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Legends of Tomorrow – Pilot Part 2

"I've never saved the world before. Feels good."


Well that was just fantastic.

It’s amazing how confident Legends of Tomorrow has been right out of the gate. The first part of the show’s premiere was a rousing success as far as I’m concerned, and this was just as good (if not better). Legends is the epitome of “fun”, and there’s truly nothing quite like it on television.

The most impressive thing about this hour was its willingness to throw in a game-changer so soon in the game. Carter’s death is the kind of brilliant move that conveys the show’s gutso and fearlessness. I don’t know why I never imagined the possibility that one of the Hawks would die. After all, we already have two fire-manipulating heroes; do we really need two Hawk characters as well? It’s no secret that Kendra and Carter’s chemistry has been pretty abysmal (look no further than ALL of their scenes this week), so his death adds just the right sense of urgency while upping the stakes in the process. In addition, it makes Vandall Savage a tad more menacing (he’s just not scary at all), while giving the team an even bigger reason to take him down.

Since Legends‘ cast is so darn big, Part Two cleverly split the group up into several teams, allowing their unique dynamics to bounce off one another to wonderful results. Sara, Jax and Martin were a particular hoot as they tracked down a young Professor Stein, while Snart, Mick and Ray were their own special brand of hilarious as they tried to steal the infamous dagger. I look forward to seeing even more hysterical combinations in the coming episodes; the possibilities are endless.

Now let’s take a moment and praise the utterly spectacular CGI and action sequences. This hour was peppered with some outstanding set-pieces beginning with the astounding fight scene in the arms meet, all the way through to the final battle at the Savage mansion. Quite quickly, Legends has pinpointed its unique visual style: long sweeping shots of all the team members in action as all hell breaks loose around them. Every single frame is packed with so much color and comicbook badassery that it’s a visual sight to behold. Wow.

Bits of Tomorrow

– A room that makes clothes? That’s pretty brilliant.

– Great touch with Arrow’s Big Bad Damien Darkh in the arms meet. But why didn’t he use his awesome telekinetic powers at any point?

– Bidding by gunshot – love it!

– Firestorm absorbing the nuclear bomb was pretty cool! Another awesome touch: The Atom jumping out of the Professor’s pocket at just the right time.

– I’ve always been a fan of Blake Neely’s musical score, and his work on Legends is pardon the pun… legendary. Particularly love the title card.

– I appreciate the fact that the show is tackling the concept of messing with time with such powerful ramifications (Atom forgetting something in the past causes Central City to destruct in 2016).

– Laugh-out loud moment: Ray asking if there’s a trick to opening the case, and that jump cut to the Snart brothers casually smashing all the display cases.

– Can I just say that in the span of one episode, Sara Lance has become more amazing than she ever was on Arrow? I love that this episode gave her a chance to REALLY have some fun and showcase her playful side. Her stealing the joint? Priceless.

– Heartbreaking scene with Kendra sobbing in the med-bay. We’ll definitely see Carter again right? After all, the show is always jumping from one time period to another.

– At least Rip did SOMETHING this week (he intervened and made sure young Martin met his future wife after the timeline was affected).

Legendary Lines

Mick: You’re a special kind of crazy. I like it.

Mick: (about Damien) The master race here is starting to bug me.

Ray: Whoops.
Gideon: I am unversed in modern American colloquialisms. Is “Whoops” slang for “Oh”…

Martin: I’ll have you know that I was researching Alpha Particles when you were eating crayons.

Martin: I’d forgotten how handsome I was. My hair, it’s so thick and silky.

Matin: I wasn’t cool. I was an arrogant little snot.
Jax: Was?

Martin: Keep an eye on the door, and when I get back, stop flirting with me.
Sara: You were the one flirting with me!

Martin: So obviously, we wouldn’t want my former self tempted by a sexy assassin from the future.
Sara: Aw, you think I’m sex…
Martin: Do not finish that sentence.

Young Martin: I’m not letting you walk away with it. Stay back!
Sara: (after knocking him out) That was taking too long.
Martin: You just knocked me out. That beautiful brain, struck unconscious.
Sara: The only way to shut you up.

Packed with action and a whole lot of fun, this was a stellar episode in every way.

Nad Rating


  1. WORD, I loved this much more than the first one! Maybe because Hawkman's dead now (yay!)

    Can I just say, just reading those quotes is so much fun! What a delightful show, seriously. I can't believe I'm infinitely more excited about next week's episode of Legends than I am about Arrow or The Flash! And I totally agree about Sara: love seeing her fun side! How she went back for the joint: EPIC!! This is the kind of fun we don't see on any other superhero show.

    Also, LOVE the title card! The music gets me so pumped up and the logo of every superhero culminating in the epic Legends logo is too good!

    Do you notice how Wentworth Miller messes with his voice, making it much more high-pitched? Fits perfectly with the lighthearted nature of his character I think! It would sound cheesy coming out of any other actor but he really makes it work. And of course Martin meeting his young self is the BEST thing ever. I hope the show keeps giving us stuff like that (I definitely want to see a younger Sara in Starling City!)

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