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The Good Wife 7×19 – Landed

"I don't like Canada. It's too clean. I always want to litter here."


I really loved this one.

The writers have definitely made me root for Alicia and Jason more than I ever have in the past (although Polmar is still my favorite). This week’s ending was particularly powerful with Jason cornering Alicia into admitting that she asked for a divorce because she really does want to commit to him. It’s extremely satisfying to see Alicia is finally going after what she wants, especially after watching her deny herself for so long. It’s been an absolute pleasure watching Julianna Margulies and Alicia grow over the past seven years, and I can’t fathom to see this show gone for good.

The greatest thing about Landed is that Peter and Alicia’s relationship feels so tremendously layered and complex. In fact, my favorite scene in the entire episode was Alicia anxiously watching Peter getting arrested at home only for her to rush and get him that tie while hiding his cuffs. The fact that she just slid into the good wife role when he needed her most shows how far they’d come. Also nifty: the opening credits superimposed over that perp walk. How brilliant was that?

And then there’s Diane, who FINALLY got a proper storyline. It’s ironic that this only happened so close to the end, but it’s still a treat whenever Christine Baranksi gets something to do. Kurt was never my favorite character, but his moving-in proposal was fantastic because it gave Baranski the opportunity to show off new dimensions to her character. I absolutely loved her reaction (slapping Kurt and throwing him on the bed only for their teeth to smash together). Absolutely hilarious.

Bits & Cases

– Loved the teaser with whole airport debacle.

– Lovely moment with Alicia silently admiring Peter for not involving the kids.

– Seriously masterful editing as Peter was getting arrested and Alicia got increasingly overwhelmed.

– Nora Valentine is none other than Kathy from House of Cards. I love the actress, and she was superb in this week’s case. Particularly enjoyed her anti-America snipes.

– Typically awesome Good Wife touch: the airport announcements which keep interrupting the case. Too funny. I’ll miss those!

– The Canadian NSA listening in on the American NSA? Perfect!

– Funniest moment of the episode: Diane telling miss PGT Ballistics to “go fuck herself”. And David’s reaction afterwards? Priceless. Someone make a meme this instant!

– The NSA dude asking Alicia about Grace was hilarious; he’s stalked them so much that he genuinely feels like part of the family. How twisted is that?

– Loved the continuity with the secret panel Alicia was on earlier on the season.

– Brilliant movie: Alicia asking for asylum after losing the case.

– So I’m guessing the show will end with Peter taking the plea bargain and spending three years in jail? Pretty fitting when all is said and done.

Good Lines

Diane: You had me so worried. I thought you wanted a divorce!
Kurt: I don’t.
Diane: Well, did you tell your face? You can’t use the same expression for everything.

Eli: Alicia. Good, good. Come in.
Alicia: To my house?

Lawyer: This is a national security matter!
Judge: Everything in America is a national security matter,

Alicia: When I told you I was divorcing, I didn’t mean for it to throw us off.
Jason: I know.
Alicia: But it did throw us off?
Jason: What do you want, Alicia?
Alicia: What do I want?
Jason: Yeah. Why are you getting divorced?
Alicia: Uh… you may have heard, my husband slept with prostitutes.
Jason: That was seven years ago. Why now?
Alicia: Because I want to. Because the kids are leaving home. Because… everything. What do you want, Jason?
Jason: I want things simple.
Alicia: Yes, I know. So you’ve said. Unfortunately, things aren’t simple. I’m not simple. Nothing’s simple.
Jason: Okay. Then what do you want?
Alicia: You.

A terrific hour that capably sets the stage for The Good Wife‘s final three hours.

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  1. This episode has to be the first Good Wife episode I fully enjoyed in what seems like a while. Not one storyline felt like useless filler. It saddens that Diane wasn't given a proper storyline until now but I'm still glad it happened and we get to see her husband again. I also enjoyed Alicia finally finding out the NSA has been listening on her longer than she thought and used that to her advantage.
    The scene with Jason confronting Alicia about why she is divorcing Peter for all this time was a great moment as well.

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