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Marvel’s Agents of Shield 3×11 – Bouncing Back

"Powers are the new normal."


I know I haven’t written about Shield in a while, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t absolutely loved every single thing about this season. Over the past year, the Marvel series has gone from¬†show I could care less about (I used to watch it with such disinterest), to one that I actually prefer to Arrow, Flash and Legends of Tomorrow. It’s gotten THAT good, and I have no doubt it will continue to get better with time.

Season three has been particularly thrilling thanks to the stellar Inhumans arc, not to mention the introduction of the fantastic Constance Zimmer as Rosalind Price. Her death in the midseason finale was a mindblowing moment, and it will certainly lead to further chaos going forward now that General Talbot is her successor at the ATCU.

In addition, the show has a new baddie in the form of Hydra’s alien, which has taken over Ward’s body. There’s no doubt that Brett Dalton has been fantastic as a baddie, but this new twist should create an even more exciting dimension for him to explore.

Bits & Fitz

– The opening flashforward was quite mysterious. I guess the cross means it’s Elena who blows up in space?

– Hello Mr. President! I wish you were more useful!

– Haunting image with EvilWard eating raw meat.

– Fantastics scene: Bobbie taking out her batons and about to make short work of the police, only for the captain to reveal a secret weapon: his officer with the Medusa eyes, who calmly takes out Hunter and Bobbie.

– Loved the way the show brought Elena’s powers to life.

– It’s a pity Lincoln isn’t being given much to do, but at least he revealed that Inhuman powers aren’t exactly random and that they each service a specific purpose.

– My favourite part of the episode: Elena and Daisy double-teaming the guards with their badass powers.

– How whacky was Hydra scooping Medusa eyes out in one swift move?

– Anyone else sense romance sparks between Yo-Yo and Mack?

– Can’t say I’m totally in love with the Fitz-Gemma love story. But they’re cute.

– So Joey is going to live a normal life? We barely saw him at Shield! Missed opportunity if you ask me.

– What did EvilWard do at the end there with those floating particles? That was weird.

– Coulson has a normal looking hand now! Goodbye hassle!

– Why did May do absolutely NOTHING this week? Not okay writers!


Mack: Tell me you didn’t try one of those little fish-oil pills.
Hunger: I had my fingers crossed for x-ray vision. I was just curious. I wasn’t the only one.
Bobbie: I mean, I-I thought about it. I didn’t actually do it. Rehab was a bitch.
Mack: Man, you two deserve each other.

Bobbie: There’s an invasion happening of powered people, like… Medusa eyes over there.

May: Sometimes you’re wounded, sometimes you wound.

A solid yet somewhat underwhelming return. I have no doubt the show will kick into high gear next week.

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