Suits 5×16 – 25th Hour

"You're less than a day from prison, and you're thinking about dresses and flowers?"


I’ve always wanted Suits to change up its status quo.

For six seasons now, the general makeup of this legal drama has never really been altered in any significant way. But now? It genuinely feels like change is in the air: Mike is in prison, and the firm has been deserted. Even better, the show’s creator has confirmed that Suits won’t be taking the easy way out by jumping forward in time to Mike’s release when season six begins. The prospect of seeing Mike trying to get accustomed to prison-life has me beyond pumped; well done show!

Sadly, while the end-result was very good, the rest of Suits‘ season finale often felt like a melodramatic mess. Maybe it’s because this shift should have happened years ago, but watching Mike navigate his secret and its various repercussions has gotten extremely repetitive at this point. It doesn’t help that every conversation he has with Rachel seems to end with her bawling her eyes out (seriously writers, give the poor girl something to do). Nevertheless, it was still moving to see Harvey be there for him after that flop of a wedding, further solidifying the duo as the show’s core dynamic.

My hope is that season six sees the show in a new setting, with Jessica, Louis and Harvey striking out on their own and getting a fresh start. It’s about time Suits got a change of scenery – one that can reinvigorate the show and help it explore new ground.

Pearson Bits

– Katrina is back. Yay! (sense the sarcasm).

– Rachel’s one badass moment: facing off with her dad.

– Loving Mike lashing out and beating up Harvey before finally crying on the floor.

– Jessica had several sweet moments in the finale: watching over her minions peacefully, and then apologizing to Robert and telling him to be at his daughter’s wedding. In other news, Gina Torres has been cast as the lead in a new ABC show, so there’s a possibility she might not be in Suits for long. Uh oh (but I can’t say I’m not happy to see her achieve even greater success).

– Anita Gibbs was a good villain for the show overall, but she kind of lost her bite in these last two hours.

– Was anyone else distracted by Jessica’s coat with the pom poms?

– Something about Harvey dropping Mike off at prison in his Lexus just made the whole thing kind of ridiculous.

Firm Quips

Mike: They think I’m taking away your future.
Rachel: You are my future.

Harvey: I never thought in a million years I’d meet someone dumb enough to be willing to go to prison for me.
Mike: I mean, Donna always said you were looking for another you. I guess you found one.

While it wasn’t a perfect season finale, 25th Hour laid down the groundwork for a different and hopefully fantastic season six.

Nad Rating


  1. This was quite a game-changing finale. Most of the scenes involving Rachel annoyed me except her confrontation with her father. That is the Rachel I wanted to see more of in this finale and through the second half of the season.

  2. I loved this season Nadim, ALMOST as much as season 2 (although that one is such a blur to me now) but I was a little disappointed with the finale. I really loved that they finally had the guts to send Mike to prison (hallelujah! let's hope they keep him there FOREVER!) but I was soooo frustrated with the wedding breakup.

    After EVERYTHING Rachel has done for him, I was really annoyed with how he just left her at the altar like that – in front of her parents no less! I don't know how I can like this character any more (although I've never really liked him to be honest) so I hope they don't try to get him out of prison next season.

    And SO glad there won't be any time jump next season – which starts in just a couple of months haha!

  3. I thought the second part of this season was phenomenal. I was almost going to start smoking because of how stressful it was… BUT, I do agree with you, the finale was all over the place and Rachel needs a slap from Donna! I loved 5×15 A LOT more (watched them back-to-back).
    But but but up until the last second I really thought that there was going to be a twist and Mike would be let off the hook, and I kinda liked that that didn't happen.. Mind you the series could have easily ended here. I wonder what the writers have in store for us!

  4. I agree. I absolutely loved this season in general; I think it might have been the show's best EVER. But, this finale was indeed somewhat of a letdown.
    And wow, I never thought of it, but it would have been an ambitious series finale as well!

  5. What Mike did to Rachel was heartbreaking but I understand his reasoning for it. He would prefer to marry Rachel with her parents wanting to be there for the occasion instead of feeling forced to.

  6. I do wonder about Mike's future after his time in prison. Will we be seeing him trying his hand at being an actual lawyer? Is that even possible since he has been exposed as a fraud?

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