Arrow 4×17 – Beacon Of Hope

"How do you know that bee's name?"


I think that was the funniest hour Arrow’s ever done, and after a string of really weak episodes, it was certainly needed.

I’ve been hating on the show for a while now; the Olicity focus has really robbed Arrow of its excitement and urgency (picture the epicness of season two), but Beacon of Hope at least allowed the show to let loose and have a whacky fun time.

I actually really hated Brie Larvan on The Flash, but she was such a hoot here. The influx of bee puns actually won me over, and her attack on Palmer Tech gave everyone something to do which is a definite plus. Sure we got the requisite amount of cheesy Olicity looks and lines (particularly at the end), but all in all, I was quite amused by the ridiculous premise the whole way through. Moreover, Larvan had an interesting enough motivation (she needs the prototype that allows Felicity to walk) thereby earning her some sympathy in the process.

Beacon of Hope is also notable because Curtis officially joined Team Arrow. I gotta say, Echo Kellum is fantastic in the role; in fact, he reminded me of Felicity way back in season one, and he’s a big reason why this hour was just so darn hilarious (see all the witty dialogue below). Moreover,  having him be on the receiving end of several Ollie-rants made him infinitely more likeable. I actually wouldn’t mind it if he became Team Arrow’s tech-support full time, and Felicity focused on fulfilling her new purpose – utilizing the company to do good.

Bits & Arrows

– Loved the teaser with the four-way training scene with Ollie, Diggle, Laurel and Thea fighting. So very cool.

– It boggles my mind that the writers can’t see how useless the flashbacks have become the past two seasons. What happened this week? Reiter’s immune to bullets and he fought with Ollie. Thrilling.

– This was a pretty great episode for Laurel. She had two heartfelt scenes with Ollie in which she spoke VERY honestly with him, and of course her Canary Cry saved the day by destroying the bees inside Ollie. Awesome!

– Why was Curtis sick? How did that aspect add anything to the episode? Found that super bizarre.

– Loved the ladies blowing up the conference door! I actually didn’t mind Donna this week; she suited the episode well.

– Pretty cool turn of events with Damien making Murmur kill his thugs and regaining the upper hand in prison. Also, why is Malcolm still on the show?

– Although I loved the dialogue this week, the stuff about being a “beacon of hope” was too darn cheesy, forced, and repetitive. Ugh.

– Curtis doing that flip – very cool!

– Quentin was quite funny this week. Particularly loved him trapping the bee and saving Curtis.

– Underwhelming ending with Malcolm going to Andy. I could do without both these characters.

Starling Quips

Oliver: Let’s go again.
Thea: Ohh, pass. I keep on running out of excuses for all my new bruises, and they’re from you, not bad guys.

Diggle: It’s just– it’s shocking that you know who Voldemort is.
Oliver: Well, I’m not immune to pop culture. I read a few of the “Harry Potter” books.
Diggle: Really? I was gonna bet Thea that you just saw the movies.
Oliver: There were movies?

Felicity: Oh, my God. I don’t know what’s worse– the fact that you just spelled out breakup or that you misspelled it.

Malcolm: I thought you just lost your magic, but your charm seems to be waning, as well.

Malcolm: Don’t be embarrassed. Performance issues are common for men of your age.

Donna: Ok. From now on, I’m buying flats. I mean, these assaults are weekly. It’s ridiculous. It’s just so not conducive to high fashion.

Quentin: So can anybody just walk in here?

Damien: Heh. I’m sorry. I just got to know did you sew that in yourself, or do you have some kind of lip-sewing guy?

Curtis: You’re the Green Arrow?!
Oliver: Yeah.
Curtis: I could have sworn it was Neal Adams in data processing. And this is the Arrowcave. Oh, my God.
Oliver: Actually, we call it the bunk–it’s the bunker, but yeah.
Curtis: You’re Laurel Lance, the ADA. I–I’ve seen you on TV before. Oh! And you’re Captain Lance! (To Diggle) And you’re– oh, I’m sorry. I know I’ve met before, but I can’t really place your name right now.

Curtis: That is an army of robotic bees.
Quentin: Yeah. That’s my life now.

Diggle: Looks like we have ourselves a taller, more dude-like version of Felicity.

Curtis: It’s too soon for bee puns, right?
Oliver: Let’s assume that it is.

Felicity: This is why we leave the nicknames to Cisco.

Donna: To think, she’s in your office. You’re gonna have to sanitize.

Curtis: Sorry. When I get nervous, I make pop culture references.

Curtis: This technology’s amazing. It reads your own vocal emissions and then reprocesses it via digital output into a multichannel.
Laurel: Yeah, we get it. It’s badass, but how is this gonna help us save Oliver?
Curtis: Just give him the full Mariah Carey, and it should disrupt whatever connection the bees are operating on.

Donna: Whoa! So this is like that thing from that, uh– that Jodie Foster movie!
Thea: Yeah. A panic room.

Donna: Well, you don’t open up to me, Hon. I have to force your feelings out of you sometimes like–like a pistachio.

Thea: So why bees? Why not an obsession with flying squirrels?

Thea: That “Kumbaya” might have a little more credibility if you weren’t threatening people’s lives.

Laurel: Any puppies you want to kick while you’re at it, bags of kittens that you want to throw down the river?

Damien: No! I had this wonderful speech about how I was gonna kill your grandmother had you not killed them.

Curtis: Next time they adapt, I can upload a virus that will disperse into the entire HIVE.
Quentin: Like what they did in “Independence Day,” right? What, I can’t watch movies, too?

Curtis: Eww!
Quentin: Don’t worry. I won’t tell anyone you screamed.

Curtis: Thanks, G.A. Heh. Do you mind if I call you G.A.?

Laurel: She’s at Starling General, overdosed on toxins from the bee and is in some sort of a coma. More importantly, she’s no longer holding a dozen innocent hostages. Curtis: That’s both comforting and horrifying at the same time.
Laurel :Yeah. Welcome to our world.

It might not have advanced the season in any way, but this was a strong comedy hour that added a nice dose of fun into the show’s world.

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