Lucifer 1×02 – Lucifer, Stay. Good Devil.

"I'd kick a puppy if one waltzed by. I'm joking. Puppies don't waltz."


Good Lord that was bad. That was really, really bad.

I don’t know what happened, but after a very promising pilot, Lucifer devolved into a horrifying mess in its second episode.

I was genuinely bored out of my mind this week, and that’s primarily due to the show adopting a case-of-the-week format – like every other cop procedural on television. Why would you waste such a promising concept (the Devil moves to Los Angeles), and rob the show of the one thing that makes it special? The paparazzo case in particular was horrendously dull, and was completely devoid of suspense or intrigue. Epic fail.

The sad thing is I was completely enamoured by Tom Ellie and Lauren German’s chemistry in the pilot, but everything about their dynamic fell flat in the second episode. I don’t know if it was the writing, their performances, or a combination of both – but I saw no sparks and no fire (pun intended). Β In addition, the backstory concerning Chloe and her mother just felt odd and uninspiring. What exactly does the pornstar past add to Chloe’s character? I fail to see the benefit.

Devilish Bits

– So.much.exposition.

– Lucifer smoking pot at the crime scene was mildly amusing.

– So I’m guessing we’re supposed to assume from the threesome that Lucifer is bisexual?

– Why did Lucifer refer to the apple as his old friend? Is that the same one he used with Eve?

– That apple CGI was really cheap.

– The role of Chloe’s husband was recast after the first pilot that was released back in September. He’s currently played by Kevin Alejandro of True Blood and Arrow fame. Not really a fan.

– It’s sad when your lead actor has more chemistry with a child than the supposed love interest. Love Trixie!

– The editing was just off in this episode. So many bizarre cuts.

– The iPad screen appearing on-screen was really weird. Felt more in-line with a comedy. Why show?

– Seriously, how many times did Lucifer say the word “dung beetle”? Far too repetitive.

– I like Lucy’s therapist. More of her please. Maze on the other hand is a bit forced at the moment.

– The ending wasn’t nearly as suspenseful as the show thought it was. Okay so Jimmy banged his head on the wall and said Lucifer is the devil. Am I supposed to be riveted?

Lines From Lucy

Trixie: Lucifer!
Lucifer: Ah, hello again, small human. Uh, this-this is yours, yes?
Trixie: Yeah, that’s Molly McDowell. She’s a ballerina by day, but a ninja chemist by night.
Lucifer: A simple yes would’ve sufficed. Right, on you go, then. Go on, fetch away.

Lucifer: Oh, sorry, I thought this was the part where you leave me behind and say something like, “Lucifer, stay. Good devil.”

Josh: Hot Tub High School was my favorite growing up.
Lucifer: Yes, we’re really not interested in your formative spank bank years, all right?

A tedious and predictable hour of television. What a disappointment.

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  1. I actually thought the chemistry between the co-stars were good this episode. I liked Lucifer's struggle with the effect Chloe has on him and the conclusion he came to about which is to see it through. Yeah, the ending wasn't suspenseful but I think it was meant to be about Chloe trying to face who Lucifer is, who he has said he is from the beginning. I like that, in this show, the main character doesn't keep his identity a secret. He is actually upfront about who he is. It's just that no one believes him.

    There were some issues with the episode I can't help to nitpick like Lucifer coming in, interrogating the guy in custody and releasing him without any real consequences. I don't think Lucifer is a great show. I've seen better. But I've also seen worst.

  2. I kinda agree with u.. it wasnt that entertaining nor pleasant .. it was somewhat funny but mostly boring and couldn't understand why they wnt to waste a whole episode on a silly case! And the repetition of dung beetle is ANNOYING πŸ˜› But I do hope they can do better nxt time bcoz he is quite *devilish* πŸ˜‰ would like to keep watching him aand the show ..

  3. i agree. I really like him and the idea of the show. Let's see how episode three is! Thanks for commenting Yisso πŸ™‚ Glad you saw it (as boring as it was)

  4. Sooo I'm guessing that the this guy one day had a weird concept for a show and wasnt sure how fans would take to it (it being a show about Satan and all) so they air the pilot and wait for fan response. They were surprised that fans were so responsive so then they went “now what?” so they crammed out whatever cliches they could think of because they realized they backed themselves into a corner by not making a lay out of the first few episodes and airing them while you still held peoples attention from the last week. I didnt watch this episode but that quote says it all I mean if I asked a kid in elementary school what kind of joke satan would make if he were…a person, that would be it!

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