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How To Get Away With Murder 2×14 – There’s My Baby

“We’re all bad people. That’s the only thing we have in common.”


This show doesn’t usually do emotionally distressing episodes like that because it’s known to favor shocks over emotions, and that made this week’s installment all the more special.

It’s worth mentioning every single week that Viola Davis is the MVP of this show, and her performance in There’s My Baby continues to prove why there wouldn’t be a show without her. It was gut-wrenchingly powerful to watch Annalise navigate through two similarly harrowing ordeals (delivering a dead baby via flashback and telling Wes the truth), and Tom Verica certainly shined in those scenes as well. I was initially frightened when Sam made an entrance and Annalise wordlessly told him that they lost the baby as I thought he was going to blame her or scream or something, so imagine my surprise when he actually comforted her and sat next to her all the while the nurse took a disturbing unforgettable picture. I’ve never seen anything more heartbreaking and painful, especially since that was probably the enticing incident that broke their marriage and left them both miserable for the next 9 years.

It’s a clever choice not to cram such an emotional episode with huge shocking twists. In fact, even the show’s biggest bombshell to date (Frank strangled Lyla to death) is delivered to Annalise in a relatively low-key matter. It’s not more powerful this way—and certainly not more intriguing—but it’s respectful of the characters’ emotions because literally everyone is either drunk out of their minds or crying their eyes out this week. The beauty of that scene, when a drunken Laurel spills the beans about Frank’s secret, is that you can tell by just looking at Annalise that her head is spinning, wondering if she could have stopped this entire murder spree they’re on if she’d known that Sam didn’t kill Lyla. I must say I love that Frank is the ultimate Big Bad in a way and surprised that the show is willing to move past that revelation.

Speaking of moving on, it was a bit odd that Philip attacking Annalise at the end of last week’s episode ended up having zero to very few importance. How To Get Away With Murder has always been fast-paced, but it was a bit too much to move past the attack so abruptly. Again, the show probably doesn’t know what to do with Philip and they’ve certainly failed to paint him as the season’s villain.

Sneaky Courtroom Bits

– The show was renewed for season 3! Hooray but no surprise there!

– It’s a shame to write a review and not mention Eve! It was so painful to watch her awkwardly try to walk up to Sam in the hospital, desperate for information on Annalise’s condition, and even more painful when she and Sam connect over the loss of the baby. I wish Famke Janssen would join the show full-time next season (yes I have a huge crush on her).

– Frank and Bonnie’s scene in the basement stairwell was filmed in a way that made it feel so claustrophobic. Very interesting and thrilling choice.

– It was fairly obvious that a car would come crashing into Annalise’s (because she’s alone in the car and talking on the phone) but I still gasped.

– Oliver’s “Flaurel” comment about the Frank and Laurel pairing and Frank calling Oliver “Our Sweet O” are hilarious.

– I love the way drunk Annalise kept saying “Wes” in a stern matter when talking with Bonnie about how the group keeps talking about him.

– Annalise telling Wes that she blames herself for his mother’s murder really got to me, especially as it’s paralleled with her losing the baby in flashbacks.

– I get that you’re drunk, Michaela, but that’s no excuse for such hilariously awful dancing.

– Oliver’s diagnosis with HIV is still a thing? Thanks for the reminder, show.

– On that note, I love Laurel trying to figure out just how much truth could freak Oliver out.

– Michaela certainly didn’t wait long for Caleb either (who has been mysteriously AWOL) and therefore ends up shacking up with Asher of all people (I’m already a bit unsure of this pairing but it should make for some hilarious banter in next week’s finale)

– So Wallace Mahoney is Wes’s biological father. The man raped Rose and thus Christophe was born. Now I just hope Wes doesn’t go after him because Wallace’s scenery chewing is actually very stressful to watch.

– Annalise’s mom is back! Can’t wait to see her again in the season finale.

– The episode title this week comes from Annalise’s mom as she welcomes her daughter to her house.

Amusing Keating One-Liners

Annalise: Don’t tell me the two of you are boning.
Frank: When have I ever been into blondes?

Connor: People have told me that I have a resting bitch face, so that’s probably what you’re reading as distraught.

Bonnie: I thought you stopped drinking.
Annalise: I did; hand me the bottle.

Annalise [sees Oliver]: What is this, a homeless shelter? What are you doing? Get out! Go somewhere else.

Connor: Don’t take life advice from Annalise.

An emotional episode headlined by Viola Davis’ incredible performance. Bring on the finale!

Chris Rating

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