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The Good Wife 7×13 – Judged

"Okay, this is exciting. Let's go, before the music stops and we're all in different chairs. Who knows? I may be the plaintiff next."


With the show’s creators leaving at the end of the season, and Julianna Margulies hinting that she’ll be unemployed next season, it sure feels like this is the final season of The Good Wife. And judging by all the tidbits laid down in this hour, I’m even more inclined to believe that the end is near.

Let’s start with that monumental Alicia monologue. Words can’t express how satisfying and powerful that scene was; in fact, it felt like it was a culmination of Alicia’s 7-year journey. I know I always compliment Julianna Margulies’ performances, but this was just another level of brilliance. Not only did she act the hell out of it, but the expertly-written script revealed so many compelling insights about the character’s psyche. First she admitted that she had been drinking too much (something the writers had been building up to with quite a bit of nuance), then she admitted that she’s not even sure she likes her kids (a very brave revelation from a writing standpoint). And finally? There were hints of suicidal tendencies with Alicia repeatedly saying that she wants it “all to end.” Truly breathtaking stuff.

After completely messing up Finn Polmar and Johnny Elfman, the writers finally went there with Alicia and Jason. As random as Jason’s return was, I was extremely happy to see Alicia turn around, stop the elevator, and plant a big one on Jason. Here’s praying the writers commit to this dynamic and finally show Alicia in a happy relationship away from Peter. If they drop the ball with this love interest as well, I’m going to be seriously disappointed.

Sadly, Diane continues to flounder about without purpose. At least Carey got to represent Alicia in the main plot, because poor Diane was relegated to the most useless subplot of all time( in which she defended a boring school newspaper). Seriously writers? When you have a performer as talented as Christine Baranski, you don’t saddle her with such pointless storytelling. It’s downright insulting, and her subplot unfortunately brought the rest of the episode’s momentum to a halt at every turn.

Finally, it looks like Alicia (along with Lucca) is going back to the old firm. God knows she needs help with finances now, and I guess it’s for the best as the show has really struggled with Diane and Carey. I give up!

Cases & Bits

– Absolutely loved Alicia forcing Eli to recount every single word Will said in the voicemail. It just felt so painfully real.

– Spot-on transition to the teaser with Alicia and Shakowsky facing off with the rock tune in the background.

– I really enjoyed the case with Alicia helping an old bond court client, and soon having the tables turn on her with the lawsuit.

– How great was Lucca on the stand? Particularly loved her admitting to badmouthing Alicia in the past when she barely knew her.

– Brutal moment with Bernie telling Alicia that her and her husband aren’t “liked”.

– Eli’s apology at the end (and Alicia finally forgiving him) was especially satisfying. I also loved what he said about it not making a difference because in the end, she still got together with Will.

– Sweet little moment with Jason telling Alicia he got an offer from Agos before kissing her.

– Hilarious ending with Alicia laughing as Carey tells her to “come home”. And there’s that rock song again!

Good Lines

Shakowsky: Are you out of your tiny little mind, Mrs. Florrick?
Alicia: You don’t need to say “little” when you say “tiny.” One or the other will do.

Jason: I was in California.
Lucca: Come on, you screwed with her head.
Jason: No, I didn’t.
Lucca: You did your smile thing. Your bedroom eyes B.S. “Oh, I’m just a guy’s guy. I don’t know what I do to women.”

Lucca: What’s going on, partner? Would you like to talk?
Alicia: I don’t know anymore.
Lucca: Do you want me to talk?
Alicia: I was in love. He died. I found out he left me a message that he loved me, but I didn’t get it. Now I’m sick to death of… everything. This apartment. This laundry. The fact that things get dirty. The law. Just… standing here. Sometimes I swear I just want to go into my bedroom, pull the covers over my head, and never do anything ever again. I’m drinking like I never have before. And all I want to do is have another one. And then everything just gets swallowed up by more disgust. I’m not built to be an unhappy person. I like laughing. I laugh like a banshee at videos on YouTube. And then I just sit here alone in this stupid little apartment… wondering what the hell happened to my life. Was it all about having two kids… who I don’t even know if I like anymore… and just shoving them off to be someone important? Seriously, was that the point?! I just… I hurt. And I want it over! I just want it to end! I just… I was loved. And it’s… over. So why am I doing this?!
Lucca: Alicia… you are here because I need you here. I don’t like people. But I like you. I don’t even think I like my brother. He bothers me. I have no friends. I’m 30 years old and I don’t… have a single friend. But I want to be your friend. I mean, do you have a ring or something? I’ll commit. Because that’s the one thing you can choose. Me… here wanting to be your friend. Everything else is just handed to you. All you have to do is say I’m willing. No, I’m serious. You have to say it.
Alicia: I’m willing.
Lucca: Good. Now, I have to ask you this. Do you have any guns in this apartment?
Alicia: (laughing) No.
Lucca: Good. ‘Cause you scared me there for a minute.

Must-Download Tune
Scary Woman by Fantastic Negrito

This could have been an all-time great hour thanks to the incredible Alicia material. But Diane’s subplot sadly prevented this from being a full-on classic.

Nad Rating


  1. Spot on, I loved every second of her outburst. It was so satisfying and so real. The fact that she clearly felt liberated after letting it all out (kissed Jason, forgave Eli) is something we've all felt in real life. You say something that has been festering inside you for ages and when it's out in the open, it just feels less… just less.

    I say it again – wow! Phenomenal job by the writers and by Julianna. She knocked it out of the park.

  2. Alicia's breakdown was powerful, painful, and something that is needed after keeping in a lot of stuff for a while. I'm glad Lucca was there for her. She is proving to be a better friend to Alicia than Kalinda was. I've been loving the development of their bond, especially in this episode. I'm also glad Alicia finally forgave Eli. He is genuinely sorry for his error in judgment but he is right to point out that, despite erasing the message, Alicia and Will did get together which didn't last long.

    Alicia and Jason's romantic tension paying off gives me mixed feelings. On the one hand, I wish this had happened between Alicia and Finn. But, on the other hand, I am glad to see Alicia romantically happy with someone. I just hope this last and doesn't go away with a whimper.

  3. I also think this should be the last season of The Good Wife. It's time to bring the show to a conclusion and let go of any remaining holding patterns that have stalled the show in certain parts like Alicia's marriage to Peter. It would give the season the boost it needs to get out of its mostly lukewarm, scattered phase.

  4. Perfectly stated, Nadim, I loved this review! Alicia's monologue in the laundry room was just TOO good, I don't think I'll ever forget it. Seriously, she must win ALL the awards just for that scene alone. What a raw, shocking and glorious moment.

    I can't believe Diane keeps getting terrible subplots 🙁 they better fix this soon, the end is near and I am not ready!

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