Arrow 4×10 – Blood Debts

"Aren't we risking some crazy Bond villain stupidity here?"


Well that wasn’t very exciting.

I thought Arrow would come back gun-a-blazing, but this was a terribly uneventful hour. I fail to see why the writers think Anarky is a suitable enough villain for the show – he’s cheesy, far from menacing, and just all around irritating on every level. It’s episodes like these that remind of Arrow‘s first season troubles with horrendous villains of the week and sloppy storytelling.

There’s been a whole lot of buzz over the internet the past few weeks with regards to Felicity’s new “situation”. The show’s creators have already denied the Oracle theory (fun fact: Oracle was an IT whiz confined to a wheelchair) so I’m guessing some sort of cure will be revealed soon enough? That would be a pity, as I would have loved to see Felicity tackle a new kind of storyline while exemplifying the power of a comic book character with a disability. If they don’t go through with the Oracle narrative, then I’d classify this as a missed opportunity.

Sadly, the show is trying its best to create a sense of mystery concerning the grave flash-forward but it’s all so painfully drawn out. Obviously we can now eliminate Felicity, but I have a feeling the answer won’t even be someone substantial (like Lance or Diggle). It’ll probably end up being some useless secondary character as the show sidesteps death once again (Hello Sara!). The fact that the writers themselves admitted to not knowing who is in the grave at the start of the season just doesn’t bode well. Fingers crossed the reveal is not dragged out too long and that it does not disappoint.

Bits & Arrows

– Brutal and dark moment with Darhk’s minion purposely getting himself killed by electrocution to escape Oliver’s interrogation. This is the kind of moment that deserves more attention.

– Just like season three, the flashbacks have gotten tediously repetitive and aimless. What happened this week? Oliver got whipped and his Constantine tattoo glowed? Thrilling.

– Loved Laurel’s mature reaction to stumbling onto Quentin and Donna. Awkward.

– I have a huge bone to pick with the show: why is the use of Laurel’s Canary Cry so damn inconsistent? One week her scream can telekinetically fling a thug back, and another week it barely registers as a minor annoyance. What the hell? A little logic is all I ask people!

– I was COMPLETELY bored to death by Diggle beating up his brother and then playing cards with him. Is that supposed to constitute a story arc?

– Big fan of Laurel and Oliver’s fight. The latter’s mention of Sara was especially dirty.

– Major props to Emily and Stephen for knocking their heart-to-heart out of the park. That was just a heartbreaking hospital scene played to perfection by both performers. In fact, it might be the single best scene these two have ever had. Beautiful.

– Even more inconsistency: why does Laurel sometimes carry TWO tonfas (as seen in many previous episodes), and then sometimes just one (like in this episode)? Ugh.

– Why did Damien even fight Ollie hand-to-hand? Couldn’t he just fling him into a wall? WHERE IS THE LOGIC people? This show sometimes.

– I had a hard time buying the fact that Anarky could beat up Thea and even be a match for Ollie.

– Thea and her boytoy are duller than dishwater.

– The episode’s finest twist (which was spoiled in the promo) was the reveal that Damien’s wife is not as innocent as we were lead to believe. She’s the one who wants a “new beginning” and I’m praying she’s the ACTUAL Big Bad because God knows Arrow needs a female villain for once.

– As seen below, this was the least quotable Arrow episode ever.

Starling Quips

Anarky: (to Laurel) Oh, that’s pretty. Did you take voice lessons?

Oliver: You know, we go out every night… Suiting up, risking our lives, fighting assassins and meta-humans and all the worst kinds of people. She’s stronger than all of us.

A clunky episode that’s devoid of any thrills or suspense.

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  1. I literally have no idea what the flashbacks are even about anymore. The Hong Kong flashbacks last year were meaningless and unimportant, but at least you knew what was happening. I can't say the same about this year. I don't understand how the writers think Oliver holding a gun to his head is suspenseful or thrilling considering we KNOW he doesn't die!

    Also, I just can't stand all the Oliver/Felicity stuff. It's just getting in the way of the show now. If the person in the grave isn't a major character, it's going to be so disappointing and irritating. Also, the Laurel/Canary Cry stuff is TOO inconsistent indeed!! That was just plain laughable.

    Really can't stand both Arrow and The Flash lately. Daredevil and Jessica Jones raised the bar WAY too high!

  2. Hahah WORD about the gun. Idiots!

    Weird how I enjoyed an Ollie Felicity scene huh? Usually hate that pairing (and I still don't want it to continue).

    So true abotu Daredevil and Jones. Whole other level. And at least Legends was better Arrow/Flash! Ugh.

  3. I don't usually watch Arrow but curious to find out whether the show would let the Felicity character die. I honestly thought this episode fared better as a mid-season premiere than the Flash episode.

    I think the person who dies in the future is either Felicity's mother or Oliver's sister whose death would serve as a tragic message that you can't escape death forever.

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