Scandal 5×15 – Pencils Down

"How is the Attorney General of the United States supposed to do his job when he's in some weird, dirty sex trance?"


I did not want this episode to end; isn’t that just amazing?

Scandal is doing an impeccable job of building up towards that debate. The power plays, the twists, the turns – I am just aching to see what happens when Hollis, Mellie and Susan finally face off in their epic 3-way battle. Here’s hoping next week’s hour is dedicated solely to the debate for the entire 40 minutes. That would be very House of Cards-ish and glorious.

How great is it to see Mellie and Liv share so much screen-time? The Gettyburger subplot was the most hilarious thing the show’s done in a while. I genuinely cringed more than I ever have in my life when the reporters began asking Mellie questions about Getty and she messed up the Sunday opening hours. As far as I’m concerned, Bellamy Young can do no wrong.

And then there’s Susan. Part of me actually really wants to see her win the entire election (as much as I love Mellie). The fact that David and Liz have used her so despicably really makes her an underdog, and I found myself actually rooting for her when she broke up with David (plus the cigarette was a badass touch). Who would have thought that a measly little side character would evolve into such an integral part of Scandal? Well done writers.

Also, Eddison is back and running for President too (sure feels like everyone but Liv is running). He was never the most engrossing of characters, but having him flat-out call Liv a monster was a pretty great move, not to mention having Papa Pope fund his presidential aspirations (through Vanessa’s bank account). I just love it when everyone orbits around the same storyline instead of running off and wasting time on useless subplots.

Scandalous Bits

– Fantastic teaser with Liv negotiating the lights and buzzers for Mellie’s debate.

– I kind of hate David now. Can’t believe he nagged to his ex Abby about the two women he’s sleeping with.

– Loved sneaky Quinn tricking Vanessa.

– Olivia prepping Mellie on her bitch face was hilarious.

– Abby accidentally telling Susan about David’s “multiple” women? Heartbreaking.

– Cute little moment with Susan asking Fitz why he cheated on his wife. I love how she never takes his bullshit.

– The power plays between Liv and Jake reached whole new lows this week: now it’s Liv’s turn to stimulate Jake with a handjob. Although these two creep the hell out of me, I loved her little “I will win” though.

– The fact that Susan started crying and then Liz joined her? Too funny.

– So what’s in the document that Alex Vargas gave Liv? What’s the dirt about Susan? Is it related to David sleeping with both her and Liz?


Mellie: I am fighting their fight, Liv. I’m just fighting it as a Rhodes Scholar. They are benefiting from how smart I am.

Olivia: Still bitch face.
Mellie: I’m smiling.
Olivia: Yeah. Like you’re better than everybody else.

David: I’m in love with Susan Ross.
Liz: She’s a muppet!
David: Elizabeth…
Liz: Not even one of the main ones.
David: Liz…
Liz: She’d be way in the back. They’d only let her play tambourine in their little muppet band.

Susan: Why does anyone cheat?
Fitz: Oh. I’m the expert now?
Susan: Well, you’re pretty good at it.

Fitz: If you feel like he’s cheating, then he probably is.

Olivia: You are the one I like to ride, but nobody will ever ride you like I do.

Mellie: It’s Burgergate!

A top-notch hour of Scandal that has me suitably pumped for next week’s debate. Superb!

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  1. I applaud Susan for breaking up with David. Funny how the episode started out with him struggling over which of the two women he is juggling he should break up with only to end up losing both women in the end. I did like that he was the one who broke things off with Elizabeth. It was just a moment too late. Let's hope this experience inspires David to be more of a decent human being from now on.

    I knew it was odd that Eli of all people would defend Eddison when Olivia thought of using leverage against him. Of course, Eddison is in his pocket. That fits in with what's going on with Jake. Eli is after the White House, a source of power to satisfy his control freak nature. I do feel sorry for Jake's finance. She seems like a nice person who shouldn't be used as a pawn in all of this. I hope she sees Jake's true colors and want nothing to do with him.

    I do hope the entire episode focuses on the debate. Love to see how these three characters contend with each other and how bombshells will be dropped in the process.

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