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The Catch 1×06 – The Benefactor

“See how much fun this is?”


It’s interesting how fast this show is burning through plot while still feeling a bit procedural in the process.

The Benefactor finally introduced “the benefactor” Rhys who turns out to be Margot’s own brother, played to near-perfection by John Simm. He is immediately charismatic, charming and devious all at once, and his presence causes a huge rift in the Ben/Margot/Felicity dynamic. The episode cleverly gives us a ton of backstory on the Ben/Margot/Rhys front without ever feeling exposition-heavy, and it all relies on the wonderfully executed scene involving the guys calling the cops in order to steal the police car and using it to get to Mickey Shive who has the bracelet. I am so glad the benefactor is here to stay because he brought bucketloads of fun.

The show does seem like it’s painting Rhys to be the season’s Big Bad, particularly after he shoots and kills Felicity in the episode’s closing moments so ruthlessly (yet so calmly) after he’s done getting what he wants from her. It’s both a sad development—Felicity was turning into one of the show’s most intriguing characters—but a pretty bold one too, so I can’t but be impressed with this twist.

Alice and Ben are still the heart of the show, though, and their chemistry is still captivating and thrilling as evident by their sex scenes (and there was a whole lot of that this week!) and their amusing phone calls. And now that Rhys knows about Alice, it’s only a matter of time before these two cross paths, putting Ben in the middle.

Sadly, the weekly cases are still messy and BORING. There was nothing interesting or original about Alice and Val’s new client, and I couldn’t wait for it to end because it was painfully predictable from the start. Even worse is the drama and angst about to explode regarding Danny and Sophie (whose facial expressions are starting to irritate me). Not only was Danny’s involvement with the client unprofessional, but also it was such a random plot contrivance that really frustrated me. Let’s hope the show gets a better handle on these supporting characters sooner than later.

Bits & Scams

– Loved Ben and Alice’s phone call in the opening scene, but I could have lived without Alice being so reckless with the bracelet in the office.

– The parking lot scene was off to a terrific start with Alice kicking ass! Sadly, it was over way too quickly with Ben coming to the rescue and the whole thing just falling flat.

– Hilarious: Rhys revealing he’s in the states because “Mum” sent him.

– Loved little details of Rhys’ character: he wanted to dial 911, calls the queen by her first name, loved using the taser so much and genuinely proved to be terrifying as he grabbed Felicity’s hand and dragged her to his room.

– Not too fond of the sex montage because I hate that they decided to pair Val and Agent Dao together. The latter is absolutely the weakest link on this show.

– Amazing twist: Ben being the pilot of the private jet and Alice going undercover as the flight attendant, all to steal the real bracelet and fool Dao into thinking he’s got the real one. Awesome.

– Felicity knew “about the bracelet” as he revealed before she bit the dust. Damn you, benefactor.

– Loved the toast scene, but does this mean Margot and Ben won’t know Rhys killed Felicity since they think she left the country?

Catchy Phrases

Rhys: You want to try Felicity’s omelet?
Margot: No, thanks. I’ve had it.

Margot: Since when do you listen to Mum?
Rhys: How can you not? She bangs on and on. The woman never shuts up.

Margot: Let’s be clear. This is not romantic jealousy you are witnessing. This is disgust. You slept with me, and then you slept with my brother.

Ben: You want to help me steal a bracelet?
Alice: I want to help you not die.

Rhys: Men don’t like taking orders from ladies.
Margot: Tell that to the Queen.
Rhys: I think Elizabeth knows.

Rhys: My sister’s domesticated you. She sucked all the fun out of you, like some Earl Grey succubus.
Ben: Just because it’s not you and me getting wasted every night, with different women every night–
Rhys: Sometimes the same woman.
Ben: –doesn’t mean,
Rhys: at the same time,
Ben: that I’m not fun.

Nia: You work with some powerful, kickass women.
Danny: Well, that’s the way I like them.

The introduction of Margot’s brother made for a very fun, lighthearted episode, but the standalone case proved to be an absolute disaster in comparison.

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