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Mini Reviews – Week of April 1, 2016


Supergirl 1×19 – Myriad
As flawed as it was, I loved this episode. Supergirl has become one of the most amusing breakout shows of the year, but I do wish this penultimate episode was better constructed. The problem is that Non is far from a formidable villain; hell even Maxima’s one time appearance in the teaser was more effective (badass fight scene by the way). While the Myriad plan is great in theory and worthy of a season finale endgame, parts of it feel somewhat rushed and botched. Nevertheless, I love the fact that Cat is playing such an instrumental role in the show’s final narrative. Even Maxwell Lord is growing on me – and this was an impossible task in the show’s first few outings. Plus, as implausible as that final scene was, I absolutely love the idea of Kara and Alex going head-to-head. Is it wrong that it feels like that sibling face-off has had more buildup than Batman v Superman? Dayum!

Favorite Quote: “Ker-rah, call Harrison Ford and tell him that I’m flattered, but once and for all, I do not date older men, especially when they’re married.”
Favorite Scene: Loved Supergirl and Cat on the roof hugging. What a layered and beautiful dynamic. HATED Non forcing Supergirl to save two people while useless Kelly died. At least kill off someone we care about because that scene had zero impact and felt bizarrely edited.
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Superstore 1×07 – Color Wars
I’ve been slowly but surely making my way through the first season of Superstore and let me just say this: this is one heck of a hilarious show. I’ve beyond ecstatic that NBC has already renewed the series for season two because it’s one of the finest comedies around. The cast led by America Ferrara is just astounding, while the show is peppered with hilarious one-shot gags and terrific one-liners. Color Wars was a particularly engaging hour because it united the entire cast under one storyline (the selling competition), and the interactions gained even greater awesomeness as a result. I just can’t get enough.

Favorite Quote: “Hey, this stuffing looks like clouds!”
Favorite Scene: The reveal of Amy’s husband as the grill guy Jonah was selling to. Too good!
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