and intriguing, even if the show is still ludicrous and terrible. The “blood of nine” storyline, for instance, was ridiculously confusing. There’s no way Bruce doesn’t survive so what’s the point in dragging a yawn-inducing subplot that is intent on making it sound like Bruce is about to be killed? If there’s one tiny bright side out of all this, it’s seeing Galavan manipulate his way out of prison and finally reveal his true villainous side to Jim and Bruce. Holding Jim captive was brutal and I’m a little ashamed to admit I was on the edge of my seat during that entire sequence, especially as it was followed by Galavan giving Bruce a horrifying visit (all the while Alfred is missing). I can’t go too far as saying that I’m excited about the next episode, but that was definitely a great way to close out a rather entertaining episode.

The reason this hour worked is because it finally put Bruce front and center. His little scheming with Selina to get Silver to talk was absolutely brilliant, fun all around and totally caught me off guard. That’s what we’ve been waiting to see on Gotham all along: Bruce Wayne using his skills to get what he wants when he wants it. His dynamic with Selina was surprisingly fascinating for once, and I hope we get to see young Batman and Catwoman in more devious plots in the future (assuming this show lives on to see more seasons).

Another thing the writers needs to utilize more: Alfred. He’s been undeniably the best thing about this show, even when it was God-awful last year, and pitting him against the badass Tabitha this week was GENIUS. Their fight was probably the most thrilling action scene this show has crafted thus far (although the word “craft” is too big for this show). Tabitha was ruthless with her whip and Alfred was equally impressive with his quick comebacks and exciting kicks, but seeing their fight move on to the streets where Alfred gets another stab as he jumps into the truck was the best thing I’ve seen on TV this week. Let’s pray the writers give us more action sequences like this one.

Of course, this show isn’t all gritty and serious, and that’s where Penguin and Nygma’s subplot comes in. This pairing continues to be enormously effective and entertaining as it evens out the suspense of the rest of the episode. Plus, seeing Penguin come to Jim’s rescue in the end was actually quite delightful and satisfying. I can see Galavan biting the dust in the midseason finale, only because the writers have officially dragged this story out for way too long.

Bat Bits

– Honestly, at this point, I would watch a show about Alfred and Tabitha going at each other’s throats every week.

– So, we were actually supposed to feel sorry for Officer Parks’ gruesome death last week? Is there a hidden episode where Parks was developed more and actually had something to do with the other characters on this show?

– Because this show continues to deviate from its source material, it’s revealed that M. Malone is the name of the Waynes’ killer. My friend (the internet) pointed out that Malone is indeed a character from the comics, but not the thug that killed Bruce’s parents and certainly not an exciting character. What’s the deal here, Gotham?

– Selina actually had some pretty nifty one-liners this week. Do I secretly like her now?

– Jim screaming and punching Galavan in court was surprisingly satisfying. “Surprising” is the word that literally best describes this episode.

– Bullock had a hilarious line, praying for the ceiling not to fall when he was stuck in the sewers with Jim.

– The Knife was kind of a terrifying villain. My jaw dropped when he pulled Bruce out of the room. What a fantastic twist, Mr. Wayne, but seriously where does Selina find these people?

– On that note, can we please never see Silver again?

– Oh look, Harvey Dent! Hilarious.

– I secretly want Jim to die.

Cracks From Gotham

Barnes: Does the universe normally like you this much, detective?

Barnes: I forgot my dictionary in my purse.

Selina: I was just glad to watch the two-faced bitch get served.

Galavan: Alright, Jim. Give it your best shot. Save Gotham.

Selina: It’s good you’re changing. Just don’t change too much.

Another surprising hit from this show. Is this season actually good?

Chris Rating

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