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Legends of Tomorrow 1×04 – White Knights

"I'm not a fan of feelings."


I so wanted to love this hour, but it felt more like set-up for next week’s more explosive outing.

It was certainly fun to see Ray and Snart bounce off once another again, but I can’t say I was totally intrigued by Valentina and her affiliation with Savage (and their Soviet Firestorm plot). There was a welcome twist with her revealing her villainous side, but it wasn’t enough to make the storyline ultimately engrossing. Perhaps the writers intend to bring out the big guns next week? I’ll try to reserve judgement until then.

On the bright side, Kendra is finally interacting with someone other than Carter (who’s you know, dead and all). Sara is actually the perfect counterpart seeing as how both ladies suffer from some form of anger management (bloodlust vs inner demigoddess). Here’s hoping their bond grows deeper in upcoming episodes, and we get even more badass training scenes. Is it just me or does Caity Lotz just absolutely rock every single action sequence? The woman barely uses a stunt double! I think she just might be the most impressive performer (from an action perspective) across all three shows.

The less said about the Time Master stuff however, the better. Rip continues to bore me to tears, and the introduction of Time Master Bruce did nothing to elevate the storyline. Perhaps next time we can focus more on Chronos and what makes him tick? He’s already an infinitely more interesting villain than Savage.

Finally, let’s all take a moment and praise Victor Garber for his INCREDIBLE work as Professor Martin Stein this week. Ever since Alias, I’ve been fascinated by this guy, and I’m pleased to report that he was downright awesome in his big verbal face-off with Jax. I’ve yet to truly warm up to the latter, but Garber continues to exude the right dose of toughness and vulnerability.

Bits of Tomorrow

– The opening Pentagon infiltration with the entire team working together was definitely the highlight of the whole episode. It would do the show good to pull off more Mission Impossible-esque heist sequences like this one. Also, Kendra going berserk was the icing on the cake.

– I was actually moderately impressed by the aerial battle with Chronos’ ship. This show really knows how to use its budget.

– Ingestible translators: EPIC! Hope to see the team use them more often.

– Seriously tremendous fight choreography between Sara and Kendra.

– Was anyone else actually worried for Stein at the end? Cause I surely wasn’t.

Legendary Lines

Ray: We’re trying to save the world and you’re lifting wallets?
Snart: It’s called multitasking.

Rip: I meant, “Use the door,” but while you’re at it, can you help return our winged avenger to her cage?

Sara: Everything would have been fine if Big Bird over here hadn’t freaked out.

Ray: Wow, it’s a MiG-21. No one’s ever been this close to one before.
Snart: Are you quoting “Top Gun”?
Ray: Maybe.

Ray: I’m speaking Russian now, aren’t I?
Snart: Now you’re annoying in multiple languages.

Mick: Will I get to use my gun?
Rip: A near-certain likelihood.

Snart: You enjoy the show, Raymond?
Ray: I think I’ve got frostbite in some not-so-fun places from waiting out here.

Better than last week, but this was still a somewhat underwhelming affair. I know the show can do much better.

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