Arrow 4×15 – Taken

"Crazy world we live in, huh? Metahumans, magic, Oliver Queen - father."


Fresh off her animated web-series (also set in the Arrow-verse), Megalyn Echikunwoke made her live-action debut this week as Vixen, and proved to be an intriguing addition to the show’s world. You’d think a voice actress wouldn’t have the most success in front of the camera, but she was just splendid in the role. Sure she was saddled with some truly terrible exposition (“Without this necklace, I’m just a wannabe fashion designer who lives with her foster dad”), but all in all, I would qualify the character’s first appearance as a success. Plus, her powers add a fun mystical twist to the show (albeit cheaply showcased).

Then there’s that ending. How heavy-handed was it to have Felicity literally WALK OUT on Oliver as she regained sensation in her legs JUST in time for their break-up? Sure it was entertaining in a soap opera kind of way, but I would have hoped Arrow was better than that. Thankfully, the scene at least followed a touching performance by Stephen Amell as he filmed a break-up video of his own with his son William. Bye bye kiddo, we hardly knew ya.

And finally, it definitely feels like it’s time for Malcolm to get killed off. The character has outlived his usefulness, and I can only handle Team Arrow sparing his life for so long before things get unrealistic. Here’s hoping the character is done by the end of season four; enough is enough people!

Bits & Arrows

– Curtis’ husband finally got a somewhat pivotal scene as he helped Felicity with her physical therapy. Developing him more would certainly be a good idea!

– This week in useless flashbacks: a tad more exciting than usual with Conklin returning from the dead and Ollie’s tattoos saving him and Tiaina. I’m somewhat intrigued, I think?

– Samantha’s only interesting moment: apologizing to Laurel for sleeping with Ollie. And Laurel blaming Ollie was the icing on the cake.

– Constantine is in Hell. Good to note.

– My favorite scene: Laurel admitting to her dad how much it hurt to find out Ollie had a kid with someone else, particularly since he was still with her at the time. The scene just gave me all the feels.

– Is anyone else bored of Oliver Queen these days? It feels like he’s always repeating the same arc. And did Ollie just drop out of the mayoral race? Way to take a promising storyline and make it completely useless.

– Something about Team Arrow’s assaults (both of them) felt awkward. The action can be so hit & miss on this show sometimes.

– I so wish Vixen would join the show full-time.

– Super nifty stunt with Thea on the back of Laurel’s motorcycle as she takes out the goons by rotating backwards.

– I seriously cringe every time I see Damien’s goons getting their ass kicked when they’re armed with GUNS!

– Goosebump worthy moment with Vixen summoning all the animals and smashing Damien’s totem to pieces. Will our Big Bad stay powerless for long? I find that hard to believe.

– Loved Thea bringing up Robert as she confronted Malcolm. Referencing these characters’ history is always a good idea.

Starling Quips

Therapist: He was training to qualify for the Olympics, so all he cared about was results. Took me weeks just to get him focused on what really mattered.
Felicity: How handsome his therapist was?

Felicity: God, Oliver. Are you the only person on this planet that considers the truth complicated?

Quentin: What, that party boy Oliver Queen knocked up some girl? I’m amazed there isn’t an army of little Olivers running around out there.

Felicity: I never thought I’d say this, but huh?
Vixen: Ok. Think Wi-Fi for magic, and the idol is his Internet connection.

While it was definitely a treat to meet Vixen, a questionable ending and endless exposition made this a less than stellar hour. I so wish Arrow would regain its mojo.

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