Arrow 4×09 – Dark Waters

 "You love having minions."


Well that was a terrible ending.

The sad thing is that Dark Waters was a very solid episode right until the last few minutes. It’s just tough to muster up even the slightest bit of excitement or suspense with Felicity’s supposed “death” when we’ve seen that death means absolutely nothing on Arrow. We all know the writers would never dare care off Emily; after all, the show has been practically catering to service her storylines the past two seasons. Even the cast members themselves haven’t tried to hide it with an influx of set pics on a daily basis that show Emily alive and well. Talk about insulting your audience’s intelligence.

And what does the attack really accomplish from a storytelling perceptive? We already know Damien was willing to kill Oliver’s love after the kidnapping, so this cliffhanger doesn’t add anything to the proceedings. It’s actually pity that the writers won’t go through with Felicity’s death, because it’s  the kind of plot development that would take Arrow to another level by having Ollie suffer through a truly monumental loss (the only two that have resonated thus far are Tommy and Moira).

While I have absolutely no idea who Damien’s accomplices are and what the hell his Genesis project is (it doesn’t look ominous in the slightest), I appreciated his initiative in kidnapping the majority of Team Arrow. That type of development elevates the stakes and adds some narrative focus after the messy Legends setup of the past few weeks.

Quite awesomely, Laurel finally got something to do as The Black Canary when stepped up and saved the day. Sadly, it’s laughable how inconsistent her Canary Cry is. In the same episode it managed to cause immense damage and then get dismissed by a lowly inmate. Seriously?

Finally, it’s worth noting that last year’s midseason finale also had someone “dying” (with Oliver’s fall of the mountain). Do these writers ever learn? This is not the kind of move that keeps your viewers hooked over the Christmas break.

 Bits & Arrows

– Loved seeing the gang clean the bay before the drone attack. Plus it was super cute to see Laurel point out a “mini” Felicity.

– The flashbacks were suitably useless with Oliver finding some sort of map and getting bit by a shark (off-screen). So very lame.

– I want to say I care about Diggle and his brother but I really really don’t.

– Thrilling little moment with Oliver announcing Damien’s name on TV, and the villain telekinetically electrocuting the TV.

– Thea’s pinky promise with Malcolm – hilarious. I like fun Thea.

– And we finally met Curtis’ husband! Let’s hope he serves a purpose.

– Felicity’s reaction to Donna and Quentin was so amusing. I hope we get to see Laurel’s reaction.

– Badass moment with Damien flinging Oliver through the glass at the Christmas party.

– Some times I wish Laurel had her own Black Canary show. She’d make a kickass lead.

– Oliver and Felicity screaming at each other through the glass was a great little moment.

– Malcolm disguising himself as the Green Arrow was pretty clever wasn’t it? Plus Ollie got to save him!

– Rousing moment with Laurel throwing the baton to Ollie after she cracks the glass with her Cry.

– Loved seeing Team Arrow fight as one against the inmates (and even Felicity kicked ass).

– How awkward was it to see Laurel standing there and clapping for Oliver and Felicity’s proposal? It’s like the show has COMPLETELY retconned her and Ollie’s relationship.

– The Christmas music at the end was a nifty touch. But the reveal of Damien’s family didn’t exactly shock me.

Starling Quips

Laurel: (about the little girl to Felicity) She’s like a mini you.

Malcolm: Please promise me that you will be careful.
Thea: I pinky promise.

Felicity: Don’t worry, you’re handsome, duh, but you bat for the other team and I’m practically engaged. And by practically engaged, I mean not engaged at all. Right? I mean, anything can happen eventually. In like years. In another galaxy.

Quentin: Listen, um, Laurel doesn’t know.
Felicity: Yeah, I’m gonna hit myself over the head with something very heavy so that I don’t know either.

Damien: How did you know that was my favorite red? So full bodied, so full of life. Unlike your security outside.

Laurel: Oliver, we can take care of ourselves. And that’s including Felicity.

Damien: What’s the word for a man who threatens the man who’s holding his nearest and dearest captive? I don’t know, idiot?

Malcolm: Excellent. You’ve got your bondage outfit on.

Quentin: You just be careful out there, all right? ‘Cause I don’t know what I’d do if anything were to happen to you. In fact, that’s not true. I know exactly what I would do. And it’d be ugly.

Felicity: Please don’t tell me that you traded your life for ours, because that would be extremely old Oliver.

Oliver: We had a deal!
Damien: I think if you replay our conversation in your mind, our bargain was only at best implied. Even so, bad guy, remember? Oliver: You let them go.
Damien: I will. Existentially speaking.

Damien: As the kids say, I got this.

Oliver: Can’t believe I’m gonna say this, but I owe him one.
Laurel: I helped out a little bit, too.

A solid midseason finale that’s let down by a cringe-inducing ending.

Nad Rating

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