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The Catch 1×01 – Pilot

“Are you ready to play?”


In her attempt to take over the world, Shonda Rhimes created another seductive and easily addictive soapy drama/thriller this year, and while it bears several resemblances to Shondaland’s previous work (mainly Scandal and How To Get Away With Murder), there’s no doubt that by the end of the pilot, The Catch really comes into its own.

The main reason this show works so well in its first hour is due to its fantastic cast. Mireille Enos plays our lead, a private investigator named Alice, who is conned by her fiancé Christopher (Peter Krause) and thus begins the “chase” to find Christopher (real name Benjamin) before he steals the names and information of all of her clients. Enos in particular is absolutely astounding in her role as she starts to gradually realize how she was tricked into falling for this man who she thought she was going to spend the rest of her life with. Krause is also equally charismatic and great in the role, though it’s still a little hard to see him as anything other than the caring, lovey-dovey father he was in Parenthood.

The first episode doesn’t pack in as much twists as you’d think it would (this is a Shonda Rhimes/Betsy Beers production after all) and that’s fine because the stylish split screens and colorful ambience make up for that, visually. I am slightly worried how the show will tackle its season-long arc (catching Christopher) with its weekly, standalone cases. But for now, there’s no denying the show is both easy and lovely to look at, so no matter how much the story lacks originality, the Mr. & Mrs. Smith-esque shenanigans are constantly and consistently entertaining all throughout.

Bits & Scams

– Love the opening teaser with that guy thinking he has the upper hand trying to steal that painting (what’s the deal with that one anyway?), and seeing Alice kicking his ass as he tries to escape.

– The Mr. X chase was very well-executed and quite thrilling, but the twist that Mr. X is actually Christopher, Alice’s fiancé, was a bit predictable for the causal TV viewer.

– I already really don’t like Margot.

– It’s interesting that Benjamin/Christopher isn’t really a sympathetic con but just a bad guy who actually genuinely fell for Alice.

– I loved every single scene at Alice’s workplace, mainly because the chemistry between Alice, Valerie (Rose Rollins), Sophie (Elvy Yost) and Danny (Jay Hayden) is really amazing.

– Another dynamic I know I’m going to enjoy the hell out of: Reggie and Christopher.

– The flashbacks to when Alice and Christopher first met were really compelling, but I thought the proposal scene was less intriguing.

– Loved that she got to see him so soon instead of dragging this “reunion” for a couple of episodes and I love the horrified look on Alice’s face when the lights go out and Christopher disappears from her grip yet again.

– Amazing closing scene when Alice discovers that Christopher stole that iconic painting and hung it in her house, especially because I didn’t enjoy the previous scene where the “bad guys” got conned due to some lame hacking skills.

Catchy Phrases

Alice: She seems so sad to me.
Man: She’s in love.
Alice: Why is that sad?
Man: Because it never lasts.
Alice: He doesn’t seem to have any doubts.
Man: He’s not showing you his eyes. But just because it doesn’t last doesn’t mean it isn’t love.

Valerie: How did our new recruit do?
Alice: She did great.
Danny: She did okay.
Alice: She conducted a museum tour in three different languages.
Danny: She was showing off, calling attention to herself. She could’ve blown the whole thing.
Sophie: She’s open to constructive criticism and is sitting right here.

Alice: I never know what to do at a wedding except drink too much and sleep with inappropriate people, which you’re not allowed to do at your own wedding.

Christopher: There’s a conflict of interest.
Alice: What’s the conflict?
Christopher: I am interested in seeing one of the partners outside the office.
Alice (smiling): Is it Danny? Because Danny’s only an associate.

Alice: It was a textbook con. I approached him.
Sophie: What do you mean?
Danny: A con man never approaches a mark.
Valerie: He creates a situation where the mark approaches him, where the mark wants something from him.

Alice: I am not going to sit in his supervisor’s office telling a room full of smug FBI agents what happened…what I let happen to me.

Reggie: You were looking at [Alice] and you need to stop. (sighs) If Margot finds out…You know how she is, Ben. She’ll kill both of you.
Christopher: No, she won’t. She’ll have you do it.

Must-Download Tunes
Killing Me to Love You by Vancouver Sleep Clinic

It may not be as twisty or shocking as her other shows, but Shonda’s latest television entry is yet another seductive and fun ride.

 Chris Rating

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