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Grey’s Anatomy 12×13 – All Eyez On Me

“We’re the Dream Team.”


Despite the cringe-worthy title, this was actually an okay episode.

I don’t usually appreciate the lighthearted, comedic episodes of Grey’s as much as the powerful, dramatic ones if only because they’re easier to forget, but there’s no denying that this show can be quite funny when it wants to be. Every scene involving the amusingly titled Dream Team (which consists of Bailey, Jackson, Meredith, Callie and Jo, I guess) was entertaining even if it involved them performing surgeries I still don’t understand or were too gory and visually shocking. And the entire team constantly pushing Meredith to start dating again proved to be less painful than I thought it would be. I might be seriously over the horrific McDreamy death by now.

Surprisingly, I really loved Stephanie in this hour. She had numerous one-liners and hilarious zingers that made her all the more likable, even if she had to deal with a bunch of bratty high-school cheerleaders, all of whom also contributed greatly in lightning up the show’s tone. I’m a little frustrated, though, by Arizona’s limited amount of screen-time this season as she can be quite the badass character when the writers want her to be, but is instead being pushed to the sidelines to deliver a few punchlines whenever necessary. Not cool, guys.

Finally, Meredith giving her phone-number to that doctor from the military hospital marked a huge milestone for our heroine – it’s literally the first time we see her willingly choose someone other than Derek in her life, and while I still think the show is building up towards a Meredith/Riggs hookup soon, I actually don’t think I’ll mind seeing her juggle work with her dating life. It’s quite an achievement that this show has survived and might actually be doing much better this year without Derek, and the fact that I’m fond of the idea of Meredith seeing other people after being a MerDer fan for almost twelve years (even though I was never really a diehard fan), well that’s a whole other achievement on his own.

Bits & Scalpels

– Seriously though, lots of gory and bloody images this week. And that one-legged body was hard to look at.

– So weird seeing the doctors in a bus. Felt kind of childish though, no?

– Ugh, Maggie and DeLuca, go away! Stop taking so much screen-time!

– Hilarious scene with Bailey praying before surgery and the rest of the team awkwardly exchanging glances, unsure of what to do next.

– I found it quite strange how everyone was yelling at Ben for saving the life of a patient from the psych ward. It felt like the attendings bullying an intern all over again, which is very reminiscent of season two. Is Ben actually an intern? It’s really hard to keep track sometimes.

– On that note, is this actually the FIRST time we’ve ever seen the psych ward at Grey Sloan Memorial since that time Cristina and Izzie had a patient who was predicting deaths at the hospital? Sorry for taking this trip down memory lane, by the way.

– I need more Arizona/Richard scenes! These two might be my favorite two characters on this show right now.

Grey Banter

Stephanie: That’s…insane. I mean that in the best way.

Ben: I actually loved high school.
Stephanie: I bet. Everybody loved high school in the ‘50s.

Maggie: We’ve been seeing each other, as a couple, romantically…in romance.

Arizona: That was hard to watch.
Maggie: Shut up. It was hard to do.
Arizona: It was really hard to watch, though.

Meredith: It’s not always the worst thing when people push you. When people push you, they’re trying to help you.

A light, fun episode that might not be the season’s best but is still quote enjoyable in a disposable kind of way.

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