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The Flash 2×18 – Versus Zoom

“What if this is how I become Vader?”


This episode should not have been allowed to air.

I can watch characters on TV make stupid decisions, but Versus Zoom crossed the line so much that it felt like it was literally testing my patience. This show consists of characters who are either scientists or detectives, both of which should be at least a little smart. However, every single one of them made RIDICULOUSLY moronic decisions that left me shaking my head and laughing uncontrollably to the point that I might’ve even cried a little.

The reveal that Zoom is actually Jay’s doppelganger Hunter Zolomon is perhaps the least exciting twist I’ve seen in years. It bothers me so much that Harry never noticed how awfully alike these two look, but it annoys me even more that Caitlin never bothered to mention that she found Hunter earlier in the season. Why in God’s name would she keep this information to herself, especially after they thought Jay is Zoom?

Not that Caitlin (or the actress) is the only one to blame here; the writing on this show is simply atrocious. Barry giving Zoom his speed at the end of this episode is such a sick, unacceptable storyline that literally makes me want to scream. Not only was Wally safe and sound (although kidnapping him was probably the dumbest way to up the stakes), but it made no sense why a team of scientists couldn’t come up with a ploy to trick Zoom instead of just handing a serial killer the Speed Force, which he can now use to kill more people even 4 times faster.

Characters on The Flash do stupid things in service of the plot, and it’s become unbearable to watch. The show still has very few entertaining moments (Cisco’s one-liners and pop cultural references are always delightful), but the fact that the writers don’t follow a specific time-traveling rule is really backfiring on them instead of giving them the opportunity to “do whatever the hell they want”. I couldn’t for the life of me understand what the Jay Garrick that Caitlin fell in love with was, and had to resort to the internet because apparently I missed the part which explained that Jay was just a time remnant. What the hell does that even mean?

There’s absolutely nothing that can now save this messy, embarrassing season, and if the writing remains as horrendous as it’s been all year, there’s no reason for me to watch this show next season.

Speedy Bits

– The ridiculously long breaks in between episodes have also certainly not been in this show’s favor. Not cool from The CW.

– I liked the Earth-2 flashbacks at first, but then things got really dark when Hunter’s father shot his wife in front of his own kid!

– So sick of hearing “I have an idea of how we can stop him”. The plan always fails (every.single.time) and Barry thinking that just because he’s faster he can now beat anyone is dumb.

– Another help from the internet: Barry running 4 times faster than he ever did, thus jumping into a breach then returning to STAR Labs and asking “how long was I gone?”, was apparently The Flash crossing over with Supergirl. It’s unacceptable that Barry wouldn’t share with his friends the adventures he had with a Kryptonian alien on another Earth.

– Iris and Barry are like brother and sister, guys. Please stop forcing this.

– The team putting up cardboard cutouts of Hunter’s sick dad and dead mother was Plan A? I laughed so hard at that scene.

– What was with all the lens flare when Hunter was remembering stuff? Really reminded me of the flashbacks on The 100’s first season.

– Major eye-roll: Barry explaining to Zoom how they found out about his identity.

– Hilarious: Zoom taking Caitlin in the episode’s closing scene.

Red Blurs & One-Liners

Joe (about Wally): Man, I can’t figure that kid out sometimes. I wonder if his doppelganger’s that complicated.

Cisco: The best plan we’ve come up with so far is to set off a nuclear warhead next to the city’s electrical grid, so…
Barry: We’re not gonna do that.

Cisco: Whoever said aesthetics aren’t important…
Harry: Not me.

Cisco: It’s like right now I’m Anakin Skywalker. I got the midi-chlorians. I’ve got the goods. The force is strong with me.

One of the worst-written hours of television I’ve seen in years.

Chris Rating


  1. Oh lord sounds absolutely horrible. Between the Flash and Legends, superhero shows have really been punishing us lately with their atrocious storytelling (not to mention Arrow). Thank God for Daredevil and Arrow.
    I guess this will be joining the Gotham-quit pile!

  2. I am as frustrated by this stupidity of this episode as you are. The only good parts are Cisco's powers and Barry using Hunter's parents against him. I fear the rest of the season will end up being just as disappointing as Versus Zoom but I'm sticking to it out of loyalty to the show.

  3. This will definitely join the Gotham-quit pile as soon as possible!! Even Legends I'm done with after this atrocious season is over. So sick of these horribly written shows!

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