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Mini Reviews – Week of March 21, 2016

Since there are far too many shows to keep track of at the moment, I’ll be jotting down mini-reviews about all the series I don’t cover in detail. This post will be updated on a daily basis.

The Flash 2×16 – Trajectory
I’ve lost so much interest in The Flash, it’s downright depressing. The show’s debut year took a while to find itself, but soon evolved into thrilling superhero television. So why is season two so atrocious? Everything about the show this year is a mess, and the show has become a chore to sit through. As for this week’s episode? We met a new speedster, things were boring, and I can barely remember much else. I’m that uninspired. Perhaps it’s time I drop the show?

Favorite Quote: “Villains gonna vil”.
Favorite Scene: Ummm… Barry trying to cross the canyon and falling down?
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Crazy Ex-Girlfriend 1×15 – Josh Has No Idea Where I Am
The creativity of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend just blows my mind on a weekly basis. This week succeeded largely because of Michael Hyatt’s astounding performance as Rebecca’s therapist. Everything about their scenes was terrific – from the heartbreaking flashbacks of Rebecca’s childhood to the crackling dialogue and reliably awesome musical numbers. Crazy is not afraid to tackle mental illness, and it was particularly awesome to hear Rebecca admit that she deals with her issues through music. I for one am beyond ecstatic that the show has has been renewed for a second season. Bring on the brilliance. Also, Paula can do no wrong!

Favorite Quote: “The worst part about being a ghost and working with women. So much talk about guys. Forget about the guys!”
Favorite Scene: The dream ghost song. PERFECT!
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Fresh Off The Boat 2×16- Tight Two
Now that’s more like it. This was probably one of my favourite Fresh episodes ever. Everything about this worked: the incredible performances (as always), the hilarious storyline with Louis not being able to be himself with his kids, and of course Jessica managing Cattleman’s ranch and their new take-out service. If you ever needed proof that Fresh is the finest comedy on television, look no further. What a show!

Favorite Quote: “I idolized my father and I only saw him for like ten minutes my whole life. ”
Favorite Scene: Too many to count – the whole episode. But maybe I’ll just say it’s Granny making fun of Louis’ luxurious wheelchair.
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American Crime Story 1×08 – A Jury In Jail
I’ve had somewhat of a love-hate relationship with American Crime Story this year. Maybe it’s because I’m wary of anything Ryan Murphy does since he keeps screwing up American Horror Story, but the last few weeks of Crime have been stellar. I particularly loved this week’s hour with the emphasis on the jurors and all their adventures. It’s a hectic life, and the show didn’t shy away from all the intricacies and subtleties. Here’s hoping the season goes out with a bang.

Favorite Quote: “Actually it wasn’t legally rape in ’88.”
Favorite Scene: The jurors discovering that hotel life pretty much sucks. No TV, no swimming pools, no amenities. Perfection.
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The Walking Dead 6×14 – Twice As Far
One word to describe this one… boring! The Walking Dead is such an uneven show, constantly producing knockout hours (see last week) and then following those up with boring outings like this one. I didn’t buy Carol leaving the gang; why is she suddenly guilty about killing the last few weeks? And the Denise roadtrip was painfully dull. Here’s hoping the show pulls out all the stops as it closes out the season.

Favorite Quote: “I can’t love anyone because I can’t kill for anyone.”
Favorite Scene: Obviously, Denise getting shot with an arrow through the eye was a downright jawdropper. It’s particularly brutal because she KEEPS talking after it happens. And then it’s followed up by Eugene biting Dwight’s privates! Insane!
Nad Rating

Supergirl 1×17 – Manhunter
The biggest compliment I can give Supergirl is that unlike Arrow, The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow (I’m not even going to mention Gotham), I actually look forward to all of its superhero hijinks. There’s a certain charm and lovability to the show that’s missing from the other three – not to mention the fact that the rest of those shows have gotten bogged down with too much mythology and a whole lot of cheesy storytelling. While undoubtedly cheesy at times, Manhunter did a pretty good job of giving us a bunch of origin stories featuring all of our characters. Moreover, it brought a whole lot of change into the show’s world: Lucy knows who Supergirl is and is now in charge of the DEO, Hank and Alex are on the run, and the public still ain’t a fan of our heroine. Who says you can’t switch up the status quo every week? (Also, Papa is still alive and villainous Siobhan is coming!)

Favorite Quote: “Well, I suppose if Mel Gibson can present at the Golden Globes, then Supergirl can win the city back.”
Favorite Scene: The flashback to Kara’s job interview with Cat. Also, Kara on a motorcycle was pretty badass.
Nad Rating

Marvel’s Agents Of Shield 3×13 – Parting Shot
Raise your hands if you got all teary-eyed during that final goodbye! The sequence with the entire team drinking to Bobbi and Hunter’s farewell was probably the single most gut-wrenching thing this show’s ever produced. It was jam-packed with emotion and a whole lot of history – effectively elevating an otherwise routine hour into something truly special. Of course Bobbi and Hunter are off to their new spinoff Marvel’s Most Wanted, but I’ve got a feeling that show will flop and they’ll be back on Shield sooner rather than later. Also, One Tree Hill’s Bethany Lenz as Mallick’s evil daughter? Awesomeness!

Favorite Quote: “I don’t know what frightened me more … the firing squad or that shadow muppet.”
Favorite Scene: The team trying to kill the shadow monster unsuccessfully. The effects, the action – top-notch and thrilling!
Nad Rating


  1. Loved Supergirl and Shield! They're really two of the most amusing and fun superhero shows on tv right now. (“I'm not even going to mention Gotham” hahahahaha epic)

    And man that Shield ending got to me! I'm so confused as whether to LOVE the idea of Bobbi and Hunter on their own show as they're the best characters on Shield without a doubt, or hate the fact that they left! Either way, I'm so glad they got this great emotional sendoff.

    I'm so excited about the Supergirl/Flash crossover! Should be fun (something The Flash hasn't been in like a year).

  2. Yeah, that toast scene at the bar in the Shield episode was something. You can feel the sadness of everyone involved. Denise's death in the Walking Dead episode left me shocked and heartbroken.

  3. I disagree with your rating for the Flash episode. It wasn't a bad episode, especially not that bad. I liked the club scenes. Can you honestly tell me with a straight face that Cisco and Caitlin's awkward dancing didn't want to make you laugh? And, while I'm not fond of Iris getting a love interest that may result in some kind of romantic triangle between her, the boss, and Barry, I liked how the episode made the boss less of a jackass. And, last but least, how the episode used the female speedster to make Barry and his team piece together the truth about Jay/Zoom. That was my favorite part. Hopefully, this will allow the show to get back on its A-game during the remaining episodes of the season.

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