Supergirl 1×20 – Better Angels

"So, I'm sorry if I kissed you when you weren't in control of yourself, because I am all about consent."


That was one heck of a fantastic finale. In fact, it was probably the show’s finest episode yet.

It’s a bit sad that Supergirl has yet to be renewed for a second season, but judging by this episode, and the fact that the show improved so much over the course of the season, it certainly deserves a sophomore season. Better Angels was the perfect blend of humor, action and romance – skilfully weaving together all the elements that make this superhero adventure story so darn charming and lovable.

Sure there was the requisite amount of cheesiness – I’ve gotten used to that since the pilot – but Supergirl is supposed to be an uplifting and inspiring show. It’s not supposed to be dark, gritty or depressing, and Better Angels perfectly encapsulated that by allowing Supergirl to be a beacon of hope to the entire world (through Cat’s ancient technology). A case could definitely be made that Myriad was dealt with far too easily, and a case could definitely be made that there was no suspense with Kara bidding everyone goodbye (she is the lead after all), but it all culminated beautifully in those final twenty minutes.

Naturally, I’m talking about the badass faceoff that had Kara and J’onn finally go up against Non and Indigo. Not only was the CGI the best it’s ever been (blockbuster quality), but it was wonderfully satisfying to see Kara scream her heart out and burn Non’s eyes out, not to mention the sight of Martian Manhunter brutally ripping Indigo in half (talk about violence!). And just as the action quotient was filled, the show began tugging at our heartstrings as Kara flew Fort Rozz out of earth in a most triumphant sequence punctuated by an impeccably affecting musical score.  In fact, one of the most spectacular sequences the show’s ever done is Kara floating aimlessly in space. Visually breathtaking.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention Supergirl‘s secret weapon and it’s most powerful relationship. Well it’s actually a tie between Kara and Cat, and Kara and Alex. The show has completely thrived in its depiction of two complicated female relationships that have nothing to do with the men in their lives. I completely buy Cat’s growing admiration of Kara (I do wonder if she knows who she really is), and the unbreakable bond between the two Danver sisters. It’s not the romantic relationships that make this show, and that’s just so refreshing.

But the greatest thing about Supergirl, is its heart. That emotion is all thanks to Melissa Benoist,  who is just so darn astounding in every way. She got me all teary eyed when she opened James’ gift, she made me laugh when she complained that she was squinting, and she gave me goosebumps as she carried Fort Rozz out of our planet. I can’t remember the last time a lead was this perfect for a show. Gold stars all around!

Super Bits

– Badass fight between Kara and Alex in the teaser. I was not let down. Terrific production values.

– Goosebumps as Kara’s symbol was broadcast everywhere while she made her speech.

– The Superman material was admittedly a bit lame, especially those red boots. Did love his messages to Kara at the end though. She definitely is tougher than he is!

-The fact that Kara wanted to sacrifice herself and be with her mother again really broke my heart.

– How hilariously childish was Kara’s “We did it, we won!”? I smiled.

– Seriously, the music. There are no words! First-rate cinematic quality!

– Loved the editing with people all over screaming as Non’s weapon amplified. It really raised the stakes.

– I guess the show really wants to pair Alex and Lord together eventually (notice the hand holding).

– I do hope Supergirl makes better use of Lucy next season! I guess she’ll be working with J’onn?

– Alex and Kara’s goodbye was too painful to watch. I love these two.

– Having Alex use Kara’s pod to save her sister really brought the show full circle.

– So The General gave Lorde the orb. I’m guessing Maxwell will be the show’s main Big Bad until the end? I think the show can do better.

– I’ve actually never seen Working Girl, but the scene in which Cat gives Kara a promotion and a brand new office was terrific. I so love these two together! (and hey, they pretty much shared a cry there). Notice that Cat finally pronounced her name right!

– Adored the family feeling with the whole gang having dinner together and Kara’s champagne trick. If only Cat was there! Maybe next year?

– Using “One Call Away” by Charlie Puth was a genius decision. Perfectly chosen, especially since it has the word Superman in it!

– The first time I ever bought the chemistry between James and Kara was during that kiss and his gifting her the picture (which is cleverly of Kara and not Supergirl). Great parallels to the pilot!

– Loved the cliffhanger. Who do you think is in the pod? Mom perhaps? Or someone totally new?

Kara Quips

Alex: So, Supergirl’s plan is to broadcast a symbol…
Lord: Of hope. With a speech.
Alex: A speech?
Lord: Also about hope.

Cat: The morning meeting was to begin 16 seconds ago. You people were more punctual when you were drones.

Cat: Ker-rah, go get me one of those Moon Juice smoothies with the Chinese herbs that Gwyneth keeps talking about. I want one every two hours.

Kat: I’m just trying to say thank you for being an amazing mentor and friend.
Cat: Okay, so, that was either my eulogy or your dictated suicide note.

Kara: I’m not giving up. But my mother didn’t send me to Earth to fall in love with a human, have children, live in a house with a white picket fence. She sent me here to protect Kal-El. And now, I will use my powers to protect the Earth. And If I die achieving that, I’m at peace with it. I’ll join my mother.

Kara: What the hell is in Nevada?
Lord: In my experience, mediocre buffets and regret.

John: You didn’t say goodbye to your sister.
Kara: If I say goodbye, I’m never leaving.

Non: The humans’ extinction will do just that.
Indigo: Like Noah after the flood. Only without Noah. Or you.

Kara: I want you to do all the things that being my sister kept you from doing.

Alex: You’re not the only badass in the family.

Cat: If you work hard there might be a window in your future, Kara.

Kara: I’m squinting.
James: No, you’re smiling with your eyes.

Must Download Tunes
One Call Away by Charlie Puth

A perfect season finale in every way. Fingers crossed we get a season two, because Supergirl certainly deserves it.

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  1. “I can't remember the last time a lead was this perfect for a show.” SO true, this was such a perfect casting decision which is more than enough to warrant this show a second season. Please CBS make it happen!!

    What an emotional and amazing finale! LOVED Kara lifting the Fort Rozz up into space – such a fantastic sequence, and her floating with the earth behind her felt like a wink at Batman v Superman no? If so, awesome! 😀

    Really love this show and its occasional cheesiness. It's what makes it unique and separates it from the dozen other superhero shows on TV right now. Plus, it REALLY reminds me of Lois & Clark, and I love that!

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