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How To Get Away With Murder 2×13 – Something Bad Happened

“The size of that bump tells me it could fall out of here right now and live a long and happy life.”


With just two episodes left in the season, I’m so glad the show is not holding back on its central mystery anymore while still being exciting and entertaining.

The biggest bombshell in this episode is without a doubt revealing Rose’s true killer—after the Wes flashback from last week’s cliffhanger proves to be indeed the fake-out everyone expected it to be—and the fact that Rose ends up killing herself is such a brilliant twist. After weeks of buildup and so many suspects (I had it narrowed down to Annalise, Eve or Frank while watching this episode), to have the entire thing be indeed a suicide is both shocking and a relief. We don’t need ANOTHER murder cover-up, do we? It would’ve become hard to keep track of who killed who and who knows what.

Unsurprisingly, what makes this episode one of the season’s most exciting one to date is Eve’s return. I could watch an entire show of Famke Janssen and Viola Davis just sitting in a hotel room, barking and staring at each other with lust. Their powerhouse performances and electrifying chemistry make them absolutely fascinating to watch. To top it all off, the show brilliantly paralleled the flashbacks with the present-day events by having Eve call Annalise and tell her that Wes is there to see her. Of course, that happens just in time for the show’s other huge cliffhanger: Philip attacking Annalise in Wes’s apartment. Mindblowing.

Luckily, there was no case of the week or mention of the Hapstall case to weigh this episode down because this show works better when it focuses on its characters and gives it serialized arcs exciting material. The character-driven parts come in the form of a slumber party, to my surprise, and it gives Connor and Michaela the chance to solidify their relationship. In fact, this hour gives the entire team (#TeamAnnalise) some solid development, whether it’s in Laurel officially dumping Frank for being the secret, manipulative murderer he is or Wes coming to terms with Annalise’s involvement in his mother’s case. The back half of this season is certainly building up to an explosive Wes/Annalise fight, and I for one cannot wait.

Sneaky Courtroom Bits

– Loved the overhead shot of Frank and Eve walking down the hotel room as it culminates in him checking her out.

– The whole DA thing was pulse-pounding and incredible, starting with Annalise asking everyone back at home to shred everything while in front of the ADA and ending up with the team manipulating their way into getting immunity. Amazing.

– Loved Michaela telling Connor not to go to Stanford and their follow-up conversation about their ranking. This is one of the few friendships on this show that I actually care about.

– Thank goodness Wes found the paper that says he might have killed his mother. I was worried it would be dragged out to the finale.

– So, what’s the deal with Bonnie? Why is she listening in on Frank and Laurel? Could there be a Frank/Bonnie hookup anytime soon?

– Oh look, flip-phones! Ah, 2006.

– Asher’s video was kind of sick and hilarious at the same time.

– Something is off about Wes’ therapist. She’s gotta be involved in the murders somehow.

– While this episode definitely delivered a bunch of answers, there are still many questions here. The first one is why Annalise was reluctant to call 911.

– Speaking of which, Rose stabbing herself right in front of Annalise was certainly a jaw-dropper. Is Annalise going to miscarry because of all the stress and trauma? And am I the only one who cares about this baby?

– The episode title this week comes from a 12 year-old Wes as he makes a 911 call after seeing his mother bleeding.

Amusing Keating One-Liners

(after seeing a pregnant Annalise)
Eve: Please tell me you just got fat.

Annalise: The less you know, the better.
Eve: Right. That should be your motto.

Annalise: Miscarriages were easier, you know, because I didn’t have to worry, but now this. He wants to live, and I-I’m not ready. I don’t think I’m ready.
Eve: You are going to be a great mother.
Annalise: I don’t know what.
Eve: Why wouldn’t you be? You’ve kicked the ass of every other challenge in your life. Your childhood, Harvard, lesbianism.

Another week, another exciting hour of HTGAWM.

 Chris Rating

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