Legends of Tomorrow

Legends of Tomorrow 1×05 – Fail Safe

"This isn't my first prison break."


Finally! This was Legends‘ best episode since the two-hour pilot.

I get that this is a huge cast, but it’s important for the show to craft a single-minded focus (like they did this week) so that every member of the cast can get involved in the proceedings. Saving Stein from Savage and Valentina was exactly the kind of narrative throughline the show needed.

Now can we please take a moment and praise the gorgeous Stephanie Corneliussen and her delightfully wicked performance as insane scientist Valentina Vostok? Within the span of only two episodes, Valentina was infinitely more compelling (and menacing) than Crump and his atrocious turn as Vandal Savage. It’s a true pity that the show decided to kill her off; I would have loved to see her cause even more havoc as the newly formed Soviet Firestorm. Tsk tsk.

I also loved the adventures of Mick and Ray in prison. Not only was the plot suspenseful, Mick underwent actual growth after Ray took a beating for him and he discovered what truly makes a team. Less successful was Leonard wanting to leave Ray behind after berating Sara for wanting to kill Stein. Hypocritical much?

And then there’s that astounding ending with Kronos attacking the Waverider as the team crash-lands in Star City 2046 where they’re confronted by a Black Green Arrow. Awesomeness? I think yes!

Bits of Tomorrow

– Fake Cisco! Nifty scene.

– Very funky touch with Savage telling Stein that he last saw him “years” ago in Norway (when it was only a couple of episodes ago). Amused me quite a bit.

– Sara kicking ass in the sauna room – badass as usual. Especially loved her Black Widow-esque spin move.

– Ray saying hello to the criminals in the prison; too funny!

– Loved the Prison Break line! Bet Wentworth Miller loved saying it.

– Creepy moment with Rip showing Sara Star City in 2016 overrun by Firestorms and telling her that she should kill Stein if need be.

– I’m sorry but Franz Drameh is pretty horrendous as Jax.

– So Mick did nothing with the lighter? What was the point exactly?

– Bloodpumping moment: Sara running and throwing those shurikens.

– Jax’s knee issues were weird.

– So why in the world didn’t Kendra kill Savage when she had the chance (Rip had him at gunpoint)? Because it’s not season finale time yet? Unacceptable from a writing standpoint. The explosion was moderately cool though.

– Jax’s speech (which split Firestorm) was far too corny and easy.

– Palmer Tech is now Smoak! Woah!

Legendary Lines

Sara: I just took out six men. You guys couldn’t handle one?

Agent: Yes, Boy Scout, what are you doing?
Ray: Nothing compared to what I did to your mother last night.
Agent: You have quite a mouth on you.
Ray: So does she.

Sara: So much for your code, crook.
Snart: Anytime, assassin.

Mick: You think you proved something back there?
Ray: Proved I wasn’t scared.
Mick: Proved you make a great piñata.

Jax: Barry Allen who?

Stein: It appears Dr. Vostok is having a bit of a meltdown. It’s… it’s fascinating.
Sara: I think what he means to say is “run.”

Mick: More drinking, less feeling.

Stein: A toast to the first time we haven’t completely ruined the time line.

Stein: Having merged with an insane Russian scientist, I now know how lucky I am to have you as my partner.

Sara: When I was in the League of Assassins, failure to follow through on a hit was unforgivable, a thousand times worse than death. Maybe I’m losing my edge.
Rip: Or gaining a new one.

After a few weeks of disappointing outings, this was a definite return to form.

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