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Legends of Tomorrow 1×07 – Marooned

"A serial arsonist was never part of my plan to stop Savage, much less one with the IQ of meat."


Marooned tried its best to give Legends‘ vaguest character, Rip Hunter, some dimension this week. Sadly, his backstory was pretty by-the-numbers, and I can’t say I was totally captivated by the flashbacks featuring Miranda. Sure it was nifty that he used his wife’s hatch trick to get rid of this week’s villains (the Time Pirates), but I found myself tremendously bored every time the duo shared the screen. On the bright side, the leader of the Time Pirates, Mr. Valor, was infinitely more charismatic (in the space of one episode) than Vandall Savage ever was. I guess that’s what happens when your show’s Big Bad has such minimal screen presence? What a disaster.

More successful was the rift between Leonard and Mick completely imploding. I was sure Mick was planning on deceiving the Time Pirates, so imagine my surprise when he really had crossed over to the dark side. I don’t think the show would miss Mick if he were written off (he certainly wasn’t killed in that cliffhanger), as Firestorm already supplies the team with literal fire-power. It’s a shame really that Dominic Purcell is saddled with such a generic character, because it’s rendered him disposable as a result.

Just when I thought the show was wise enough to not throw Kendra into another romance, Legends went on ahead and put Kendra and Ray together. Why show, why? Do we honestly need tedious relationship drama at this point in time? This has to qualify as an extremely baffling and idiotic writing decision.

Bits of Tomorrow

– Rip rewatching the hologram of his wife and kid in the teaser was actually quite sad.

–  Surprisingly funny: Ray as acting captain of The Waverider.

– I love that Stein did so much saving this week. Who would have thought he’d end up being so formidable? Victor Garber is a national treasure.

– It feels like the show is trying to kick off some romantic sparks between Leonard and Sara, but I find Wentworth Miller to be extremely annoying in the role. So…much…cheesiness.

– So Mick helped Leonard in prison when they were kids, but he didn’t help Ray in prison two weeks back in the same predicament? Lazy writing if you ask me.

– Pretty brutal moment with Rip telling Mick that he chose him as part of a package with Leonard.

– How lame was it to see Kendra smack Ray repeatedly and save him from death? How was this scene even approved in 2016?

– Super-cool long take with Sara kicking ass. If nothing else, we can always rely on Caity Lotz to shine as the finest action star on television. And hey, even Kendra has hand-to-hand capabilities now (God knows how).

– Brilliant transitions between Mick vs Sara and Rip vs Valor. Sadly it was far too contrived to have Snart save Sara when we all know she’s infinitely stronger than the team combined.

Legendary Lines

Mick: Do I look like a Time Master to you?
Valor: You look like the kind of man who’d throw his grandmother out of an airlock.

Leonard: What’s it like? Dying? I imagine you’ve got a unique perspective.
Sara: You know, it’s funny. I mean, you’d expect it to be terrifying, just panic and fear.
Leonard: What’d you feel?
Sara: I guess lonely. Yeah. Like everybody I loved was a million miles away. I mean, I don’t like you, but at least I’m not dying alone.

Captain: There is no higher calling.
Rip: It’s called love.

Sure it was entertaining in a disposable sort of way, but Marooned also had bucketloads of flaws.

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  1. The show would be better off without bringing romance and love triangles into the mix. The characters can just be a developing team of friends/comrades and nothing more. Was surprised by the show's twist of Mike actually betraying the team and the position this puts Leonard in.

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