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Gotham 2×11 – Worse Than A Crime

“I thank you both for your help, but I had a perfectly feasible escape plan.”


This was either the best or the worst episode of Gotham, and this uncertainty is exactly why I absolutely hate this awful show.

Midseason finales are supposed to be suspenseful and intriguing, but this lame excuse of a finale was neither of those things. The biggest problem this season is that it gave Galavan, the supposed Big Bad, a contrived reason to go after Bruce Wayne. While the idea of finally integrating Bruce into the narrative is a good one, the writers seemed to have no clue where they were going with this storyline from the start. If Galavan and his gang of “monks” had been planning to kill Bruce for centuries, they certainly would have been better prepared, no? Forget the fact that Ron Rifkin (character name I won’t even bother looking up) paused and looked to see who barged in while he’s in the middle of stabbing Bruce, which has to be the most contrived thing many shows fall for, but the fact that even Selina was able to take down several of those monks was plain laughable. Talk about absurd.

Then there’s Jim Gordon. Oh boy, I’m almost at a loss of words here. It’s one thing to hint at your main character being a vindictive, cold-blooded murderer, and it’s a whole other thing to literally choke us down with that info. Subtlety has NEVER been this show’s greatest suit (owls, anyone?), but the lengths to which the writers went to reveal how shady and immoral Jim had become were absolutely ludicrous. There’s nothing satisfying about this entire storyline, which has been in the works since the season premiere, and it’s been over a year and a half and I still can’t figure out Ben McKenzie’s facial expressions. He always looks shocked/confused/angry/sick all at once.

The truth is, this show isn’t just unentertaining at this point; it’s simply becoming painful to watch as it is clunky, messily-plotted and horribly executed. Scenes don’t flow naturally and characters aren’t really characters but rather plot contrivances. The story moves forward whenever the writing wants it to, and I can’t for the life of me comprehend why Morena Baccarin, Robin Taylor and Cory Michael Smith continue to work on such a trashy show. Their performances (along with David Mazouz, Jessica Lucas and Sean Pertwee of course) are the sole reason this doesn’t get a big, fat F every week, and you can tell how they elevate every scene they’re in despite the writing they’re given being pure garbage. Penguin, Jim and Nygma’s dynamic was delightful, but it was nowhere near as satisfying as seeing Tabitha almost kill her own brother to save Silver. That scene was the highlight of the hour as it even made me not-completely-mad at Silver making it out alive.

I’m so glad this show is taking a three-month break. Meanwhile, I’ll be praying for an umbrella to be shoved down its throat so it dies immediately and forever.

Bat Bits

– What happened to Barnes all of a sudden? How did he become so darn unlikable?

– Alfred is the best, but hiding from Tabitha and her bitches was so childish.

– Did anyone even think for a second that Bruce was going to die?

– So Leslie is pregnant and Jim asks her to marry him. Also: Jim is dreaming of Barbara letting go of his grip when she fell off that building while a butterfly flies off of her mouth. What is this show even about?!

– I didn’t even find Bullock’s stairs-joke mildly funny because that’s how much I’m starting to hate this show.

– Bruce’s emotional moments with Silver didn’t do it for me until he told her he didn’t love her and that he pitied her. Way to go, Bruce!

– Ron Rifkin can fly?

– This is the first time this show has done something creative with its closing credits, but it all seems so randomly put into this episode as a ridiculous attempt to excite audiences. Because seriously, where did this Mr. Freeze suddenly come from?

– Speaking of, was that Fish Mooney in one of those tanks down at Indian Hill? The one with the red hair streaks awfully looks like Fish, which can only mean even worse things for this show.

Cracks From Gotham

Bruce: You’re a deluded old fool, and you’ll pay for this.
Leslie: Have I got you all wrong? Are you just crazy?

An atrocious episode that is an embarrassment, even to this show.

Chris Rating


  1. Yeah, this show can be a trainwreck on a plot and character level, and Ben McKenzie's performance as Gotham has a limited emotional range which makes me think he may not be the right actor to play Gordon. But it was satisfying to see Penguin exact his revenge on Galavan.

  2. Trainwreck is the keyword here, thank you!

    I admit this episode might deserve at least a C- but the fact that this show exists during a time where we have PLENTY of other great shows on television just makes it all the more unnecessary to watch. I have no hope in Gotham ever becoming satisfying to watch. Ever.

  3. I saw 9 and 10 and def agree with your reviews. but this, I just can't muster the energy to watch it, especially after checking out your rating (didn't read the review). On the bright side, if I watch it, no episodes for three months right? Praise the lord!

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