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Grey’s Anatomy 12×17 – I Wear The Face

“Why are all the doctors in this hospital so hot?”


Maybe I’m too invested in this show or it’s secretly addictive in a soapy way because it’s always ridiculously comforting to watch Grey’s no matter how tedious and surreal the plotlines get.

I’m always complaining that I hate weekly cases on procedural shows, but somehow this show does them in a way that’s weirdly compelling. April and Arizona’s case, a sick teenage girl who is also pregnant but hasn’t told her controlling mother yet, is not one of the show’s greatest medical cases (not even one of the good ones), but the storyline still moves in a matter that feels like comfort food for longtime viewers who are still watching. Even when the case becomes ridiculously heavy-handed, often drawing parallels to the dull April/Arizona fight, it’s still easy and entertaining to watch.

Also entertaining is Wilmer Valderrama (That 70s Show) who guest stars as Kyle, the charming musician being treated for a brain tremor. While I thoroughly enjoyed every scene he shared with Stephanie (who really needs a solid storyline if she’s going to be a part of this show for a long time), I’m wary of the fact that he’s in for a recurring role. If his budding friendship with Stephanie becomes a romance (and I did love their final scene discussing the difference between friends and competition), I’m afraid we might have another Denny Duquette situation on our hands. If the show wants to retread old storylines, then so be it, but Stephanie is not a strong realized character to do it with.

Sadly, the Owen/Riggs fight has become way too tiresome to watch that I couldn’t care any less about Riggs manipulating the Megan story so he comes out the “hero”. With all signs pointing to Owen’s sister returning in the season finale, this is one storyline that the show could definitely do without, especially when it’s executed so poorly. The entire reason behind Meredith, Owen and Riggs’ trip in the ambulance was to start up another fight between these men who clearly do not have a filter, and it’s never okay to feel like these characters are chess pieces.

Even worse is the Avery lawsuit subplot which became even more horrendous simply because these characters (April, Jackson and now Catherine) refuse to communicate with each other. April overhearing Mama Avery’s plans to sue her was soapy, but to file a restraining order in vengeance is just plain laughable. This show would definitely benefit from putting this entire storyline to rest before it becomes unwatchable.

Bits & Scalpels

– The residents all apply for a Preminger Grant (except for Ben but we’ll get to that) and it goes to Penny, the only resident who said she wasn’t going to apply! Thanks for trying to make me care about this Penny person, writers, but no thanks.

– On that note, I was actually annoyed with Penny a lot this week. I get that Stephanie and Jo were acting like bullies, but she did say she wasn’t going to apply! Please send her away, writers. She hasn’t been interesting since she first arrived at Meredith’s house months ago.

– Ben and Bailey’s scene outside the hospital feels like foreshadowing for future marital problems, right? It’s been building up for quite some time now, and I’m not sure how I feel about it.

– I’m fine with the show using Meredith, Maggie and Amelia for comic relief every week! Their scenes at the house were so amusing.

– The only part of the Owen/Meredith/Riggs subplot that’s tolerable was Owen mentioning that he and Meredith agreed to hate Riggs – a nice callback to the seventh episode of this season.

– Are Alex and Jo still a thing?

– Next week’s episode is two hours long! I am so ready for another huge Grey’s event episode.

Grey Banter

Stephanie: Remember when they all hated you?
Penny: Vividly.

Catherine: Some men would send flowers. Nasty-ass, necrotic bowel is nice too.

Stephanie: He’s hot, but he’s nasty hot. Like in-your-face hot. He keeps aggressively eye-sexing me! He’s not my kind of thing. Oh God, I haven’t had sex in a long time.
Jo: Oh. I had sex this morning. (Pause) I thought we were sharing.

Catherine: War is ugly, senseless, and scary as hell, but there are some things worth going to war over.

Owen (about Riggs): When I said we hate him, I meant it.

Maggie: I’ve never had sisters. It’s nice, but it’s going to implode. You know it, and I know it. So have at it. Go to town over the cabinets. If you’re gonna kill each other, just do it already. I can’t keep this family together by myself!
Meredith: Nobody asked you to.

Must Download Tunes
Every Time I’m With You by Seal
Forever Mine by Andra Day

Despite the repetitive nature of the storylines, this is another fun and solid hour.

Chris Rating

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