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Legends of Tomorrow 1×03 – Blood Ties

"Wealth is not power... belief is."


I’m sad to report that Blood Ties was a somewhat weak installment of Legends of Tomorrow. After two stunning hours, I was sure that the show would carry on with its streak, particularly after it got rid of some dead weight (hello Hawkman). Unfortunately, this hour had a number of flaws.

First off, Rip Hunter has managed the impossible: in the span of 40 minutes, he became the single most annoying character on television. He was somewhat sympathetic in the pilot (particularly with the slaughter of his wife and son), but here he was just irritating. What’s the point of assembling an elite team when you’re just going to run off on your own at every turn and insist on facing the Big Bad by yourself? I get that such idiotic decisions make for easy drama from a writing standpoint, but they also make your protagonist even more stubborn and unlikeable. Not cool writers!

Sara however continues to be an absolute highlight. Even when she’s delivering bloodlust exposition, Caity Lotz kicks ass.  Thankfully, the producers obviously recognize how special she is and this hour was a great showcase for the character’s resourcefulness and general badassery. Now can someone please tell Miss Lance about the Lotus flower?

Brandon Routh also got to have some much needed fun this week as the Atom zipped right into Kendra’s bloodstream and saved her from those pesky dagger fragments. I don’t think anyone here was worried about Hawgirl, but the subplot at least allowed Ray and Stein to bond. The dialogue was suitably corny, but this was somewhat rectified by Stein revealing at the end that he didn’t truly remember Ray, and that he had basically given him a fake pep-talk. Funky twist if I do so say myself.

Bits of Tomorrow

– Why are we still in the 70s? I thought this was a time-TRAVEL show. Budget issues?

– Sara’s reference of Ra’s Al Ghul! Woohoo!

– Badass moment: Sara realizing they’ve been made and kicking ass with her variety of knives. God I love this woman. Plus Legends sure picks funky tracks for its soundtrack.

– I loved the scene with Snart confronting his younger self. The subplot with the emerald wasn’t too thrilling, but it was heartbreaking to see that Snart couldn’t ultimately deprive himself and his sister of an abusive father no matter how hard he tried.

– So Savage can make his followers live hundreds of extra years by drinking Carter’s blood. Practical!

– I hate to say it, but Casper Crump is really terrible as Vandall Savage. There’s just nothing menacing about him and the show deserves better.

– After the brilliant action set pieces in the first two hours, the final battle here was very underwhelming.

– Rip stabbing Savage made my jaw drop… until I remembered only Kendra could kill him.

–  Great little fake-out with Sara viciously stabbing the floor and choosing not to kill Savage’s minion.

– Why didn’t Jax become firestorm in the final battle? Budget issues AGAIN? Or does Stein always have to be within close proximity?

– It was hard to feel anything in the final graveyard scene since we barely knew Carter. His demise unfortunately means nothing to viewers from an emotional perspective.

Legendary Lines

Rip: I’ve seen darker days. I’ve seen men of steel die and dark knights fall.

Stein: It’s the size of an iceberg. It seems highly unlikely that you could miss it.
Ray: That’s probably what they said on the Titanic.
Jax: Is there anything you think about other than yourself?
Snart: Yes. Money.
Sara: The receptionist had a silenced Beretta under her desk. The guards, South African mercenaries. You can tell by the initiation burns on their neck. And our new friend here has calluses on his hight hand consistent with being Kuroda-trained swordsmen.
Rip: How do you know?
Sara: Because I have the same calluses.

Rip: Well, for a monster, you dance quite gracefully, Ms. Lance.
Sara: Sorry, trained by the League of Assassins – sneaking up on people is kind of our thing.
Mick: We know how to case banks. We’re practically bankers.

Ray: How does Jax put up with having you in his head?
Stein: I believe he finds my presence rather comforting.
Ray: I doubt that very much.

Savage: Jack the Ripper showed me the virtues of severing the carotid artery.

An entertaining episode, but certainly the weakest entry thus far. Here’s hoping the show bounces back next week.

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