Suits 5×11 – Blowback

"I'm saying that if they want me to point the finger at someone, that means I'm holding a gun."


I know I always say this but it sure feels good to have Suits back in my life.

There’s nothing quite like this lovable legal drama. After five seasons, the characters sure do feel like family, and their whacky lives always seem to bring a smile to my face (no matter how dark things may get). I’m ecstatic that the writers are going through with Mike’s arrest and are not shying away from the immense ramifications of his earth-shattering lie. His secret has been hanging over the show for far too long, and it’s certainly time to break free and explore brand new avenues.

The great thing about making Mike’s story our primary case is that we already care about him. It’s not a standard case-of-the-week with a defendant we barely know, and this automatically ensures our emotional investment. There’s also the added layer of Rachel; although she’s committed to her fianc√©, there’s Robert who’s gotten increasingly harsh with Mike. Here’s hoping Robert sticks around and continues to be a thorn in the happy couple’s side.

Suits has been in need of a¬†strong villain for a while now, and I already love Leslie Hope in the role of Mike’s prosecutor Anita Gibbs. She’s just the right kind of ruthless, and it was enjoyable to see her put both Mike and Harvey in their place. Fingers crossed she always remains one step ahead because Harvey needs a worthy adversary.

Pearson Bits

– Mike’s videotape stunt with Anita Gibbs was badass! He’s really grown on me as a character. Even more proof of his cleverness: figuring out the prison bully as the federal marshal.

– Was anyone surprised that Mike didn’t turn on Harvey? Why do people even try anymore?

– Powerful scene: Robert attacking Jessica and ordering her to fire Rachel.

– Scottie’s back! Well for two seconds.

– I missed seeing Gina Torres on a weekly basis. This woman’s screen presence is unparalleled.

– Who remembers the Donna/Harvey cactus? I can’t seem to but it’s vaguely famliar.

– Cute little moment with Donna telling Harvey she’s coming back to him.

– Mike threatening Jack to back off was awesome.

– I’d pay good money to see Jessica go mudding with Louis. Series finale perhaps? Mark my words.

– That final Louis/Jessica exchange was priceless in every way (See below).

Firm Quips

Robert: When Rachel first told me she didn’t want to work for me, we fought all night. I didn’t think any other firm was good enough. And then she told me she was gonna work for you, and that changed everything. A brilliant black woman, mentor for my baby girl, someone who could teach her what the world does to people like us– how to get down in the mud and still manage to keep her dignity. And look at what you taught her instead.

Robert: It doesn’t matter what you do. Your firm is gonna crumble all around you.
Jessica: Is that a threat?
Robert: I don’t have to threaten you. I don’t have to lift a finger, because people are gonna come at you from places you didn’t even know existed, and I’m gonna enjoy every second of it.

Louis: Jessica, how’d you find me here?
Jessica: You always go mudding when you’re upset.
Louis: I always go to the gun range and the ballet.
Jessica: You go to the range when you’re angry, the ballet when you’re depressed, but mud…
Louis: Heals the broken heart.
Jessica: I know.

Louis: But who the hell am I kidding, you know? I mean, I’m not Frodo. Once I got that ring of power, we all know it would’ve consumed me.
Jessica: That’s what I like about you, Louis. You may not be self-aware, but if someone holds up a mirror, you are not afraid to look.
Louis: Thank you, Jessica. And the truth is, Harvey needs Donna more than I do.
Jessica: Well, it was a selfless and noble act. And as far as I’m concerned, you may not be Frodo, but you are Samwise Gamgee.
Louis: Get the f– You read “Lord of the Rings”?
Jessica: Four times. I mean, it is about power.
Louis: That’s funny. I always thought it was about friendship.
Jessica: Good night, Louis.
Louis: You sure you don’t want to have a quick mud?
Jessica: Maybe next time.
Louis: Really?
Jessica: No.

A compelling return from one of television’s most lovable dramas. Terrific!

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  1. I'm glad Mike's arrest had to do with the fraud he committed at the beginning of the series. It makes the storyline all the more compelling and impactful on the characters. And the Gibbs character looks like the right adversarial fit for this latest turn of the show. I do wonder who outed Mike. I know for certain that it isn't Harvey, Rachel, Jessica, Louis, or Donna. So anyone else is fair game. Robert Zane may be in the clear since he seems genuinely outraged by Mike's deception. Or it could be all an act to hide that he knew earlier.

    I like that Lord of the Rings moment between Louis and Jessica.

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