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American Crime 2×10 – Episode Ten

"Somebody screams rape, and nobody cares what really happened. How does he get to own that night? How does he get to own me?"


What a season.

I so wish I was able to review every single episode of American Crime this season. While season one was terrific, this season’s premise took network television to another level through its raw exploration of sexual assault and justice. I was on the edge of my seat the entire way through, and that’s one heck of an achievement when you recognize that scenes in Crime never feature anything more than two people having a conversation. No explosions, no action sequences – just sharp dialogue and meticulous acting.

Before I get to that ambiguous ending, it’s worth noting that a handful of characters did get a somewhat definite ending. Leslie was finally forced to resign after trying her best to stay afloat amidst the scandal. Words can’t express how tremendous Felicity Huffman was this year. Crime has proved to be a magnificent vehicle for her acting chops, not to mention a powerhouse platform for Regina King as the captivating Teri LaCroix (her character also received an unfortunate resolution). Fingers crossed both actresses return if the show is renewed.

Now I know many people might be disappointed by the ending we got with both Taylor and Eric reaching a crossroads in their life – a pivotal moment where they have to make a choice that will undoubtedly change everything (Taylor’s plea vs Eric getting into a car with a stranger). But I wholeheartedly appreciate the show’s willingness to not give us a definite resolution; so much of life is left unresolved, and we don’t even really need to know if Taylor was raped or not. What truly matters is that both characters believed their respective truths, and that’s what makes American Crime special show in every sense of the word.

Bits from America

– Awesome teaser with all the basketball kids getting arrested.

– Another question we’re left to ponder: Did Dan and his wife doctor the photos like Leslie suggested? Or did she leak Lili’s medical records? I guess we’ll never know.

– How uncomfortable was the scene with Terri being asked to move across the country by her boss after the hacked emails?

– Chilling moment with Sebastian receiving an email of someone filming him and his daughters in their room.

– Very sweet scene between Terri and her son bonding on the porch.

-I know I’ve done so before, but I need to praise the masterful cinematography on this show. I so appreciate how the voyeuristic camera lingers on one party in a conversation far longer than we’re comfortable with. It’s so immersive and nuanced.

– The new head of the school is none other than Benito Martinez who played Tony the garage-owner in season one. Kind of a distracting cameo if you ask me.

– Oh Becca, you unfortunately e the weakest link this year acting-wise. Not sorry to see you go to juvie.

– The final voiceover juxtaposed with Taylor and Eric was just so well done. That music gave me goosebumps. Ultimately I think Taylor did take the ten-year prison plea, and Eric chose to not engage in self-destructive behaviour by not entering that car.

Criminal Quotes

Dan: No, there’s a difference between lying and… and hiding the truth.
Leslie: One will get you caught, the other one won’t?

Taylor: You know, when that gun went off, for the first time since that party, I stopped feeling like a victim.
Lili: Did you mean to shoot that boy?
Taylor: Doesn’t matter.
Lili: Yes, it matters.
Taylor: No, I’m not talking about what I was trying to do. I’m talking about how I felt after. I’m standing up, somebody else is on the ground, I’m walking away, not feeling like a victim, not being the one getting beat, getting raped. It felt good.

Leslie: Do you really think I would do anything like this? I’m careful. I am very careful.
Board-member: Are you saying you wouldn’t have done this, or are you saying you wouldn’t have gotten caught?

A thought-provoking ending to one hell of a complex and engrossing season.

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