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Colony 1×01 – Pilot

"The most important day in human history is coming, Will. I just want you and your family to be on the right side of it."


There’s nothing like watching a brand new pilot without much prior knowledge. Before sitting down to watch Colony’s debut episode, I only know that the show was developed by former Lost mastermind Carlton Cuse, and that it was a supposedly-inventive take on the science fiction genre. Now that I’ve watched the pilot, I can say that I’m somewhat intrigued to see what the show does next.

Although it takes the pilot quite a while to spell things out, Colony tells the story of a sealed-off Los Angeles that’s been occupied by an unseen (and presumably alien) force. Unlike the impeccable post-apocalyptic design of shows like Dark Angel and The Walking Dead, Colony isn’t particularly impressive from a visual perspective. Nevertheless, this debut hour works thanks to the two performances at its center. Headlining the show are Josh Holloway and Sarah Wayne Callies of Lost and Prison Break fame respectively. I’ve always been a fan of both actors (although Callies was mostly irritating on The Walking Dead), so it was certainly amusing to see the two paired up together. Hollywood has been trying to make Holloway a bonafide star for a while now, and after the failed Intelligence pilot, I’m hoping Colony might be the big break he needs (although this being a USA production, that’s doubtful).

Colony is undoubtedly planning on tackling some morally grey areas by inserting our hero Will right into the thick of things between a brewing Resistance and the colonizing party. I won’t spoil any of the pilot’s surprises here (you’ll have to see the Bits below), but there’s potential for some exciting storytelling going forward.┬áIn addition, the pilot’s ending has an appealing (albeit predictable) twist where Katie is concerned. Here’s hoping the show can commit to this development which will hopefully provide our core couple with an engrossing complication to navigate.

Bits & Barbed Wire

– Very tense sequence with Katie trying to trade alcohol for insulin with a seemingly sweet lady, Her pulling the gun and making her escape genuinely had me on the edge of my seat.

– That light show at Snyder’s party was super nifty eh? What were the aliens doing? And will we ever see them?

– So what is “The Factory”? And what happened to Will and Katie’s son?

– I can already tell I won’t like the kids on this show.

– Anyone else feel like the setting was exactly like Fear The Walking Dead?

– Well that was the quickest sex ever!

– So Snyder is going to open Katie’s bar again? Is that supposed to be an intriguing source of drama?

– Great little moment with Will asking Snyder to give him his son in exchange for his skills.

– Snyder isn’t the show’s Big Bad right? We need someone that’s truly sinister.

– I wish Katie was less conflicted about her decision at the end. Making her an outright villain (or hero?) could be so much cooler!

– I’m going to be needing a lot more action from Colony in future episodes!

A slow-moving opener, but there’s enough tidbits of potential to get me to check out episode two.

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