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Mini Reviews – Week of March 7, 2016

Since there are far too many shows to keep track of at the moment, I’ll be jotting down mini-reviews at the end of every week about all the shows I don’t cover in detail.

Legends of Tomorrow 1×08 – Night of the Hawk
What’s worse than a bad show? A disappointing one, and that’s exactly what Legends is. The show’s 2-hour pilot was impressive, but every episode since then has been underwhelming and ridiculous. It boggles my mind that the team behind Arrow and The Flash don’t have the expertise to give us a consistently badass show right out the gate. If it wasn’t for Caity Lotz’s Sara, I wouldn’t even continue. What a pity.
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Fresh Off The Boat 2×15 – Keep ‘em Separated
I LOVE Fresh Off The Boat. In fact, it’s probably the single finest comedy on television at the moment. That’s why it pains me that the first time I decide to review the show since the pilot, it produces its first subpar episode. Something about this week’s outing felt painfully off, but I’m willing to let it slide since there’s so much goodwill here. After all, one weak episode in almost two seasons? That’s easy to forgive. If you’re not watching Boat, start at the very beginning and enjoy one of the finest casts on television.
Nad Rating
C- (for this episode)
A (for every other episode)

The Walking Dead 6×12 – Not Tomorrow Yet
I’ve had have a love-hate relationship with The Walking Dead over the past few seasons. Ever since the show got rid of its single greatest villain, The Governor, it’s been stuck in a rut. However, the last few episodes have been strangely exciting. This week’s hour culminated with an epic shootout and the shocking kindapping of both Carol and Maggie. With the arrival of the villainous Neegan, The Walking Dead might just get the shot in the arm it so desperately needs. Fingers crossed.
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Grey’s Anatomy 12×13 – All Eyez on Me
Although I used to nag about how long Grey’s Anatomy has been on the air, I’ve come to the conclusion that I love having the show around. It’s been a part of my life for over a decade, and I look forward to always indulging in its special brand of comfort TV. The interesting thing about this week’s hour is that I genuinely wondered if the “dream team” would be able to pull off Callie’s insane surgery. Thankfully they did, and even better was the ending with Meredith finally giving in to the possibility of dating Grumpy Military Doc. Honestly after 12 seasons of Meredith and Derek, I’m excited to see our heroine with someone else. Bring it on show! (and the less said about the atrocious cheerleading subplot, the better).
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11.22.63 1×03 – Other Voices, Other Rooms
I was a big fan of the first two outings of James Franco’s new starrer. Sadly, I found myself completely bored by episode three. It was hard for me to stay focused, and I found the assassination plot (which is the whole purpose of the show) to be dreadfully slow and tedious. I’ll give the show one more episode, but it looks like finishing this limited series won’t be as easy as I once thought it would be. Also, I fear Hulu might renew it for a second season, thus destroying its very essence of being.
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Survivor 32×04 – Signed, Sealed, and Delivered
Well this certainly lived up to the hype as the single most intense episode of Survivor ever. That’s not an easy feat after 16 years on television. With THREE medical issues, this was one heck of a traumatizing hour. It boggles my mind that Survivor can still be so gripping, but this complex social experiment is still as brilliant as it was when it first debuted. As long as they keep making it, I’ll keep watching.
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How To Get Away With Murder 2×14 – There’s My Baby
Let’s start with the good news: although I disliked Murder in season one (I was never attached to the characters), season two was stellar – packed with crazy twists and lots of added dimensions. Sadly, the past few episodes have taken a dip in quality. The Wes mystery was stretched out way too long, and the return of Famke Jannsen has only mildly rectified this. For some reason, I can never seem to find that emotional investment in the show’s characters (apart from Annalise), and that’s quite unfortunate because narrative bombshells can only take you so far (although Michealla and Asher definitely caught me off-guard).  Ugh.
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The Last Man On Earth  2×11 – Pitch Black
The Last Man On Earth has a very strange hold on me. I know it’s not the best comedy around, but I love escaping into its whacky world once a week. The show’s been on break since December, so I was surprised to see that its big return didn’t even feature the show’s regular cast. In fact, the entire hour was dedicated to the escapades of Phil’s brother Mike after his crash-landing on Earth. In some ways, it felt like a brand new pilot for the show, and the introduction of crazy Pat added a nice dose of strange hilarity to the proceedings. Here’s hoping Mike joining the gang in Tucson next week elevates the show to yet another level.
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