Scandal 5×19 – Buckle Up

"I mean, who amongst us hasn't gone over the edge and... killed somebody once? Or even twice."


Scandal might just give me whiplash. Two weeks ago, the show produced a game-changing powerful hour. But last week, the show went down the drain. And now? Olivia Pope rocked my world yet again. Maybe someone should check me into an insane aslylum already?

The greatest thing about Buckle Up is the absolute lack of Rowan or Jake. After last week’s lacklustre outing, this episode was refreshingly free of B613 drama. Instead, the show maintained focus on the only narrative that actually matters: the presidential three-way race between Mellie, Susan and Hollis (who pulled off a sneaky upset by hour’s end). This is the Scandal I’ve been loving, and I was not disappointed.

Most importantly, this week’s outing rightfully explored Olivia’s damaged psyche after murdering Andrew. I was in awe as Liv proudly proclaimed to Huck that she did not regret offing the Vice President, and wholeheartedly moved as Kerry Washington broke down in her friend’s arms. Even more intriguing was watching Mellie and Fitz bond over their shared worry over Liv on the airfield. In fact, Abby and Liv’s all-out war created the perfect opportunity for all our characters to collide in spectacular fashion. I know I’ve been tough on Scandal since it began its downward spiral in season three, but when it focuses on the stuff that we truly care about, it does so with flying colors!

If anyone needed any more reason to hate Cyrus, his villainy reached whole new levels this week as he disgustingly abused poor Michael. Thankfully, Michael left his husband in the hour’s final moments with his daughter in tow. I’m unclear why he helped Cyrus frame Vargas’ brother though – was it a distraction so that he could hatch his escape? Nevertheless, Cyrus has well and truly lost any sympathetic qualities he might have once had. Remember when he and Liv would chill with wine and popcorn? Because I sure don’t! Hello Big Bad!

Finally, Abby and Liv finally made up (after a whole lot of insecurities were confronted), and are now united with one goal: to take down Hollis Doyle. Suffice to say, I can’t freakin’ wait!

Scandalous Bits

– I am loving Sally’s opening and closing segments. This week’s teaser with “May the best woman win” was particularly exciting.

– Anyone else get a high school Mean Girls vibe with Olivia and Quinn in the elevator not letting Abby enter? Crazy! And it’s a quick moment, but you can see Quinn mouthing off “I’m sorry”.

– I kind of hated Abby after she grounded Mellie’s plane.

– Although it’s not getting much screen-time, I’m a big fan of the Marcus/Mellie dynamic. I have no idea if romantic sparks will follow, but Mellie is the only character that bounces off Marcus in an engaging manner. More please!

– Loved everything about Mellie walking out of the plane as the entire world watched on while she spoke with Fitz and discovered that Liv killed Andrew. Also, did anyone else laugh when Fitz asked if Liv was still “running?” Oy.

– Semi-touching scene with Susan and David holding hands at night. Can’t say I’m too enamoured by these two anymore.

– Inspired choice with the sound cutting as Huck hugs Liv and the camera tracks back.

– Darby Stanchfield pulled off a wonderful scene as Abby imploed at Fitz. I also feel romantic potential here. Am I wrong?

– So David DID sell his soul and make the deal with the Governor. I like her; she’s creepy.


Lizz: We get it. You’re a special snowflake. Just suck it up and take one for the team.

Lizz: I hate you, Snowflake.

Mellie: Look, honey. I’m all about women’s empowerment these days. I have joined the cause. I’m running for the cause. I am the cause,

Olivia: If you’re just gonna stand there and breathe…

Huck: You never actually kill them. They’re always there.

Olivia: For God’s sake, Huck, I don’t need to forgive myself. I am not grieving over Andrew’s death. I am satisfied. That night, after, I slept better than I have in a year. It felt good, crushing his face with that chair, feeling his blood on me, the surprised look on his smug face. I felt free. I feel whole. I don’t regret a thing. I’m glad he’s dead, and the only thing that makes it sweeter is knowing that I am the one who killed him. I feel good. I feel great.

Abby: I run you, you run the country… That is the job, and you don’t question it. You do not get to cage your monster.

Olivia: I’m happy for you, Abby. I am. But I taught you. I raised you. I made that Oval. I built that president. I had to walk away from the White House because of him. I want it back. I want my White House back. I earned it! I’m rooting for you, but not if it means I lose. I’m done losing.

Sally: While everyone was watching a couple of professional alley cats go at it, a big dog snuck in the back door and stole all the goodies.

Sally: Don’t get too comfortable, Hollis. A dog at a cat fight can suddenly find he’s become dinner at a lion’s den.

An enormously fun and exciting hour of Scandal. Back on track! For now…

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  1. The new guy is Marcus, not Harrison but the two characters are alike enough for anyone to make that mistake.

    I'm glad Michael freed himself from Cyrus and took his daughter with her. Michael seems to be care more about that kid than Cyrus. But I doubt Cyrus is going to take this lying down which makes me fear for Michael's life.

    I'm glad Abby and Olivia made up in their own way though I hate that Olivia claims that everything Abby got is because of her and her ranting about the White House she built feels like something her father would say. Come to think of it, Abby and Olivia's current dynamic reminds me in some ways of Patty and Ellen's dynamic in Damages. The controlling mentor figure and the student struggling to be free of the mentor's shadow while sharing a complicated bond of shared history.

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