Arrow 4×16 – Broken Hearts

"There's no psychopaths here other than paparazzi."


Ugh. That was horrendous.

It’s amazing how low Arrow has fallen. Maybe it’s the Olicity crap, maybe it’s superhero fatigue, or a combination of both. Whatever it is, nothing about the show excites me anymore. And this episode? Whole new levels of atrociousness.

It boggles my mind that the writers think Cupid is a character worthy of repeat appearances. Everything about her irritates me – the cheesy dialogue, the unbelievable asskickings she frequently dishes out, and the terrible plots she unleashes on the show. Arrow had a great thing going with Damien Darhk, but he was relegated to the sidelines this week as Cupid took center stage and helped Olicity work through their problems. It was all so excruciatingly painful to watch, and I couldn’t wait for it to be over.

The legal subplot with Darkh was mildly more enjoyable, because it gave Laurel the chance to showoff her legal skills again (not that this show is believable with its law shenanigans), while also offering Quentin the opportunity to break our hearts. When all else fails, know that Paul Blackthorne is there to give off a terrific performance. How was he the show’s weak link in season one?

Actually there was one other highlight: Thea’s hilarious and adorable knowledge of Star City’s celebrity couples. Yes, that was a highlight. Let that sink in for a moment.

Bits & Arrows

– Kind of heartbreaking when Felicity asked Ollie if she could still be a part of the team even though she was moving out.

– Flashbacks: at least there was some action with that weird tribal ornament. Can’t say anything else left an impression.

– Thea jumping from the motorcycle to the top of the limo – badass. But her crashing into a wall? Hilarious!

– Nod to Crazy Ex-Girlfriend – woohoo!

– I so love the dynamic between Quentin and Laurel. So many feels.

– So many long-winded and annoying speeches about love this week. Kill me now.

– Adam Hunt nod to the pilot. Good job writers, at least you’re sort of respecting continuity!

– Was Damien and his ring at the end supposed to be an effective cliffhanger? Epic fail.

Starling Quips

Thea: So is nobody else gonna say it? It’s Cupid, stupid.

Thea: Vigilantes don’t make good witnesses?
Laurel: No. But they make excellent inmates.

Felicity: Looks like she’s kidnapped another celebrity couple– Allison Lee and Robert Joyce.
Thea: “Allibert.”

Cupid: I was in love with the Arrow, but you’re not him, although I do like the sleeveless.

Laurel: If we do this, you will also testify that you acted under duress, that Damien threatened my life.
Quentin: Yeah. ‘Cause that way, I get to say on record how much I love my baby girl.

Oliver: That’s not exactly how I pictured our wedding day.
Felicity: I don’t know. Being kidnapped by psychotic criminals has sort of been the theme of our relationship.

Oliver: And I am promising you, I’m swearing to you, there will be no more lies.
Felicity: You know, no matter how much you love me, there’s always gonna be a part of you that defaults to the man who was on the island alone… who came back to save the city alone.

An embarrassing hour of Arrow. Let’s never speak of this one again.

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  1. What was the Crazy Ex nod by the way?? I remember it happened but it's annoying me SO MUCH that I forgot what it was now!

    Other than that, yes terrible horrendous episode – agree on absolutely everything hahah.

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