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Mini Reviews – Week of March 14, 2016

Since there are far too many shows to keep track of at the moment, I’ll be jotting down mini-reviews about all the series I don’t cover in detail. This post will be updated on a daily basis.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend 1×14 – Josh Is Going to Hawaii!
Words can’t express how much I love Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. Across 14 episodes, this unique musical comedy has never faltered – consistently producing laugh-out loud episodes filled with witty musical numbers and impeccable characterization. Everything about this show works, and I’m beyond ecstatic that the CW has so much faith in it (it’s already been renewed for a second season) despite its weak ratings. And Rebecca’s realization that she’s the villain of her story? Name me another show that dares to explore its protagonist in such a brave and meticulous manner.

Favorite Quote: “I keep forgetting that you are so smart, and so NOT smart.”
Favorite Scene: Recbecca as a witch? ‘Nuff said.
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The Walking Dead 6×13 – The Same Boat
This episode came just in time because it was a thought-provoking and impactful reminder of just how engrossing The Walking Dead can be. The fact that the entire episode was entirely dedicated to Maggie and Carol’s terrifying ordeal gave the episode a lot of focus, and made the moment in which they finally turned the tables on their captors all the more powerful. Unfortunately, the episode was just short of perfect, as I found it hard to believe that Carol would suddenly grow a conscience after killing so many people; it would have been much more effective if it was all just an act. Nevertheless, extremely impressive.

Favorite Quote: “You’re not the good guys. You should know that.”
Favorite Scene: Carol burning the Saviors alive by casually dumping her cigarette. Chills!
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5701b-8Supergirl 1×16 – Falling
When a show premieres, it often takes a while for it to produce its first truly great episode. This was Supergirl’s finest hour; a thrilling and gut-wrenching piece of television that took everything we knew about its characters, and escalated their relationships to whole new levels of awesomeness. Watching Kara under the effect of red kryptonite was not only hilarious, it provided a fantastic opportunity for Meliisa Benoist to stretch her acting range in creative ways (and wow did she look good). In addition, the hour wisely did not settle for being purely comedic, as the ramifications of Supergirl’s dastardly deeds will undoubtedly have a huge effect going forward. Terrific!

Favorite Quote: “Look at that city. They worship me. And those who don’t… WILL.”
Favorite Scene: Too many to choose from: Kara breaking down on the table and tearfully apologizing to her sister, Kara viciously throwing Cat off the building, and of course Hank changing the show’s status quo by revealing his true identity.
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  1. Regarding the Walking Dead episode, I think what Carol is going through was set up earlier this season when she was killing the Wolves and Morgan told her that she doesn't have to like it. You can see after the Wolf attack, how weary she seems. I think Morgan has caused Carol to think about the toll of killing for the sake of survival and how it has changed her as a person. Where that leads to, I have no idea. Maybe Negan's arrival will shake her out of it and make realize her that she can't afford to think that way anymore when faced with this major threat to her and the people she cares about. Conscience must be put aside for the greater good.

    BTW I'm loving this mini reviews you've started doing. Good idea.

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