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The Good Wife 7×14 – Monday

"Now I have to deal with mediocrity."


So it’s official, this is The Good Wife‘s final season.

Honestly, I’m relieved. I want the show to go out on a high; it’s had an absolutely incredible ride (season five is still one of the best things I’ve EVER watched), and I want the show to end on its terms. Wife’s creators Robert and Michelle King have been very vocal about having a specific plan in mind for Alicia’s 7-year journey, and I for one can not wait to see how they bring it all to a close.

The thing about Monday is that it really feels like the show is coming full circle (hell, Eli even says so in the episode). Although I always wanted Alicia to be on her own, bringing her back into the fold (alongside Lucca) was definitely a wise move. Diane and Carey had been far too isolated all season long with their own dull subplots, so having everyone interact on the same case was definitely a highlight. Just a simple scene between Alicia and Diane and all their passive aggression (not to mention egos) proved to be a nuanced gem with SEASONS of history behind it.

The ending was particularly ominous with Ruth’s visit to Alicia. What starts out as a pleasant enough scene soon turns dark when Ruth urges Alicia to leave Peter for good. After years of seeing Alicia stick by her husband, it’s about time she makes a drastic move where her personal life is concerned. Plus that final shot with the camera panning away from our heroine in the midst of chaos? Stunning stuff!

Cases & Bits

– Diana opening’s voiceover was awesome.

– Marissa working in a smoothie store? Perfect spinoff material!

– I love that Diane and Carey’s racism was apparent in how much they wanted Lucca and Monica to work together. And the crazy thing is they had no idea!

– I still don’t love the chemistry between Alicia and Jason (compared to Finn and Elfman), but at least it looks like Alicia will be ending the show with someone other than Peter.

– Oh Judge Shakowsky, I did not miss you.

– The judge’s ant shenanigans: random but amusing.

– Alicia’s tilted chair was a pretty obvious metaphor for her crooked life, but I still loved it.

– Other amusing bits: Mr. Dudwitzz and the backstory behind Lucca’s exotic name.

 – Brilliant move by Lucca proving that their client is a journalist thanks to Twitter (and flaming poop emojis). I love how badass she is in court.

Good Lines

Halvin: Well, what do you recommend?
Marissa: The juice bar down the street. It’s half the price.

Eli: I’m busy, Marissa.
Marissa: A young man asked me to lunch today.
Eli: Congratulations. Let me know when I have to spring for a wedding.

Marissa: What?
Eli: It’s just… Now I get why people have children. They can admire themselves in someone else.

Eli: So the 27th floor again. Everything comes full circle, doesn’t it?
Alicia: Yes. First the tragedy, and then the farce.

Dudewitz: Hello, lawyer, other lawyer.

Ruth: Where’d you get that painting?
Eli: Courtney Paige.
Ruth: It makes me nervous. All those people staring, like they want something.
Eli: I think it’s about revolution.
Ruth: Are you sure? They seem to be singing.

Ruth: Rough day?
Alicia: It was a bumpy reentry.
Ruth: Yes, I was surprised. I thought you reveled in your independence.
Alicia: Big decisions are easy when you have no other options.

A terrific hour to kick off The Good Wife’s final stretch.

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  1. I enjoyed this episode. It, especially the final scene, truly felt like the beginning of the end of the show. As much as I liked that Alicia trying to strike on her own, her being back in the firm felt right and Lucca being there makes it better. I like she is the sort of wild card in the group dynamic that Diane is wary of along with Alicia. That scene between the two of them was so great to watch with the layers of tension between them.

    I thought the reason why Cary and Diane wanted Lucca and Monica to work together is to make the firm seem less racist since the discrimination lawsuit by showing that they have two non-Causcian associates working together.

  2. Seriously, I could watch an ENTIRE show of Alicia/Diane simply sitting across the table from each other. Like you said there's just so much history between them now, every single line comes out as fascinating.

    I too didn't want Alicia to come back to the firm because I loved all the bond court stuff this season but thank goodness it looks like this is going to be interesting. Carey won't be happy about this all-female firm!

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