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Grey’s Anatomy 12×21 – You’re Gonna Need Someone on Your Side

“Get it together, sisters!”


I love when this show balances humor with an emotional medical story without there being any tonally jarring moments in between.

It’s no secret that Meredith has become the most stable and sane character, as evident from her healthy relationship advice to all the other crumbling relationships on this show. Even better is a snarky, often hilarious Meredith when she gives Owen a hard time about seeing him naked on his couch, with Amelia of course. A happy Mer is so delightful to watch, and her journey from a confused, brutally attacked widower from early on into this season to a strong, confident mother makes this show worth watching after all those years. Thank you, Shonda (and Ellen Pompeo), for bringing such an incredible character into our lives, despite all the emotional trauma you might have inflicted throughout the years.

The medical case of the week is absolutely gut-wrenching in every way possible. The familiar beats of the storyline make for a very comfortable watch, starting with a man getting admitted into the hospital for tripping on a flight of stairs while his doorman, a season-highlight guest spot by Robert Pine, watches and sits in agony in the waiting-room, knowing he can’t do anything for his secret lover of 15 years. The way the show teases us at the end with the married man possibly choosing his doorman only to have his wife pay him for his continuous help is a heartbreaking scene. The look on Meredith’s face while all this happens is all the more devastating.

It’s impressive that this hour manages to cram several other subplots without feeling crowded in the process. Stephanie’s subplot wasn’t quite up to par with everything else as I often found her hungry-to-cut behavior irritating (is the show trying to make her Cristina 2.0?), and her underdeveloped relationship with Kyle (a final appearance by Wilmer Valderrama?) made their ultimate breakup feel more like an afterthought. Still, there were some good scenes thrown in here as well, especially seeing Stephanie in the waiting room with the doorman. Surprisingly, it made me realize this show doesn’t quite show us the anxiety and wretchedness associated with the patients’ families, which made these little moments this week all the more compelling.

Less compelling is everything on the Calzona front as the show continues to steer this storyline into unnecessary land, this time completely ruining whatever was left of Callie’s character. It’s terrible enough that she wants to take her and Arizona’s child away to another state for an entire year, but it’s a whole other thing to try to get your friends to side with you when you’re ridiculously illogical about this. I’m just glad Alex put that woman in place with that brilliant response. Way to go, Karev!

 Bits & Scalpels

– While I still don’t care about Amelia/Owen, I’m glad the writers are done toying with this pairing and finally bringing them together in the final scene, their most amusing and affectionate one to date. Both of these actors did their season-best work here, kudos.

– I rolled my eyes when it appeared that there might be something wrong with April’s baby (again). I rolled my eyes even more when April and Jackson had a shocked look on their face as Arizona gave them a list of other doctors, after giving them the good news about their baby. Why would it surprise them for Arizona to act like a completely competent and logical person?

– Even ANOTHER subplot (wow, how many were there?) involved some Ben and Bailey drama. I didn’t like it because Ben was acting like a complete jerk. Thank God for Maggie for not letting him have it.

– The Meredith/Amelia/Maggie dynamic is still the most surprisingly amusing part of this season.

– Meredith’s repetitive penis jokes and innuendos never get old!

– The OR nurse Bokhee was in this episode, guys! I giggled when I saw her.

– Did the medical case remind anyone else of the gay soldier patient that Meredith walked in on in season four? That was quite depressing as hell, too.

– Loved Amelia yelling at Stephanie for acting like a distressed family member.

– The writers trying to make us like Penny really fails miserably. I cheered when Arizona screamed her lungs out at her in the cafeteria.

– Did Bailey dye her hair? So distracting!

– How useless is Riggs on this show? And how horribly inappropriate was his meddling with Bailey and Ben’s drama?

– The stairs seen outside the hospital while Meredith, Maggie and Amelia are walking out are new parts of the set, right? Never seen them before.

– This episode was directed by Debbie Allen (Catherine Avery) who sadly did not appear in it.

Grey Banter

Amelia: I’ve got too much stuff. Owen’s got too much stuff.
Maggie: Yeah, we all saw…his stuff.

Meredith (to Owen and Amelia): I tell my children, when you’re finished with your toys, put them away. And my kids don’t need to see your penis, so the same goes for you.
Richard: Uh, there was a time I would ask. But…I’ve learned.

Riggs (to Ben): It’s good to have you back. (Bailey shoots him a look) I think.

Meredith: This morning, I saw Owen’s junk. It was untucked.

Alex: Are you asking me to take the stand for you for your custody thing?
Callie: Oh, God, yeah. Thank you!
Alex: ‘Cause it’s a no. I like you both. I’m not picking sides.

Amelia: Edwards, you have been the family from hell today. This is why we don’t doctor the people we love.

Richard (to Arizona): If you want your daughter, you’re going to have to fight like you’ve never fought. And you’re going to have to stand up for yourself and believe you deserve it. You want to lie down? You don’t get to.

Maggie (to Ben): You did something wrong. You got punished for it. You didn’t like it, so you went around it. The only reason you were able to do that is ‘cause she’s your wife.

Meredith: Stop the drama. Just get on with it already!

Amelia: It’s harder to love somebody than to walk away from them.

Must-Download Tunes
My Love (Acoustic) by Jess Glynne
Love Doctor by Sebastian Kole

A solid Grey’s episode filled with emotion, humor and a compelling medical case.

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