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The Good Wife 7×20 – Party

"In my experience, whenever there's a battle between truth and power, truth loses."


Two episodes left, and I am not ready to say goodbye.

 The brilliant thing about Party is that almost everyone was gathered in a single setting: Alicia’s apartment. This created the perfect opportunity for Alicia to interact with a slew of characters that she’d crossed paths with over the years. The final sequence with Alicia bidding goodbye to a handful of these ridiculously memorable personalities felt especially meta and self-referential, and was all the more splendid as a result.

Party is also notable because it featured the returns of Grace (who had been missing for a while) and Zach (who had disappeared for God knows how long). It’s most impressive that after so many seasons, The Good Wife finally discovered what to do with Grace, as having her work for Alicia proved to be the most fantastic development ever. However, the show never quite figured out what to do with Zach. Thankfully, his final appearance was intriguing enough as his parents basically gave him permission to run off to France with his new fiancé to make his own mistakes. Good riddance!

As expected, the show still has a perfect handle on the Alicia/Peter dynamic, and it was an absolute joy to watch their mature relationship continue to evolve (or should I say, devolve). The episode’s final sequence was particularly terrific as the resigned couple sipped and toasted their divorce, while watching (what I assumed was) the series finale of Alicia’s favorite fictional series, Darkness at Noon. I’ve always loved the little moments across the years that featured Alicia watching this heavy-handed and hilariously symbolic cable-esque drama. If this is the last appearance of that crazy show, it was only fitting that we saw the main character gasp for breath and literally bid us goodbye. Amazing!

Sadly this episode wasn’t perfect, and that’s because a number of characters weren’t invited to the party (sorry, I couldn’t help myself). Thus, we ended up jumping away from from the celebrations to follow up on a bunch of dull adventures (Carey, Jason etc…). These scenes felt like a distraction from the truly worthwhile material. After all, is anyone even invested in the mechanics and tedious details of the Lock/Florrick debacle? Not really, we just care that Peter might be spending three years in jail as result. It’s a real shame the writers couldn’t see this.

Bits & Cases

– I actually found Jason’s Mars deed to be a pretty cool gift idea. Can’t say the guy is predictable!

– Alicia’s face when Zach asked for a “hit” of wine. Ha!

– I love Howard and Jackie; I’d watch a spinoff starring these two.

– Kurt pinching Diane’s butt – too funny.

– Alicia laughing like crazy at Zack’s decision to move to Paris and perhaps write a “memoir”. How refreshingly evil of her.

– I personally feel that Veronica never really worked as a character (or as much as she should have). Nevertheless, it was funny to see her spoil Jackie’s fun by revealing the divorce.

– So Alicia IS the new name partner as proven by Diane’s new branding. Amazons indeed!

– It was a quick moment, but I loved the longing look Alicia had as she watched Diane and Kurt together.

– So Jason basically wants Alicia but needs her to move with him every once in a while. I can totally see Alicia being a gypsy with him. I can also totally see the show ending with her on her own and happy (and I think I’d prefer that).

– I hope we don’t get too much Canning next week. I’m kind of over his character.

– Alicia bidding her mom and brother goodbye felt so final. Very series finale-ish. Also, Jackie pretty much said that she won’t be seeing Alicia again (and that they’re very “alike” which is just disturbing).

Good Lines

Hannah: I loved that you stood by your husband. A lot of people my age think it’s a throwback to an old kind of domesticity, but I think it’s a harbinger of a new feminism.

Alicia: Well, we have one kid left.

Alicia: He gave me a deed to Mars.
Lucca: I don’t understand, is that a metaphor?

Alicia: Well… if it isn’t permanent, then why get married at all?
Hannah: Taxes.

Marissa: (hugging Alicia) This is in case we die tomorrow.
Alicia: Okay, let’s not die tomorrow.

Diane: See you at work. Firm of the Amazons.
Alicia: I like that.

Jackie: I won’t be seeing you again.
Alicia: Why not?
Jackie: You’re divorcing my son. And I just wanted you to know, we’re more alike than not.

Veronica: I love you.
Alicia: I love you, too.
Veronica: And I’m glad you’re leaving him and going with the hunk.

Although it shifted away from the party a tad too much, I still adored this hour. Wonderful episode!

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  1. It was entertaining to watch all these characters in the same room. Alicia looking somewhat sad as she watches how happy Diane and Kurt are as a married couple, something she never was able to fully achieve with Peter. Veronica blurting out the divorce which stirred up some tension among her, Zach, and Grace that has been a long time coming. Zach revealing his plan to go to Paris to be with someone he loves which gave me a sense of deja vu since Chris North's former show, Sex and the City, had a plot about the main character Carrie doing the exact same thing which went terribly wrong. I hope the same happens to Zach who I find to be a bit of a brat unlike Grace who seems like she has a good head on her shoulders.

    When Jackie said to Alicia about never seeing her again and being alike, I assumed she meant that, like Alicia, Jackie knows how to hold grudges and she's holding hers against Alicia for divorcing Peter by severing all contact with her.

  2. Alicia trying not to laugh at Zach's decision to get married, move to France and write a memoir is literally the funniest thing I've seen all year. I DIED!

    Lots of series finale vibes here, so sad! I'm really fascinated by Alicia and Peter's relationship. Their toast at the end was really bittersweet. As much of a douchebag Peter was over the years, the actor added SO much depth and so many layers to him. Amazing.

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