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The Good Wife 7×17 – Shoot

"Oh, my God. My family needs a full-time investigator... that's not normal, is it?"


What an ending huh?

In seven seasons, I don’t think Alicia Florrick’s ever done anything as crazy as give a guy a handjob in PUBLIC. It’s just so amusing to see Alicia let loose without a care for the world (“I wasted the last 20 years“). She’s been caged for so long that scenes like these end up being immensely refreshing and satisfying. More please!

Effectively setting up the final stretch of the season, Alicia lied to Carey after being confronted about Diane’s proposition. Although I seriously doubt Alicia will take Diane up on her offer, I do love the full circle effect of us returning to Alicia vs Carey (which was a staple of the show in its debut years).  There’s a lot of rich history here, and it would do the show good to dig even deeper.

Grace’s supposedly “plagiarised” college essay was also a hoot, as it gave Alicia the opportunity to kick the admission lady’s ass. It also resulted in Grace hilariously choosing law as her career. The Good Wife is at its best when Alicia is juggling multiple issues in both her personal and professional life, and Shoot effectively showcased both to maximum effect.

Finally, I’m so pleased that Judge Abernathy returned to The Good Wife before it all came to a close (five episodes left!). He’s always been one of the show’s most likeable judges, and the resolution to Dargis’ tragic ordeal was just perfect (a 10 cent/day penalty).

Bits & Cases

– Horrifying teaser with Dargis’ daughter getting shot and dying in his arms.

– The bathroom vent is still there? Seriously? There’s funny, and then there’s ridiculous.

– The scene with Alicia spotting Jason with another woman as Everybody Hurts played in the background was far too heavy-handed for my taste.

– Lucca finally getting an office was just perfect (thanks Alicia). Her confronting Jason about his “friend” was even better!

– How badass was Alicia refusing to invoke spousal privilege during the hearing and letting the juror hear EXACTLY what he needed. You got owned Will Shuester!

– Loved Diane turning the tables on the tourism lady with the whole airport statistics fiasco.

 – Alicia said fucking didn’t she when the camera cut to Grace? EPIC!

– Jason finally admitted he’s kind of jealous of Peter! And the couple resolved their issues like adults! #Progress

– Love the trio drinking together at the end there. I could watch a sitcom with these guys.

Good Lines

Eli: You’re late.
Alicia: I have a life.

Alicia; I have issues on this front. Husbands who screw around, who lie, who leave me in tears.
Lucca: You’re not in tears now.
Alicia: You’re right. I’m not. That’s a sign of growth, right? Or something. Scar tissue. Maturity. Cynicism.

Alicia: I liked being with him.
Lucca So why can’t you keep it up?
Alicia: Become another face in his harem?
Lucca: Have fun. Start your own harem. When you stop having fun, say good-bye.
Alicia: Oh, God, this isn’t who I am.
Lucca: You don’t know who you are. No one knows who they are.

Both playful and clever, this was a very solid hour of The Good Wife. We’re almost at the end people!

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  1. It was sooo satisfying when that judge (who I LOVE, seriously one of my favorite fair judges on this show) ordered a 10 cents/day penalty. What an awesome twist! And that teaser? Bone chilling.

    Alicia giving a handjob!!? Whaaaat? That was craaazyy. What a character! She is definitely at her best when she lets loose like this and I DEFINITELY love her this season more than I did ever before. Don't know if I want her with Jason in the end but I guess I won't mind it. And yay for Lucca getting promoted!

    5 more episodes! I'm excited (I love series finales) and scared of the emptiness I'll feel afterwards ahhaha

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