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American Horror Story Hotel 5×12 – Be Our Guest

"The ghosts keep killing the guests, we're gonna end up with zero stars."


Words can’t express how much I hated this season of American Horror Story.

What was once a brilliant and twisted show has devolved into a random mess of useless subplots. After the peaks of Asylum and Coven, I thought the show couldn’t go lower than the tedious Freak Show. Sadly, Hotel proved me wrong this season with its pointless narrative and terrible acting (which was never an issue before Jessica Lange left and Gaga sank her fangs into the show).

I genuinely found this season to be a chore to watch, and this finale was no different. My main complaint about Hotel is the severe lack of focused storytelling. What was this season about exactly? The Countess and vampirism? John and the Ten Commandments killer? Or was it the ghost kids? Maybe the infected children at school? And let’s not forget the immense number of subplots ranging from Ramona’s half-baked revenge plot (that went nowhere), to Sally, Iris and Donavon. It was all so lacking in structure. Oh, and let’s not forget James March and the dildo demon (who apparently was just his slave – wow thanks for that satisfying answer).

If this season handled anything properly, it was probably Liz and her enormously moving journey. But that’s all really thanks to Denis O’Hare’s magnificent performance. The man was certainly this year’s star player, and he elevated the material at every turn no matter what. The less said about Angela Bassett and Kathy Bates however, the better. They joined the show in season three with such potential, and it’s unacceptable how underused they are today.

Frightful Bits

– Gruesome opening visual with Liz’s neck getting sliced.

– Cinematographically, this season has been an utter bore. How could a hotel of horrors be so visually dull in every way?

–  Seeing the entire cast together during that “meeting” was definitely good. If only it happened more often this season instead of having them all running off in their own ill-defined stories.

– Sarah Paulson is a tremendous actress; sadly, her Sally was tedious to watch. The only bright spot was seeing Iris give her a smartphone loaded with social media. The sight of Sally snapping pics and adding Instagram filters left and right was just hilarious.

– Another connection to Murder House: Billie Dean Howard from season one! And Sarah Paulson looked quite good (a nice change from Sally). I still think Queenie’s return last week was more amusing.

– Since Liz was the only highlight this year, her death season was appropriately well done right down to the music and Gaga’s eventual appearance before slicing her neck.

– John got shot. Who cares.

– All those serial killers bored me to tears. The scene was just too long.

– Anyone else totally guess Gaga ending the season by repeating that jawline shtick? #Predictable.

Spooky Slurs

Sally: They spent every penny they had to change everything they could. They took out the mattresses, especially the ones I split open. Took out the carpets, soaked through with so many years of piss and blood. They even changed the furniture. But you know what they couldn’t take out? The pain.’Cause I’m still here.

Sally: You telling people to stop killing is like Colonel Sanders telling us to stop eating chicken.
March: I’m not familiar with your military friend and his fondness for poultry, but my killing days are over.

Iris: Jesus, you’re one lonely, miserable bitch.

Iris: I want to help you, Sally.
Sally: This coming from the woman who shoved me out of a window.

Liz: I was a salesman in another life. In this one, I’m the mother of style. Cut me and I bleed Dior.

Billie: Be strong. I know you know how.

A weak finale that capped off yet another abysmal season of American Horror Story. Time for some damage control Ryan Murphy?

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  1. Yeah, I share your hated for this season of American Horror Story. It's the worst of all the seasons in my opinion. The Liz character powered by Denis O'Hara's performances was one of its few highlights which I consider Kath Bates to be among though her character was underused. Everything else this season was a giant mess of the show's biggest flaws from shocks for shock's sake to storylines that went nowhere. Freak Show looks better in comparison.

  2. Glad to see someone agrees with me. And indeed Freak Show looks better in comparison, imagine that! And I thought that season was terrible!

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