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The Good Wife 7×12 – Tracks

"We should bring the cripple to the next meeting."


The great thing about The Good Wife is that even with its weaker episodes, there’s always something to savor.

While I’m not a fan of Matthew Lillard or the Rowby character, the intricacies of the music copyright case were certainly intriguing. In addition, the storyline gave Lucca the chance to show off her playful side by hooking up with Rowby. Words can’t express how much I’m enjoying her character this season; she’s been a tremendous addition to the show and a worthwhile Kalinda replacement (God knows the writers never knew what to do with her the last couple of seasons).

I’m less excited about the prospects of Alicia and Lucca possibly joining the old firm again. Sure it would be cool to have the whole cast on the same side again, but haven’t we been there before? It feels like Alicia has gone back and forth a million times over the course of The Good Wife, and it’s gotten tiring.

One thing I don’t understand is why the writers had Alicia fire Grace. Making her Alicia’s assistant is undeniably the single greatest storyline the character’s ever had, and it would be immensely foolish to cut that subplot short. I genuinely can’t comprehend why they would make such an unwise decision, particularly after she had her best episode yet defending her mother’s home-office. Ugh.

Finally, the ending was superb with Alicia finally revealing to Marissa just how much Eli hurt her. I know I’m constantly praising Juliana Margulies and her terrific performances, but this was yet another gut-wrenching turn by the actress. Can Marissa please join the cast full-time? Perhaps she can take over Grace’s position since the writers seem insistent on that change.

Cases & Bits 

– Loved Alicia’s downstairs neighbour in the teaser and all her troubles with the various clients knocking on her door.

– Bea Wilson and Monica! How did those two get in touch?

– I can’t say I totally bought Eli apologizing to Ruth.

– Alicia slamming the door in Eli’s face; never gets old!

– Great moment with Marissa giving Grace tips for the homeowners lawsuit. How awesome was Grace in that scene putting the rest of the building tenants in their place?

– Lucca making the specialist identify “hooks” from the song was epic.

– Priceless moment: Marissa wondering if Eli is sleeping with Alicia.

– Lucca really is a Bond girl! And Rowby kissing her in court was definitely shocking!

–  I just love Christina Lahti (who plays Andrea the opposing council). She’s got such a wicked charm about her, particularly her constant mentions of her “adopted” baby girl from China.

– Awesome new judge; I hope we see more of her!

Good Lines

Client: Do you work for Mrs. Florrick?
Neighbour: No. Although sometimes I feel like it.

Eli: I had been better to you.
Ruth: I wish you had been, too.

Eli: Six years ago, Alicia got a voice mail from… a friend, someone who was in love with her.
Marissa: Will?
Eli: Yes. How do you know that?
Marissa: I have eyes.

Grace: You want me to butt out of your life.
Alicia: No. My business.
Grace: Mom, you can’t fire me and hug me at the same time.
Alicia: Oh, yes, I can.

Not the greatest episode from a narrative perspective, but Tracks definitely had some great character moments interspersed throughout.

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  1. I love Grace as Alicia's assistant. It is, as you say, “the single greatest storyline the character's ever had”. I don't understand why they would go back on that and have her just be Alicia's daughter. The show does have a history of going back on some things that have great potential like Alicia becoming State Attorney, and Alicia and Finn's romantic tension. But Marissa being Grace's replacement wouldn't be bad. I like her character and her friendship with Alicia.

    Yes, Alicia returning to the old firm with Lucca would be a step backwards. But I'm for it if it means making the Diane-Cary part of the show interesting again instead of boring like it has been this season with its slew of subplots that feel like they're simply there to give the characters something to do than serve as a organic progression of story. Besides, realistically, what other choice does Alicia have? I understand why she wants to stick to her independence but, like Lucca said, her firm has lost its four top clients and they are working out of her apartment which doesn't project the right professional environment for a number of her clients. Unless Alicia gets some significant financial backing or joins Canning's firm, I don't see her having any other option and her refusing to compromise professionally or personally with Eli does nothing but hold her back. Like I said, in the Spoiler TV comment section on this episode, something's gotta give.

  2. So true. The show really goes back on potential like all the examples you mentioned. What a pity 🙁

    And I hope Alicia stays on her own, but I seriously doubt it would happen. So unfortunate.

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