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The Catch 1×05 – The Larágan Gambit

“But I’m a killer, not a thief!” - “Well, nobody’s perfect.”


This show really zigs whenever I think it’s going to zag. It’s safe to say this isn’t groundbreaking television by any means, but it’s still a very entertaining show that’s hard not to like and proving to be more amusing with every passing week.

Kudos for the writers for focusing more on the team of rascals, which now includes Felicity (instead of Reggie), because their scenes are all so charming and hilarious to watch. It’s interesting that we haven’t seen “the benefactor” yet but his presence looms over Ben, Margot and Felicity’s head as he assigns them to steal a bracelet. It’s how these people react to the news of their assignment that’s so entertaining, along with a hilarious yet superb spy-esque tango dance number, and I’m intrigued to see how the show continues to utilize and spice up their dynamics in the (hopefully long) future.

Not that the “good guys” don’t get juicy material this week. Val finally finds out that Alice has been trying to catch Ben/Christopher, and I’m glad this was A) not dragged out for too long, and B) resolved with no angst or hard feelings whatsoever. Both of these women are strong, intelligent people, and it’s nice to see the show appreciate their friendship and immediately have Val on board with catching Ben instead of getting mad at Alice and trying to talk her out of it for a multi-episode arc. In fact, Val tricking Agent Dao in the bar after flirting with him at first (thank goodness there wasn’t a Val/Dao hookup like I expected) was brilliant and quite badass for a character that hasn’t been fleshed out very properly so far. I’m very impressed.

This was a plot-heavy episode that crammed several developments, the most gratifying one being Alice finding out that Dao bugged her house. Her walking into her bedroom to take Mr. X’s phone call and realizing that Ben had been there earlier (and is lurking around somewhere, who knows how and where) was such a well-executed scene, topped by Ben coaching her to find the “bug” that Dao had planted in Alice’s door. I’m shocked this episode revealed so many of its season-long developments (just five episodes in!), and that’s either a sign of the show having many good stories to tell down the line, or a sign of the writers realizing they may not get a season renewal as the ratings continue to spiral downwards.

Five weeks later, I’m more inclined to say I love this show and its wacky hijinks, but it needs to offer something more original if it plans on keeping our attention for a long time.

Bits & Scams

– Love the opening teaser with Alice and Ben agreeing to meet and Agent Dao skulking around in his car. This show executes its intense cat-and-mouse games quite brilliantly.

– The weekly case wasn’t very compelling, but I’m glad that it involved no murders and no cheating husbands. And it looks like Alice and Val have a new enemy now (David Andrews). Interesting.

– The “old dine and dash” was so much fun! More of that please.

– So, was Alice about to suggest giving Ben money when she called him from the office?

– Margot speaking in an American accent is my favorite scene of the month!

– No mention of the cringe-worthy Sophie/Danny drama is a win-win for everyone.

– How did all those people with guns miss Ben?? How?!

– On that note, Peter Krause looks funny when he’s running away from bullets.

– It’s interesting that Alice saved Ben because that instantly makes her a target now.

– I might be in the minority here, but I found Alice demanding to know Ben’s real name a very odd scene (even though the scene leading up to it where she patches his gunshot wound was pretty great). Their chemistry just didn’t feel as great as I wanted it to be; I prefer these two when their dynamic is dramatic and intense than that of a comedic, lighthearted one.

– Loved the editing transition showing Ben next to Alice in bed one second then her alone the next morning.

– The dialogue can be quite corny sometimes (characters say “games” and “rules” way too much), but I love that Alice has the upper hand in the episode’s closing moments.

Catchy Phrases

 Felicity: Where’s the honor among thieves?
Margot: Historically, there isn’t any.

Sophie: May I ask… How did you take Alice’s phone? It was in my pocket. I’m wearing tight pants!
Val: I’m that good.

Margot (in an American accent): Dorothy Parcell of the California Parcells. My family’s interested in opening a natural-gas shipping terminal in the Port of “Lor-ay-go”.
Ben: We do not talk like that here.
Margot: Yes, you do.

Ben: Well, hard work builds character.
Margot: What an American way of putting it.

Alice: I brought apology coffee, but only because it’s too early for bourbon.

Val: You wanna know how well I know Alice Vaughan? I know her well enough to know the two of you have been investigating Christopher behind my back. I know her well enough to know that you’ve been bugging her house. And that if you ever come anywhere near her again, I will personally see to it that you are deported back to where you came from, so you can enjoy all the fine French whiskey you can drink.

Alice: You’ve never been shot before? That surprises me.
Ben: Why? Have you?
Alice: Of course.
Ben: Really? Where?
Alice: Hold still.
Ben: It looks like I’m not the only one who kept secrets this year.
Alice: It’s not the same thing.

Alice: It’s not a game. You don’t get to disappear anymore. If you want your bracelet back, you’re going to have to play by my rules from now on.

Must-Download Tunes
I Awake by Sarah Blasko

Witty dialogue packed with several exciting plot developments made this a consistently amusing and fun hour.

Chris Rating


  1. Completely agree. Loved this one! And how great is Felicity? (Unlike that OTHER Felicity we detest). That tango scene was FIRE! Woah!!!

  2. Woohoo you loved this too!!! Felicity and Margot are the BEST thing about this show! So darn fantastic.

    And the name Felicity has been forever ruined for me thanks to that OTHER Felicity.

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