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The Good Wife 7×10 – KSR

"Why are you in my life, Eli?"


I need to start with that final scene – that glorious, stunning final scene. I can’t remember the last time a series brought back an event from SEVEN SEASONS AGO and gave it such astounding importance. Having Eli mention the season one finale in which he deleted Will’s voice message was utterly phenomenal, and Julianna Margulies sold the hurt and pain on her face with barely a single word. It’s an astounding sequence that perfectly embodies just how much these two performers have grown into their respective roles. What makes the development all the more gut-wrenching is the fact that the divide is born right after the pair bond over their shared loneliness, and Eli advises Alicia to NOT let the campaign get in her way (a sentiment he’s never made clear before). It’s just all so very chilling, culminating with Alicia simply taking Eli’s drink and ordering him to “Get out” with resigned rage. Wow.

I’m going to be severely disappointed if Vanessa Williams is really gone. I fail to understand the point of bringing in such a powerful and versatile actress only to waste her on such a thankless role. The woman was astounding on Ugly Betty, and she did great work on the last few seasons of Desperate Housewives. However, just like but she was on 666 Park Avenue, she’s been completely under-utilized on The Good Wife. Why writers, why? Here’s hoping she comes back soon because I quite enjoyed her budding relationship with Eli.

Finally Carey and Diane got some meaty material after the junior associates decided to leave the firm. These gave Lockhart and Agos the chance to hatch a brilliant plot and exact revenge by episode’s end. Sure it was ruthless and harsh, but it was also plenty satisfying to see them work together and be successful at it. If season seven has had any flaws, it’s that it has isolated Alicia from Carey and Diane; they genuinely feel like they live in different worlds and that’s never a good thing.

This week’s case involved Josh Stamberg (fresh off his terrific turn on The Affair). I was suitably engrossed by the entire proceedings of the supposed fetish rape case, and the manner in which it dovetailed with Judge Schakowsky who has been a thorn in Alicia’s side in all year. The fact that she unknowingly bribed him herself while bringing up Eli’s bribe was the icing on the cake, and provided a perfectly ominous resolution with his asking her to simply “thank” him and leave. Oh Alicia, you never cease to get into trouble do you?

Also, has Jason left for good as well? Again, extremely under-utilized.

Cases & Bits

– Loved the teaser with the empty offices as Carey slowly realized that all his young associates had left.

– Fantastic little touch: Alicia touching her defendant so the jury doesn’t see him as a threat. So clever.

– Love Alicia and Lucca bonding over a drink.

– Diane finally hiring Monica definitely bodes well for the show.

– Howard having weird nightmares out loud – hilarious.

– That trucker was quite the pervert wasn’t he? That’s why I loved Lucca kicking his ass.

– Jason left a book for Alicia. Let’s see how good the continuity is; I’m hoping we see Alicia reading it when the show returns.

– Alicia’s fascination with her client’s “clinical” wife was very interesting. Does she wish she were more like that?

– It’s intriguing to see Courtney and Eli play the not-so-typical male/female roles. In this case, it’s her who wants nothing but a fling while he’s searching for a long-term relationship. The hallway scene with Eli walking away was just heartbreaking.

– Diane and Carey’s high five gave me LIFE! Certainly their shining moment of the season.

– Loved the judge declining the jury’s verdict. Amazing!

Good Lines

Howard: First case I ever worked on was a patent.
Carey: For what, the wheel?

Alicia: It’s odd. That someone can be so good, yet think things so bad.
Lucca: It’s people. They’re all scum.

Courtney: How does 8:15 sound?
Eli: That’s very specific.
Courtney: Well, I’m a specific kind of girl.
Eli: Okay, I’ll see you at 8:16. I’m demonstrating my independence by being late.

Eli: Peter thinks she should have a prenup.
Alicia: Who?
Eli: Jackie… and Howard.
Alicia: Eli, I don’t give a single damn.

Eli: I don’t care about a lot of people. Too much work. I mean, too much work to make it… work.

A terrific midseason finale that continues to prove why The Good Wife is one of TV’s strongest dramas.

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  1. The storyline with Cary getting back at the assiocates was great from start to finish. That is the kind of stuff I want to see more of with Cary and Diane. Not any of the boring stuff that's forced the characters to go through the motions.

    Part of me hopes Jason never comes back because he doesn't quite work for me as Alicia's love interest.

    That final scene was a gut-punch of an ending. I knew Eli was going to confess something to Alicia. I thought it was going to be Peter's tampering sabotaging Alicia's election. I had no idea Eli was going to bring up the deleted voicemail. I wonder how long this rift between Eli and Alicia is going to last. Will it truly change everything like the promo for this episode claimed?

  2. OH GOD that ending! I cannot believe they brought back the “Eli deleting Will's voicemail” storyline from SEASON ONE! Wow, I am literally in SHOCK.

    And that guy was on The Affair! Knew he looked familiar!

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