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The Good Wife 7×18 – Unmanned

"Yes I'm an unfit mother. In the divorce, you can get full custody for the three weeks before she goes to college."


With only four episodes left until The Good Wife is done for good, Unmanned really felt like the show making its way towards the finish line.

After seven seasons, Alicia FINALLY asked Peter for a divorce. It’s interesting that the moment itself didn’t feel too triumphant – more of a reaction on Alicia’s part after Peter confronted her boyfriend. And truth be told, the sequence in which Peter walked into Alicia’s apartment and stood face to face with Jason was spectacular on every level. It boggles my mind that Peter still feels like Alicia owes him anything after everything he’s put her through, but I guess that’s pretty common behaviour with cheaters no matter what. The episode’s ending also brought the show full circle with Peter agreeing to the divorce, but asking Alicia to be “the good wife” one last time by standing by his side during his indictment. Quite perfectly, the episode cut to black before we could hear Alicia’s response. I love this show.

This week’s case was also a fun ride featuring drone privacy and the return of the delightful Anna Camp as Caitlin D’Arcy. It’s always a treat when Alicia runs into someone from her past – it helps to make the show feel like it’s lived in. The case itself had a number of twists, and consistently surprised me in that Alicia and Diane kept losing no matter what tactic they used.

And then there’s Eli, who after seasons of intense loyalty to Peter, will probably end up being instrumental in bringing him down. Thankfully the writers reached this point in an organic manner by having Connor force Eli into it (through his daughter Marissa). On the bright side, Eli has a secret weapon in the form of Diane – a wise move on the writer’s part as she’s been far too isolated in her own useless subplots this season. If the show’s coming to an end, we need everyone in on the main storyline.

Speaking of characters who have been relegated to the sidelines, Carey quit this week, and it didn’t feel as powerful as it could have been. It’s a minor complaint on my part, but I do wish he had a more focused narrative this season; it would have made this momentous decision much more impactful. It’s also a pity that there’s such a rift between him and Alicia now; he admitted to not voting for her (although she still won name partner status).

Cases & Bits

– Loved the quiet opening with Alicia and Jason discussing Christianity in bed.

– Anyone else thought Peter would punch Jason and get his ass kicked? All he did was hit Jason’s glass away. Still, what an electrifying sequence with barely any words. Particularly loved Peter walking into the bedroom and seeing the unmade bed. Ouch.

– Did Howard just call David gay in an indirect manner?

– If you were feeling like David wasn’t being too evil lately, his treatment of Lucca probably reminded you just how sinister this guy could be.

– Howard referring to Diane and Alicia as the “estrogen army” killed me.

– I genuinely smiled when a disappointed Alicia found Jason in her room and ran into his arms like a 12 year old.

– Is David up to something? Or does he just want the money? His voting for Alicia was pretty surprising.

Good Lines

Alicia: I’m more judgmental about my daughter’s Christianity than yours. Why is that?
Jason: I don’t know. You’re a bad person.
Alicia: I don’t want you to feel like you’re doing wrong when you’re with me.
Jason: Yeah, you do.
Alicia: Yeah, I guess I do.

Jason: You’re in my way.
Peter: You’re screwing my wife and I’m in your way?
Jason: At the moment, yes.
Peter: I should kick your ass.
Jason: You could try. And then what?

David: You just sat there and let Diane beam Alicia up to our floor?

Carey: That was the lesser of two evils.
David: What’s the other evil?
Carey: Having a pant-less octogenarian scaring away clients.

David: Let me give you three reasons why I don’t care. Number one: I outrank Alicia. Numbers two and three: they don’t matter, because I outrank Alicia.

Alicia: Is that what would upset you most? If I was in love?
Peter: No, what upsets me the most is that you’re shoving it in my face.
Alicia: I’m not shoving anything. This is me not caring. Not caring what people think. What Eli thinks. You think. Or what the FBI thinks.
Peter: You know I’m about to be indicted, don’t you?
Alicia: Peter, you’re always being indicted. If it weren’t today, it would be tomorrow.

Diane: We all have the same long-term goals.
David: World domination.

Looks like The Good Wife will be ending on a high; this was a superb episode. Four episodes left!

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  1. Alicia asking Peter for a divorce was a moment I was waiting for a long time and when it happened, I was happily surprised. But, at the same time, it made me wonder why she didn't do this earlier. Her marriage to Peter has been more or less hollow since the agreement they struck in Season 5. Why she didn't just ask for a divorce then as the start of her changing her life for the better in the wake of Wills death? I feel it would have been more impactful. If what stopped it was the writers' fear of Alicia going through the divorce undermining the show's title, I point you to the show Veep which maintains its title even after Vice President Selina became President. Post-divorce, The Good Wife could have represented Alicia's past that she is seeking to put behind her as she creates a new future for herself.

    Cary quitting the firm makes sense. I can see why he can't take the crap of working there anymore. But his decision is another development that I wish happened earlier, saving us from having to watch him being reduced to a means of filling up air time and nothing more. At least Diane is given more to do with being Eli's lawyer.

  2. I can't believe they brought back Caitlin! She hasn't been on this show since season two maybe? I was so disappointed when she left and it's so cool how this show brings these characters (she has a son now too!). I've never seen any other show that makes me feel THAT “lived in” as The Good Wife. Amazing.

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